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Nex has a bad habit.

He tends to hold back his power and not use his full potential. This habit began way back in Perias. To raise his battle proficiency, he will always use the minimum amount of power. As long as the opponent he is up against weren't too weak or too strong, he would always do this type of "training".

Due to this habit, he didn't allocate the free stat points that he gained after his fight with the Corrupted Orc King nor did he equip the Corruption Bane Necklace and Bracelet.

Not until now.

"d.a.m.n habit," Nex muttered as he got used to the power surging inside him. "I could have finished this First Awakening nonsense way sooner if I had worn these items beforehand."

He then angrily looked at the guy who still sat on the throne serenely.

"Well? Are you coming or no---"

Only to stop when he saw the Fallen Hero disappeared from his seat. The Fallen Hero's abrupt vanishing act may have halted Nex's speaking but it didn't manage to vex him at all.

Nex turned around in place and slashed with his sword while activating [Intermediate Enchantment] in his hands.


And with a violent clash, the two swords met and caused a shockwave to echo around.

'Oh? This is better than I thought.'

If it was before, when he was unequipped with the Corruption Bane items, even with [Intermediate Enchantment], he would still be blasted back by the enemy's sword. Now, the Fallen Hero was the one who was pushed back, albeit slightly.

Despite the knockback, the Fallen Hero almost immediately came again in front of Nex and slashed with his sword again; this time, with a sharp glow covering it.

'Raising gear, I see.'

'[Advanced Enchantment]'


This time, the clash was so strong that the Fallen Hero was thrown back quite a few meters! Even Nex was pushed a few steps back.

'Oh? His sword is not bad,' Nex thought while regaining balance to his footing.

As his thoughts stopped, he leaned slightly forward while holding his sword to the side. This sword unsheathing pose is quite similar to that of a samurai's but his sword is already drawn out.

He took a deep breath and observed his opponent who had already regained his footing and is now charging at him with magic circles floating around him.

'[Martial Secret : Mana Break]'

With blinding speed, Nex slashed his sword towards the incoming Fallen Hero who was still some distance away from him, sending a barely visible wave that caused the air, no, the mana in the atmosphere to vibrate and inflict damage to the surroundings.


The Fallen Hero who was still in the middle of charging was caught off guard. He couldn't stop nor dodge in time and was swept by the wave causing him to be blasted back. The magic circles he created were also destroyed by the attack.

"So, just that and you are done?" Nex asked while staring at the man who was struggling to get up with blood gushing out of his mouth.

Hearing Nex's taunt, the eyes of the Fallen Hero shone with anger. He then roared, "Awaken!"


Suddenly, black smoke began to come out of the Fallen Hero's body. Soon, it covered every bit of the Hero.

"Huh?" Nex raised an eyebrow. "Talk about cliché."

He didn't maintain his spectator role for too long. A dark figure came out of the smoke. With a blink of an eye, he was already in front of Nex, smashing down his sword.

'[Intermediate Enchantment]'

Although Nex was able to block the sword, their outcomes have reversed. This time, he was the one sent flying away while the Fallen Hero was able to withstand the shockwave and was pushed back by only a few steps.

Nex didn't idle around. He immediately stood up.

"So this is what Fallen means…"

His opponent now has black and red eyes with strange tattoos shining all over his body. His once-clear eyes are shrouded, no longer holding any bit of sanity in them. The stalwart man from before has now dark and wicked energy rippling all over his entire body. There is no doubt, this is a corrupted being.

The Fallen Hero didn't allow Nex to survey him any further. He once again appeared in front of Nex with his sword.

'[Advanced Enchantment]'

This time, another reversal happened. The Fallen Hero was thrown back but he didn't waste a beat and came charging at Nex like a beast

"Too bad for you, it seems that your transformation is now complete."

[Corruption Bane Necklace Effect is on! All Stats +10%]

[Corruption Bane Bracelet Effect is on! All Stats +10%]

With those messages, Nex also started charging at the Fallen Hero who was coming for him at the front. It didn't surprise Nex when he saw the sword of his opponent is now completely covered in black light.

'Well, I suppose they had to be color coordinated here too. Never mind…'

'[Advanced Enchantment]'


'[Advanced Enchantment]'


'[Advanced Enchantment]'


It didn't take long for the entire throne room to be filled with sounds of clashing swords. One was made of metal and the other of indestructible wood. It seemed never ending but it only lasted for a few moments before Nex jumped back away from the Fallen Hero.

He isn't going to deliver some sort of mind blowing skill or land the last awesome hit. Nope. He was about to run out of mana!

"d.a.m.n it," He gnashed his teeth. "Is this as far as I can go?"

The Fallen Hero, who obviously sensed the situation, used this opportunity to his advantage. He charged at Nex while behind him, numerous magic circles began firing spells at Nex.

It was a situation that was impossible to come out alive from. There wasn't even a hint of silver lining. So it was a conundrum why Nex's depressed expression turned to a smirk. He even snickered when he lifted his sword over his head.


'[Mana Revive]'

Sets of unknown language filled his mind.

'Fusion Art : 100x [Mana Art - Starlight Shot]'

'[Martial Secret : Falling Moon Strike]'

Countless of magic circles filled the entire area above Nex. Both sides had summoned innumerable magic circles but it could be clearly seen that Nex had summoned more than what the Fallen Hero did.

They littered the ceiling like the stars did. The sword held above his head began to shine in familiar silver light. If the room had been dark in that moment, the scene would be like an elegant night sky.

With a yell, Nex smashed down his sword at the Fallen Hero who was getting nearer to him.

"[Lunar Sky Barrage]"

Then there was a pause.

A rain of shooting stars happened.

With Nex's shout, a large ray of light from his sword hit the ground. As though taking this as a cue, the magic circles above him issued out smaller beams as well.

The Fallen Hero was so keen with his charge, he ignored this beautiful display. Thus, he got pierced through his chest by the large beam. With the hail of smaller beams, not only did his magic circles get dismantled, his body also got riddled with small holes from these beams!

He died without even knowing how he did or how exquisitely it was done.


[You finished the First Awakening Quest!]

[Calculating results…]

[You got the [Worthiest Token]! Please submit it to the quest giver.]

[Would you like to transfer to the awakening place now?]

"Hold that for now." Nex dismissed the message and pocketed the token.

After he did that, he immediately started to steady his breathing. What he did back there wasn't just physically exhausting but also mentally taxing.

Although the [Mana Art] didn't require mana because of the fact he was under the [Mana Revive] effect, to cast and combine it at once together with a [Martial Secret] cost him quite a bit of mental energy.

When he returned his breathing to normal state, it was then he noticed that another message has appeared.


[You are the first one to both kill and solo a Lord-rank Boss!]

[You have received 1,000 Gold!]

[You have received 10,000 Fame!]

[Would you like to announce your name? (You can put a nickname)]

"Yes. You already know what name I want to use."

He turned to where the remains of the Fallen Hero were. "Now, let's check the loots."

Walking over, aside from the money, there were only two items there, a sword and a pair of something that was between gloves and gauntlets.

[Fallen Hero Sword(Unique - Higher) LV : 15]

*PHY. ATK : 180

*MAG. ATK : 100

*Attack Speed +40%

*Mana Swordmaster(Pa.s.sive) : All magical and martial attacks and skills channeled through this sword will have a 30% reduction in mana cost.

*Durability : 450/450

"Oh?" Nex lifted the sword and slash it with most of the mana he recovered.

'[Advanced Enchantment]'

An arc of light came out of the blade, far larger and stronger than normal. It even cut through the ground cleanly.

Seeing this, Nex looked at the sword with a satisfied smile. He equipped the sword with while nodding, "Quite good."

He then looked at the gloves.

[Fallen Hero Magister Gloves(Unique - Higher) LV : 15]

*PHY. DEF : 70

*MAG. DEF : 70

*PHY. ATK : 40

*MAG. ATK : 120

*Attack Speed +20% (additional 20% when used without a weapon)

*Magister Wisdom : All spells cast through this item will have a 30% reduction in mana cost.

*Durability : 250/250

"This one isn't that bad as well."

Without further hesitation, Nex also equipped the gloves and looked at his new pieces of equipment like the cat that got the canary. He was really contented with his gains.

"Although the penalty can be a little annoying…"

With the exception of most accessories, players can wear items that are above their level. While this is possible, there is a penalty that reduces the overall ability of the item by 5% for every level difference. This kind of restriction was implemented so that players wouldn't be able to use high-level equipment while they are still at the start of the game.

Looking at the half-ruined hall, Nex didn't find anything that attracted his attention and said to the system, "I'm done here so teleport me to do that First Awakening thingy."

[Transferring to the Awakening altar...]

And once again, Nex was teleported away.


[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to kill and solo a Royal-Rank Boss, Congratulations!]

[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to kill and solo a Royal-Rank Boss, Congratulations!]

[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to kill and solo a Royal-Rank Boss, Congratulations!]

"d.a.m.n! Where the h.e.l.l does he find all those Bosses?"

"I think he is trying to make a collection."

"If so, then too bad for him because someone else already has the first kill and solo of a Normal Rank Boss."

"You fools! He is a GM! Normal rank Bosses aren't entering his eyes!"


When Nex regained his vision, he found himself back in the temple where he started in. He suddenly heard a calm voice behind him.

"So, you successfully came back from the Trials, what did you learn from them?"

Nex turned around and saw the old man from before looking at him with an amiable smile.

"I, I'm not sure…" He answered with a blank look. "I feel like my eyes were opened to a different world."

"Oh? Care to tell me about it?" The old man asked with an I-knew-it smile.

"Yes." Nex bobbed his head.

"I know now what I should do. And that is…"

He came slightly closer to the elderly.

He pulled his newly acquired sword and slashed at the old man, declaring…

"To beat the c.r.a.p out of you!"

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