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Chapter 1444 - 1444 Who's The Real Eldest Miss Kang?

1444 Who’s The Real Eldest Miss Kang?

Kang Jichuan could not help but recall what had happened five years ago. Back then, when Xi Xi was in Y Nation, she always targeted Qingzhi and looked for trouble with her. She even said that if he wanted her to come home, he had to chase Qingzhi away. That was why he hated Xi Xi a little.

Xi Xi was his biological sister, so his heart naturally ached for her. However, how could Xi Xi compare to Qingzhi? If only one of them could live, he could only bear the pain and give up on Xi Xi.

Qiao Xi swept her gaze over everyone, her eyes filled with ridicule. At this moment, her memory had not completely recovered, but from Kang Qingzhi’s appearance, she knew that Kang Qingzhi had deliberately pretended to be sick to gain Kang Jichuan’s sympathy back then and make him misunderstand her. She trusted Kang Jichuan too much, so she exposed Kang Qingzhi in front of him.

One was his weak and sickly sister who had accompanied him for many years, while the other was his biological sister who shared no emotional foundation with him. Kang Jichuan chose to believe in Kang Qingzhi without hesitation.


In Kang Jichuan’s opinion, Qiao Xi was willful and arrogant. Qiao Xi was also Kang Qingzhi’s greatest threat. At that time, Qiao Xi knew that she would not have any good days if she went back with Kang Jichuan, so she jumped into the sea resolutely.

However, at this moment, she no longer trusted Kang Jichuan, so all the methods Kang Qing knew were useless against her. The reason why she agreed to return to the Kang family was not because of their ridiculous kinship but because she wanted to take revenge for the forced blood transfusion back then!

“Mr. Kang,” Gu Zheng suddenly said. “I have something to tell you.”

Kang Ru was in a good mood. Qiao Xi agreeing to go home with him was a pleasant surprise. When he heard Gu Zheng speak, he smiled and nodded. “Mr. Gu, feel free to tell me.”

The corners of Gu Zheng’s mouth curled up, and his light brown eyes were filled with coldness. “Xi Xi has already suffered too much throughout the years. Hence, ever since Xi Xi married me, I’ve taken care of her in every way and refused to let her suffer any grievances. However, the Kang family already has an adopted daughter now. If Mrs. Gu returns to the Kang family and has to listen to others, I won’t agree to let her return. After all, Xi Xi has already suffered because of your adopted daughter today.

“In short, I don’t want to see Xi Xi suffer again. If you want Xi Xi to go back, you have to make her position known and let everyone know who the real eldest daughter of the Kang family is.”

The moment that was said, the dining hall fell silent.

Kang Ru’s eyes were filled with a complicated expression. The last time he came, he was in a hurry and did not investigate Xi Xi’s past. After he returned, he investigated Xi Xi and found out that when she returned to the Xu family, she was harmed by Xu Anran many times. However, Qingzhi was different from Xu Anran! Although Qingzhi was an adopted daughter, she had always been obedient, sensible, and kind-hearted. She would not fight with Xi Xi.

Now that Gu Zheng said such things in public, wouldn’t it hurt Qingzhi’s heart?

Kang Jichuan immediately covered Kang Qingzhi’s ears and said unhappily, “Mr. Gu, Qingzhi is different from the adopted daughter of the Xu family. She has never fought for anything. How could she let Xi Xi suffer? Mr. Gu, why do you have to…”

Kang Qingzhi’s eyes were red, and her face was pale. Her voice trembled slightly. “Mr. Gu, I… I know my ident.i.ty. I won’t compete with my sister. My sister is the eldest daughter of the Kang family. She should be the most important person in the family.”

Gu Zheng asked casually, “Miss Kang, since you’re an understanding adopted daughter who won’t fight for anything, you won’t object to Mr. Kang making Xi Xi’s position known, right?”

Kang Qingzhi gasped.

“That’s right…”

Gu Zheng looked at Kang Ru. “You also know what Xi Xi has encountered. I can’t let the Xu family’s incident happen again, much less let Xi Xi suffer. Mr. Kang, you’re Xi Xi’s father, so you can naturally understand my love for Xi Xi.”

Kang Ru’s hand that was holding the chopsticks trembled. Gu Zheng was worried that Xi Xi would suffer. As Xi Xi’s father, he naturally could understand. Moreover, he knew that Xi Xi had suffered a lot all these years. She was bullied by that mother and daughter in the Qiao family and then by Xu Anran. She had already suffered a lot. Such a thing absolutely could not happen again.

Kang Ru looked at the silent Qiao Xi, and his heart ached. He immediately nodded and agreed. “Mr. Gu, you’re right. Xi Xi is my biological daughter. She has suffered a lot all these years when she was wandering outside. I naturally have to dote on her a little more. Qingzhi is understanding and definitely won’t mind, right?”

Kang Qingzhi pursed her lips tightly, her nails almost digging into her palms. The sharp pain made her maintain her rationality, but she still smiled. “Dad, I won’t mind.”

Kang Jichuan’s gaze shifted between Kang Qingzhi and Qiao Xi. He was slightly dissatisfied in his heart. Xi Xi had been bullied by Xu Anran, so of course, his heart ached for her. However, this had nothing to do with Qingzhi!

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