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Chapter 1958: The results of the operation are out


Translator: 549690339

Zhan Yang was about to tell Duan xiuhui about his disappointment in Zhan Jia ‘er.

The door of the operating room was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

“T-professor Maester, Yingluo, you’re finally out.” Duan xiuhui’s heart was in her mouth when she saw the man in a Surgical Gown.

She could not care less about Zhan Yang’s cold expression and was only worried about Zhan Jia ‘er’s condition.”Professor, how’s Jia ‘er? Did the surgery go smoothly?”

Zhan mo had always been outstanding since he was young, so she didn’t have to worry about him. On the other hand, Zhan Jia ‘er was weak and sickly, which made Duan xiuhui worry about her.

The more one paid for a person, the more one would care about them. Therefore, compared to her son, Duan xiuhui was more concerned about her daughter.

“Miss Jill’s life is not in danger for the time being,” professor Maester said hesitantly. It’s just that Yingluo ‘

“But what?” Duan xiuhui was nervous.

it’s just that … the other party sighed. although miss Jia ‘er’s condition is under control for the time being, her heart can’t take it anymore. She must undergo surgery as soon as possible.

As he spoke, the gloomy-looking foreign professor suddenly looked up at ruan


In just a moment, everyone understood what the professor meant.

Duan xiuhui immediately turned to look at ruan Mengmeng, her eyes filled with greed. However, she seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at Zhan Yang.

Her teary eyes were filled with pleading.

Zhan Yang’s bottomless eyes narrowed dangerously.”Don’t even think about it. Mengmeng is my daughter. No one can touch her.”

Qianqian hubby, but Jia ‘er is our daughter! Duan xiuhui’s brows furrowed into a knot.

She could not understand. Was ruan Mengmeng really more important than their Jia ‘er?

“Mengmeng will be the successor of the torch group.” Zhan Yang’s eyes were deep and calm, and his handsome face was cold.

He warned Duan xiuhui with his cold and merciless gaze. His sharp gaze was a declaration of his protection of ruan Mengmeng.

Duan xiuhui and Zhan Yang had been married for many years. She could see the determination in her husband’s eyes.

If RUO RUO wanted ruan Mengmeng’s life, Duan xiuhui had no doubt that Zhan Yang would kill her.

Duan xiuhui took a deep breath and suppressed the disappointment and sorrow in her heart. Her rationality stopped her from arguing with Zhan Yang.

She turned to professor Maester and asked in a desperate voice, ” “Yingluo doesn’t have a suitable heart for now. I’ll send someone to find it. Now, tell me, is there any other way?

He did not expect the Zhan family to not be sure about ruan Mengmeng’s heart. A hint of disappointment flashed across professor Maester’s face.

He looked pitifully at the pregnant woman who looked very ‘weak’ sitting at the side.

Since he couldn’t achieve his dream of medical experiments, he could only settle for second best.

or we can extract your bone marrow, ” professor Maester said. but it’s a pity that your bone marrow doesn’t match Jill’s. It’s the bone marrow of my best friend’s little girl. It’s currently known to be usable. However, because of this accident, this method could only be maintained for half a year at most. If you can’t find a suitable heart in half a year, I’m afraid miss Jia ‘er will be disappointed. ”

Duan xiuhui did not need to explain further. She already understood.

But half a year? They wanted to extract a little girl’s bone marrow to sustain Zhan Jia ‘er’s life for half a year.

Heh, ruan Mengmeng, who recognized the little girl’s ident.i.ty on the spot, was the first to disagree.

“I don’t agree. I will never allow you to use Mianmian’s bone marrow.” Ruan Mengmeng’s clear and cold voice was like a bucket of cold water that had been poured over Duan xiuhui’s head.

The pregnant woman, who had been sitting aside and watching coldly a moment ago, was slowly standing up with the help of her a.s.sistant, khiton.

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