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Chapter 54
54 . Red Eye (6)
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“I never thought that you would actually write to me . As such, when the letter arrived, I literally did a double take . This is your first letter for me, isn’t it?”

Henry laughed as he waved a white envelope in front of me—the letter from me .

Right after the birthday party, I wrote to Henry . I wondered if he knew something about the boy clad in black—that one who possessed such unique black hair .

Since the time I had saw the mysterious boy, a week had pa.s.sed . The entire time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the boy .

—who is he? Would something bad truly happen?

After that day, I hadn’t heard from him .  Well, sometimes he didn’t bother to come out for one to two months . But, after everything that had happened, it was strange that he didn’t have anything to say .

Henry sat down on the sofa in my room . When he looked at me, he took a small breath .

“If you’re looking for someone, you should ask an adult . Why me, instead?”

What he asked was reasonable . I thought so, too . But I didn’t want to reveal too much—I wanted to avoid unnecessary incidents .

“Hahaha! I’m merely joking . I’m more than happy to oblige! It’s the first time you’ve requested anything of me! Besides, I know everybody has those things they don’t want other people to know . ”

Henry smiled, but his face was slightly mean . I felt relieved and sat next to him .

“—so, who’s that black-eyed, black-haired, boy? You said he appeared to be the same age as me . ”

“Yes . He was there at the party last week . Henry, you didn’t notice him?”

“Huh? So, this entire time, you’ve been talking about Lewis?”


Henry’s tone was nothing out of ordinary—that was how casual he was .

Lewis, he said…?

I was also shocked because it seemed that Henry was familiar with Lewis .

“Do you know of Marquis Winchester?”

Henry didn’t take notice of my stupefied expression . He asked with his usual bright smile .

“—Marquis Winchester? Certainly, I do . That house founded the School of Winchester . ”

“Indeed, that’s an old story . More importantly, the Marquis of Winchester has a son of the same age as you . I’ve never told you about William before, right? The boy you’re inquiring about is Lewis; an a.s.sociate of William’s . Did you not exchange a greeting with William at the party?”

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—have I?

I honestly don’t remember .

Henry shrugged at my silence .

“Well, what can you do? The party was crowded, after all . It’s no wonder you forget . However, as I stated previously, William is of the same age as you . It’s likely you guys will be a cla.s.smate when you enroll later . ”

“—…Lewis, William…”

I muttered .

It turned out my concerns were for nothing . I never expected to uncover the boy’s ident.i.ty that fast . Moreover, why did Henry know the boy named Lewis?

When I thought so and stared at Henry, he continued as if he had read my mind .

“Christopher is the eldest son of Marquis Spencer—he and I live in the same dormitory . Chris’ mother and Marquis Winchester are related, as such, he was William’s cousin . One day, I heard about William from Chris . After all, Chris loves comparing his brothers with William .  ‘I wonder if they’ll learn a little from William’—as he always says . We’re quite open with each other, as such, news got exchanged . ”

Henry laughed . To call that person by the nickname, ‘Chris’, Henry must have been quite close with him . He asked me again, maintaining his smile .

“—then, why are you so concerned about Lewis?”

“No, no, it’s nothing . Our gazes just met during the party . I just felt a little uneasy, is all . ”

“—Haaa? What kind of reason is that…?”

In response, Henry frowned .

I hurried to correct myself .

“I mean, it’s his black hair and eyes, they just intrigued me . ”

“…ah, right . According to Chris, Lewis is an orphan . He might have foreign blood in him . ”

“I see . ”

He was an orphan? Then how did he managed to work under the Marquis?

I was very curious, but I didn’t want to make Henry suspicious . Besides, I didn’t want to poke the bear, since the consequences might be bad .

Staring at my appearance, Henry then uttered .

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“What a relief, I thought you would be depressed . ”


As I lifted my face, my gaze met with Henry’s serious expression . His eyes wavered—his thoughts appeared to be somewhere else . I wondered what happened—what was I involving myself into?

“…it was inevitable . After all, she’s but a maid . ”

Henry said that and distorted his mouth .

However, I couldn’t comprehend what he had just said .

—huh? What?

By maid, does he mean Violet? Then, what could’ve happened to her?

I stared at Henry in amazement .

Then, Henry opened his eyes wide . He stared at me for a while, before turning away .

“—what, could it be… you haven’t heard anything?”

Henry put his elbows on his knees and crossed his fingers, seemingly in deep thought . The eyes peeking from his profile seemed to be in deep turmoil .

“…Did something happen to Violet?”

I had a bad feeling . Did his premonition come true? No, they were probably unrelated, but…

Henry closed his eyes in pain and told me .

“Violet is getting married . It’s very likely she’s going to quit her job as a palace servant soon . ”


I was at lost for words .

—Violet? Was about to get married?

That’s a lie—!! That’s impossible—!!

She told me nothing of it—!!

“So, you apparently didn’t know, huh…”

Henry nodded in understanding . No lie could be seen on his face, but I still couldn’t believe what I had heard .

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“I’m going to hear about it directly from Violet . ”

I got up from sofa and tried to run—but Henry grabbed my right arm .

“—listen to me!”

However, I wasn’t going to listen to Henry . Henry put more power into his grip .

“—let go of me!”


His voice was low and heavy, unlike his usual bright self .

But, as if I was going to worry about that—I tried to shake his hand off, to no avail .

Henry was strong—very strong . Even after some years later, I still wasn’t a match for his power .

“I said, let go of me—!”

I kept screaming . After all, it was utterly inconceivable—Violet, married—!? As if I would forgive such a thing—!

“Stop it! Think of her feelings!”

Henry said in a low voice which made me want to cry .

Why did Henry make such a voice? Why did he make such a face?

I disdained it .

I also disdained the fact that Violet was going to marry another man who wasn’t me—I absolutely hated it!


Tears overflowed from my eyes . How many years had it been, since I last spilt my tears? That was right, that day, in the backyard, was the last time I had cried up until that point .

“—uu, uuuh…”

Why, such a thing, why…!?

Why… why are none of you are on my side…!?

From the bottom of my heart, I uttered such a cry . No one, n.o.body stayed with me . Everyone would leave me someday . Violet, then surely, Henry…

“I, I truly loved her . I loved Violet!”

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“—yes . ”

Henry slowly lifted his face . His eyes was full of sadness . He was in pain .

I looked straight at Henry and continued .

“However, I didn’t, and won’t tell her . Because I don’t want to burden her . Henry, for the last time, I want to see her off, with a smile…”


Henry’s eyes wavered . For some reason, he looked regretful .

Henry, why do you make such a face?

Didn’t I promise to laugh? Didn’t I promise to smile?

Violet and Henry, I loved them both . At the very least, I wanted them to always be happy . I didn’t want to see either of them looking sad .

“I’m alright . ”

I really loved Violet . Of course, I didn’t want to move on, nor to let go of her . However, if these were her true feelings, then I could at least accept them .


Henry looked like he was about to cry . Then, he suddenly pulled my arm—

“—Arthur, it’s okay, you know! At time like this, you should cry—it’s perfectly alright for you to cry!”


“It must’ve been hard on you, I know, it must’ve been! You don’t have to hold it in, you can cry as much as you want—!”

Henry’s arm hugged me strongly . How very warm…


Again, my tears spilled .

Aah, Violet, Violet… don’t go . Stay with me . Stay beside me forever…


I like you, I truly like you, I love you very much! I truly only ever wanted you…!

I kept crying in Henry’s arms . The feelings that had been bottled up for a very long time, that I had almost forgotten, finally broke . Then, after the dam was broken, like a raging storm, my tears flowed endlessly .

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