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Some time has pa.s.sed since we decided on our plans.

Considering that that we still don't know what Ciel's job is, I think she isn't 10 years old yet.

Thanks to the long time we spent, I can finally manage to read letters and Ciel has finished reading everything in this room.

Of course, we spent our time just as usual and took the medicine as well, so our magic power has increased more.

The books in this room include sorcery (magic) related books, job related books and books writing about G.o.ds as well, so I roughly understand why that man though of reaching for the G.o.ds.

Personally, learning that the words Ciel used to comfort me from before came from a children's picture book was the best part of it all.

Why? Because it allowed me to see Ciel's embarra.s.sed, apple red face. The scene of Ciel muttering「I just wanted to make you feel better」in a quiet voice was something I would have liked recorded in physical media.

Anyhow, we've gathered all the information that we can, so today we've decided to put it all together and here we are.

「As expected, I couldn't find any way to ensure a job beforehand.」

『Well, It was just wishful thinking in the first place. If there really was a way, I'm sure that that man would have already used it on you, after all.

『Still, it was good that we found out about the different kinds of jobs. And even though we can't have it for sure, we've found our target job.』

「The disappointing kings and princesses, right? Calling them 'disappointing' seeks to me like they haven't put any much thought, but that's something we can use to our advantage.」

Jobs are, so to speak, a talent carved into the soul by the G.o.ds, I guess?

The technical skills related to the Jobs are pa.s.sively augmented. You can probably see it as a type of support magic in which the offering of the said support magic is compensated by the G.o.ds.

In other words, the jobs are directly connected to the G.o.ds and we suspect that he is using that connection to reach for the G.o.ds.

Back to topic. The disappointing kings and princesses are insults referring to people who gained king or princess tier jobs which are unnecessary in battle or in everyday life.  They are sometimes also called the dud kings and princesses.

Giving an example, there was once said to be a man that became a Clown King that didn't really have much success in life and, as a result of being ridiculed continuously, lived his whole life hiding his job.

Kings, Princesses and other high tier jobs can do more than the others in the same line of job but for some reason, higher tier jobs — Clown Kings rather than Clowns — have a worse reputation to the public.

To roughly describe it, they're probably seen as people mastering a useless skill.

Although the jobs have some sort of uniformity, it's not strange to discover a completely new job and in the past years, jobs have continued to increase.

It won't even be surprising if a "Pebble Princess" that's skilled in using pebbles suddenly comes up.

And even among the disappointing jobs, the one that's touted as synonymous to disappointing princess is the "Song Princess".

The other than making singing easier, effects of this job are the so called buff, debuff and healing support in video games. Comparing it with other existing jobs, it's a Support Sorcerer and Priest or Saintess hybrid, I guess.

They can provide highly effective backup and healing. Just hearing that would make you think of them as extremely excellent back liners, but the problem here is their range of effect.

You see, the said range includes everyone that hears their song. In a battlefield, everybody regardless of affiliation, are enchanted and when they mean to heal an individual, even the enemies get healed. The effects of their enchantment only last during the song, so they can't even apply support sorcery beforehand.

Due to that, they get much work at all. On the contrary, you can say that it's number one job you don't want people to know you have.

In reality, even among the books, there are quite a few records of Song Princesses having their jobs exposed and becoming persecuted.

There is even a record of a Song Princess being persecuted so much that it drove her to use her power to attract monsters, destroying both the royal capital and herself. The said capital is somewhere far east from here, seemingly still abandoned.

 Hearing this story, I was just weirdly impressed by the existence of monsters.

The reason we're aiming for a disappointing job is, of course, so that the man gets sick of Ciel. The instant he sees her job, there's a chance that he'll run wild with his knife again but I can defend her from that much.

More importantly, the man still having his eye on us and sending out pursuers after us even after we escape is going to be much worse.

Just having a disappointing job has the demerit of simply making it hard for us to grow stronger. However, I do feel that their bad reputation, especially of the disappointing kings and princesses, are intentional in nature. So I think that depending on the situation, they could probably fight toe to toe with the combat jobs.

Now, for the question of which jobs are conversely the most popular, it's the combat jobs.

In this world where monsters exist, it's best to have power and strength becomes a sort of status.

After all, if you're strong then you can live off of that strength and if you're not then it's dangerous to even just travel to the next town without being escorted by strong people.

And amongst all of the combat jobs, we especially need to avoid having a sorcery-related job. I don't know how we'll do it, though.

Not studying sorcery seems like it would help us with that but I think that's exactly what that medicine exists for. Most importantly, I don't want to throw away a card that could help us during our escape. After all, if we can use combat sorcery, we can reduce the chances of dying to some random monster encounter after leaving the mansion.

If the combat jobs are the stars of the jobs, then farmers, merchants and other jobs that are greatly concerned with livelihood are like the office workers in my past life. Most people get these kinds of jobs.

And at the bottom of the job caste are the people with jobs that are concerned with entertainment like clowns. Even among them, the Song Princess is at the bottom so to speak.

A slight change of topic but some jobs are subdivided, for example the Sorcerer has jobs like「Flame Sorcerer」and「Ice Sorcerer」, that are specialized in that specific area, as well as「Sorcerer」 that encompa.s.ses all of those areas.

Since the difference of a specialized-type and almighty-type would make which one of them better dependent on the situation, there isn't much discrimination on that regard.

Speaking of jobs, a special tool is needed to know your job.

Some wealthy individuals personally own one, but generally 10 year old children gather at the church and are inspected. During that, they seem to use measures so other people don't know it, but the church itself probably knows.

Moreover, the privately owned inspection tool's way is different from the one used by the church, so it's likely that Ciel's inspection will be the use the former. Since the accuracy isn't really any different, there's really nothing worry about.

「As for the job, we'll just try what we can. But Ain really can't use combat sorcery, right? 」

『That's right. I've tried using both chants and magic circles, but it seems that a cupful of water is the best I can do. It should be useful in our everyday life but it's absolutely useless in combat. I'm sorry. 』

「That's not what I mean. Don't apologize. Instead, I'm the one that should be apologizing.

「After all, for Ain to use sorcery without knowing anything about it, using magic to enable your sorcery to be executed without any chants and magic circles was the only way. I'm sure that Ain was supposed to be a really amazing sorcerer, but to protect me you gave up your ability to use combat sorcery. I'm sorry, no, thank you, Ain.」

『No, please don't mind it. As long as I can protect Ciel, I don't mind.

『Besides, thanks to that, it seems that they've turned into my quite powerful barrier and detection.』

「Right, I'll just do my best in your place instead. It'll be nice if we can defeat that man, but running away is our best option, right?」

『After all, he is someone that reached for the G.o.ds and, even though he failed, he left tangible results.

『He's likely to have high-ranking sorcerer job and is definitely experienced. Regardless of what job we acquire, since sorcery is our main means of opposition, I'd say that that man has an overall advantage.

『I can't deny the possibility of him actually being weak, but it'll be best not to invite unwanted trouble. .』

In this world, magic and sorcery exists.

Sorcery is defined as the systemized method while magic is seen as the unknown, so all magic might even become sorcery in the far future.

The foundation of using sorcery is to have magic power and circulate it through the circuits in your whole body. By using chants or magic circles with that said magic power, it turns into sorcery.

Chant spells are consisted of the chanting of three word - what, will become, will do - incantations, in which you circulate and control magic power corresponding to the sorcery for it to activate. If you just say it, it won't activate and even just pouring in a lot of magic power doesn't make it work.

For example,「Fairas Baalaru Fralie (Fire, become an orb, fly)」will shoot out a ball of fire.

Magic circles are defined as a more complex version of this and can be thought of as basically transforming magic power into something else.

And to use sorcery without these you can either rely on your job's power or use magic.

Currently, not much is really understood about magic.

What is known is that by losing magic power and something serving as an offering, you can acquire something else.

Magic power will recover eventually but the thing you've offered will never return.  It's not really going to be an equivalent exchange, so using it needs quite the resolve.

In my case, it's likely that by offering my ability in combat sorcery, I succeeded in transforming my barrier, detection and concealment into chant-less and magic circle-less sorcery.

It's not really something that happens by coincidence, but it actually did happen so I don't have anything to say about that.

While it's true that I thought that I don't need a magic strong enough to kill that man, I didn't actually think that it would actually happen.

Because of that I was able to protect Ciel, so it's fine. But using combat sorcery is a bit of a dream of mine, so that was depressing.

It's said that the reason magic circles are called so even though they are used to execute sorcery is because it was something originally used to execute magic.

In truth, there are cases where you need magic circles to use magic, but you can also use magic without it, so it's probably a quite arbitrary.

Both magic and sorcery uses magic power and it is commonly thought that magic power is made in the center of the body. However, it seems like a result of that man's research found that it's actually stored in the soul.

Rather, me finding it the way I did was irregular.

 Both magic power and jobs are rooted to the soul, so following retracing jobs should lead you to the G.o.ds. Probably thinking so, the man used magic and tried to implant a G.o.d into Ciel.

Disregarding the morality of what he's done and considering the scale of what he's doing, you can't really expect him to be a regular old sorcerer.

『I will be protecting you with my barrier as usual, so Ciel will be in charge of fighting off monsters and pursuers.

『Until our escape, let's have you pretend to be unable to use sorcery. That way, I think it would make him see you less useful.

『If, in the worst case, you ever get a Sorcerer job, as a last ditch effort we'll destroy the mansion and run away. 』

「That, doesn't really sound like much of a plan, does it?」

Hearing my words, Ciel giggled. What Ciel said is frankly true but we don't really know how the mansion is built, we don't even know what job Ciel will have and, in the first place, I'm not really that bright.

Fortunately, Ciel's magic power seems to have increased by a lot as well, so she can probably destroy the mansion and, more importantly, just having a final option gives emotional leeway.

Frankly, it'll be better if I had already plans on what to do after escaping the mansion but even though Ciel may be smart, she's still a child not even 10 years old. Rather than making her remember a lot of things, I thought that it's better for her to just focus on one thing.

Also, it's a bit off topic but we've learned a bit about this household.

It's one of the kingdom's major n.o.bility, Duke Rispelgia. That's the name of this mansion's master.

As I suspected, this world runs on an aristocratic governing system. That was my first impression. The man indeed looked the part, so I wasn't that surprised but the fact that he's a duke is a big problem.

After all, his authority is only next to the royal family. Depending on the situation, he might even be more influential than the royal family.

Naturally, his finances are incomparable to the lesser n.o.bles and now that it's come to this, I can only pray that the n.o.bility itself doesn't have much power.

The n.o.bles of this world are, so to speak, individuals that have magic power.

People that can use sorcery are n.o.bles and those who can't are commoners. However, in the long records of history, n.o.bles born without magic power as well as common folk born with it were few but definitely existed.

Among the said commoners, there were some with as much magic power as n.o.bles but it seems that to be a n.o.ble; you need some great achievements or a large sum of money.

Our greatest card here is Ciel's job. That man — Duke Rispelgia might have already been informed about it, so it really feels like dangerous gamble, but I think we have a winning chance

Thinking so, today we once again spend our remaining time just as usual.

Heya! Exposition chapter~

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