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Haijiao was the name Huaxia Federation had given to this planet. However, the Hailiya Alliance called this planet, Planet Luoliou.

Hailiya Alliance always thought that Planet Haijiao belonged to them. However, the Huaxia Federation would never allow them to think that way. That year, explorers from the Federation landed on Planet Haijiao a step faster than the explorers from Hailiya Alliance. They stuck the Federation's flag on the planet first. Even though their army arrived a few days later than the army from Hailiya Alliance due to the Federation being much further away from Planet Haijiao, Huaxia Federation did not give up on Planet Haijiao easily.

A huge war occurred on Planet Haijiao that year. Huaxia Federation won the hard-fought war as they had a more powerful army, gaining full control over Planet Haijiao. Planet Haijiao was situated at the border of the Hailiya Alliance. Due to this, the Hailiya Alliance was constantly alert about the strong army the Huaxia Federation stationed on Planet Haijiao.

To make sure they could feel at ease in their own territory, the Hailiya Alliance's military would constantly launch attacks on Planet Haijiao, vowing to one day take control of this planet. However, with the strong army of the Huaxia Federation, they never lost even a single inch of their land ever since their nation was formed. They wouldn't retreat just because of fear. Hence, Planet Haijiao turned from a three-star planet with a good environment into a planet that had constant battles every day. Soldiers made up most of the population of Planet Haijiao. The soldiers from the Huaxia Federation took the east side of the planet while those from Hailiya took the west side.

Hailiya was able to fight toe-to-toe with Huaxia Federation for so long because they had a logistical advantage, as their country was closer to Planet Haijiao so it was much easier for them to send in reinforcements. As for Huaxia Federation, they had to cross an entire galaxy to reach Planet Haijiao, making it troublesome for them to even transport something small. However, the soldiers of the Huaxia Federation were valiant in their efforts. Even though they had less manpower, they were able to secure half of Planet Haijiao.

Planet Haijiao belonged to the Federation. Over the course of the years since this planet was found, many small base cities had been built here. Besides soldiers who were stationed here, commoners lived in these cities too. They came here because the pay was much better than where they were originally from. As time goes by, these small cities became just like the bustling cities within the Federation's borders. The only difference was, mechas and powerful weapons could be seen everywhere. If you were walking on the streets, you would be able to see a team of fully-armed soldiers walking around. The alarms for evacuation would occasionally ring, reminding the people that this was a warzone, not a peaceful and safe city.

These base cities were governed by the military. It was to support the soldiers that were stationed here. The distance between the Huaxia Federation and Planet Haijiao was too great. The transportation of supply was slow to sustain them so these cities had to be self-sufficient to support the soldiers here.

Of course, in the cities closest to the frontline, they were just bases for the military and there were not commoners there.

The bases situated near the frontline of the battlefield were named with numbers. They didn't have an official name. The base that we would be talking about was Base 013. A bunch of experienced soldiers who just finished a battle were returning to their base. The malicious aura around them was still apparent. They controlled their mechas and followed the orders given by the JMCs to port their mechas. After porting their mechas, they jumped out of their mechas and changed into their military attire. Then, they went to their canteen to have their meal. This was a unique culture of Planet Haijiao. Whether they were hungry or not, they would go to the canteen to have a meal, proving that they came back alive.

The canteen was packed with people. All the mecha operators that came back from the battlefield were eating here. Suddenly, someone shouted, "I heard that a new mecha clan is coming to our base."

The noisy canteen turned quiet instantly. Everyone stopped moving their chopsticks and turned to look at the person who spoke. The moment they saw the person, they looked like they had understood something.

The person they were looking at was called Qiu Ming. His nickname was 'Help'. He was a logistician at the base with a rank of senior captain. Because of his position, he was only able to operate an intermediate mecha. The origin of his nickname was from a mission he took. While he was sending some resources over from the main base, he was ambushed by the soldiers from Hailiya who received intel of their route. He got so frightened, he started to shout for help. In addition to that, his birth name was Qiu Ming. It sounded similar to 'jiu ming' (which means help in Chinese). Hence, he got this nickname.

The experienced soldiers had to admit that they looked down on this timid person. Qiu Ming was furious when he heard his nickname but he didn't dare to stand up for himself. It couldn't be helped as even a ground scout had a higher status than a logistician like him. Qiu Ming's rank was just slightly higher than the normal soldiers so he didn't dare to offend these experienced soldiers. There were mecha masters teasing him too so all the more he didn't dare to say anything about his nickname.

Although the veterans looked down on Qiu Ming, they acknowledged that his intel was always accurate and fast. Well, he had a relative working as a deputy of the commanding officer of the base. Hence, the news he got was always faster and more accurate than everyone else.

"Help, please tell us what's happening. It has been a while since a new mecha clan came to Base 013." One of the mecha operators bit on a toothpick and replied with interest.

Qiu Ming's face turned black when he heard this nickname. However, the person talking to him was a special-cla.s.s mecha operator so he didn't dare to talk back to him. Hence, he smiled and replied, "Senior Captain You, I just heard some news so I wanted to share with everyone."

"Help, stop keeping us in suspense. Hurry up and tell us."

"Yes, stop teasing us. If not, when you shout for help again next time, we will not save you."

"Haha…" Everyone started laughing loudly.

Qiu Ming's face turned green. In the end, he controlled his emotions and told them the news he received, "It's like this. We received the news that the mecha clan that was supposed to come here was changed from the 6th division, right? The mecha clan coming here this time is actually from the 23rd division."

"Haha, that's good. The 23rd division belonged to General Ling Xiao so they must be good," a veteran shouted.

"Don't be too positive yet. General Ling Xiao's 23rd division has only been around for six years. It might not have a strong foundation like the 6th division. We don't know how powerful a six years old division is. I just hope that it is not a bunch of useless people." Another mecha operator was not so positive.

"It's still better than being ignored by the 6th division."

Ever since the ace mecha clan that was stationed in their base left, no new ace mecha clan came to take over its place. All the other base cities had ace mecha clans stationed there while their base only had a few ace mecha masters. Luckily, the two bases beside them helped them a lot. They were able to survive this year because of the help they had received from them.

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