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It was the year 1000 ad when the Morrígan G.o.ddess of War, Death, Fate met along with fell in love with Apollo Lykaios, otherwise known as Apollo Lord of the Wolves, Sun, Prophecy and the Arts but this union was not to last.

After this tryst was consummated a prophecy was foretold by the fates to all pantheons that a child of the Sidhe an a Greek G.o.d would birth a child that would grow to become stronger then any known G.o.d or immortal.

Any who stood in his path or hindered his ascension to G.o.dhood would perish and suffer his wrath for the future G.o.d of monsters and the supernatural is the true Beast.
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He will never stop growing an can never die, for what kills or hinders only makes him stronger.

Beware his wrath take heed in what you do for not all is as it seems.

if he strays from the path of balance too much in the light or dark beware change is coming new G.o.ds are on the rise kingdoms shall fall before his rise.

Immediately after this prophecy was given all pantheons went on alert and attempted to make plans to use and find or help this child of prophecy around this time Zeus has just cursed Lycaon and all his descendants for their transgressions against him forever cursed to turn into a beast but unlike the descendants of Fenrir when the moon is full they will never able to adapt to the change forever leaving them with a sickly look an pale yellow eyes along with a alternative beastly self. Underneath that sickly parlor holds tremendous strength and reflexes along with a st.u.r.dy durability able to take a beating which is only enhanced when turned.

Morrígan immediately attempted to protect her child calling in favors others owed her the first was Hecate the Greek G.o.ddess of magic to help hide and prolong her pregnancy along with giving her blessing becoming his future G.o.dmother. The next favor called in was towards a fellow G.o.d of war and craftsman from the Yoruba tribe who she would have blood adopt similar to Hecate becoming his G.o.dfather along with protecting and raising him.

The year is now 1350 ad June 20th a partial eclipse has bathed the world turning it into partial darkness an light the savior or doom of mankind has been born a being of both light and dark only the G.o.ds knew the significance of this day yet it would be many a century's before this young being would be known an start his legend.

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