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Chapter 1920: Baby, your husband will protect you


Translator: 549690339

Ruan Mengmeng did not miss the man’s tall, naked body.

Even though the man had changed his appearance and the details of his fingers, khiton’s muscular body was still visible after he took off his coat.

However, that explosive force, perfect and smooth muscle lines that were not exaggerated at all, who else could it be other than her own Lord tyrant?

Khiton had also been silent for a long time.

Ever since his disobedient wife ran away, he had never truly owned her.

He had only wanted to put on a show for the person behind him to see. But now, li junyu, who was disguised as qidun, decided not to let himself suffer anymore.

The man turned his pregnant wife over slightly and let her lie on her side to relieve the pressure on her stomach.

He bent down and bit ruan Mengmeng’s round and small ear from the side. He said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, ” “Don’t forget, you were the one who provoked me first, Yingluo.”

Ruan Mengmeng’s ears heated up from his numbing and s.e.xy voice.

She bit her lower lip and said with difficulty, “Yingluo, you finally admit


The little woman’s almond-shaped eyes were filled with tears and she looked extremely aggrieved.

you’re a bad guy! You’re obviously one, but you still lied to me! You even bit me! Shut up!!!

Ruan Mengmeng finished the rest of her sentence.

Li junyu’s domineering yet dense kiss attacked her again.

The man’s hot kiss made her feel more oxygen-deprived, but this time, she couldn’t even say things like ‘pregnant women should not have breathing difficulties’.

His arms were strong, his deep kiss was hot and wild, and he was so tempted as if he wanted to tear her apart and swallow her up.

As their lips and teeth intertwined, they twisted and turned, even torturing her slightly swollen lips to become even more red and swollen.

He sucked on her tender lips and kissed her wantonly.

Ruan Mengmeng was shocked by li junyu’s reaction. She did not understand why he had suddenly become like this.

Just the kiss alone was so frighteningly pa.s.sionate. If he wanted to do that again …

Before she could even react, li junyu’s large and powerful palm suddenly pulled her legs apart and barged in.

“Yeah, Yingluo, you Yingluo, li Yingluo.”

“Don’t say anything, Mengmeng, don’t call my name out loud,”

“Ah?” Ruan Mengmeng’s Red lips were slightly open, and she gasped for breath with difficulty as he moved. She had no idea what was going on.

“Continue to shout, louder.” The man’s low and s.e.xy voice came from her ears. He spoke as he moved.

Even though he was careful to control his strength because she was pregnant, ruan Mengmeng was still almost soft in his arms.

Ruan Mengmeng felt that she was not feeling well right now. Not only was her mind muddled, but just being treated like this by him made her body feel hotter and weirder.

be good, quickly call Yingluo. li junyu was still trying to seduce her. Seeing that she was shy, he instinctively bit his lip and did not dare to make a sound. He even evilly pried open her lips and bit her sensitive ears and neck.

“En, Yingluo.”

Ruan Mengmeng could no longer hold herself back. Following li junyu’s movements, she opened her sweet lips, letting a seductive and shy cry escape from her beautiful little mouth.

As she called out, the man leaned over and nibbled on her left earlobe. He seemed to be caressing her, but in fact, he lowered his voice and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, ” “Listen to what Yingluo is going to say next. I only have one chance to say it. Mengmeng, you have to listen to everything and remember it. “From now on, there will be a change in our plans. I am not li junyu, but qidun.

I’ll be by your side as khiton.” why? why? ” ruan Mengmeng did not understand and looked up at him. Her sparkling almond-shaped eyes were extremely alluring, and her neck was flushed red, full of traces of love.

Li junyu took a deep breath to restrain himself and slow down his movements.

Only the heavens knew how alluring this little woman was.

“You’re being watched,” he said in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice.”From the moment you and Zhan Yang left the hospital in the car, you were being watched. There’s not only surveillance equipment in the car, but also in this room. There’s also a bug in the bathroom.

Fortunately, that person wasn’t crazy. The only place that he didn’t install anything was this bed.

I haven’t found out who’s watching you from behind the scenes. So, I can’t be honest with you about my ident.i.ty without being able to guarantee my safety. Baby, did Yingluo scare you, huh? Don’t be afraid, your husband will protect you.”

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