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Chapter 1472 - 1472 She's More Shameless Than Anything

1472 She’s More Shameless Than Anything

Xue Yi looked disdainful. “The Kang father and son seem to value relationships on the surface, but they’re actually blinded by greed. Don’t they know that Kang Qingzhi stole your perfume recipes?”

“They believe that Kang Qingzhi wouldn’t steal anything.” Qiao Xi sneered. “But after the perfume compet.i.tion, they’ll have no choice but to believe it. Before that happens, we’ll get the Kang family to spend more money. What do you think, Ah Zheng?”

Gu Zheng turned his head, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

Xue Yi: “…”


What kind of plan was this couple thinking about? Why did it look so scary?

At this moment, in the Kang family’s villa, Kang Ru had just gone upstairs when he received a call from Old Madam Kang. She questioned, “Son, what’s going on? Why aren’t you letting Qingzhi partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion?”

A few hours had pa.s.sed. Not only did Kang Ru feel guilty about Qiao Xi, but his heart also ached for Kang Qingzhi. He had doted on his adopted daughter since she was young, and Kang Qingzhi was also obedient and sensible, so he had never reprimanded her. Today, he had said a few words to Kang Qing on impulse. At this moment, he was very regretful.

“Mom, I’m not letting Qingzhi partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion because of her…”

“What did I tell you when you went to Li City? Whether Qiao Xi returns to the Kang family or not, you can’t treat Qingzhi badly! So what if Qiao Xi is your biological daughter? Qingzhi has been by our side all these years. Do you really want Qingzhi to be sad for a girl we have no emotional ties to?”

Old Madam Kang’s voice was serious. “I agreed to let you bring Qiao Xi back on the premise that you can’t let Qingzhi suffer. Qingzhi’s health has been poor since she was young. Qiao Xi has a lifetime, but how long does Qingzhi have? Don’t wait until Qingzhi is no longer alive before you think of regretting it!”

Hearing Old Madam Kang’s words, Kang Ru felt extremely guilty. “Mother, I…”

“Most importantly, the Kang family has to expand our development in the perfume world in the future. With Qingzhi’s t.i.tle as a two-time champion, we can stand firmly in the industry. Qingzhi is weak and sickly, but she can still create benefits for the Kang family. What can Qiao Xi do? It’s already good enough that she doesn’t embarra.s.s the Kang family!”

Kang Ru suddenly recalled that the judge in the recording had said that Bright Moon might be able to win the championship. Did Xi Xi really have the ability?

Later on, he thought about it carefully. The judge probably felt uneasy, so he praised Xi Xi’s perfume. After all, it was not easy to win the championship of the International Perfume Compet.i.tion.

Seeing that Kang Ru did not answer for a long time, Old Madam Kang said unhappily, “No matter what, the champion of this perfume compet.i.tion has to be Qingzhi. If Qingzhi doesn’t have the chance to compete because of Qiao Xi, I won’t agree to Qiao Xi returning to the Kang family. Do as you deem fit!”

With that, Old Madam Kang hung up. Kang Ru stood by the window in a daze and fell into deep thought.

Although his mother’s words were unpleasant, they made sense. Qingzhi only had a few years left. Her body could not hold on for long. If she could not partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion this time, would she still have a chance in the future? Xi Xi still had a lot of time. He could slowly make it up to her.

After thinking for a long time, Kang Ru finally made a decision.

The next day.

Xue Yi called Qiao Xi angrily. “I’m really going to die of anger. Kang Qingzhi, that b*tch, is indeed on the list of finalists! In order to let her enter the finals, the Kang father and son are willing to be so shameless! Do they really think our Xue family and Madam Wen Lai are blind? We clearly made it clear yesterday that Kang Qingzhi was already eliminated. We were already showing the Kang family enough respect by not publicizing the lie, yet they still shamelessly put her in the finals. Moreover, she’s ranked first. She’s more shameless than anything!”

Qiao Xi replied calmly, “As expected. The Kang family has always been like this.”

Xue Yi was a little curious. “I’m about to die of anger. Why aren’t you angry at all? Do you and Gu Zheng have a plan? How are you going to deal with the Kang family? Tell me.”

Qiao Xi said casually, “Since it involves the company’s interests, the Kang family will let Kang Qingzhi partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion no matter what. I’m guessing that Kang Ru will definitely come to see me and ask me to keep Kang Qing’s secret and make way for her during the compet.i.tion.”

The corners of Xue Yi’s mouth twitched: “…”

Shameless people were invincible!

“I say… Why don’t you do a paternity test? I suspect that Kang Ru isn’t your biological father!”

Qiao Xi did not doubt this. When Kang Jichuan found her five years ago, he should have already done a paternity test. With his meticulous character, he would not allow such a mistake to happen.

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