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Chapter 735

In front of the door of the treasury that had been opened, there was a dense glow of light.

The atmosphere was silent.

The Green Great Pavilion Elder was startled. He turned around and stood in front of the door of the treasury, looking warily at the other experts.

“You all, when…?”

He was an elder of the Green Luminary Grand Pavilion, one of the top seven powerhouses in the Federation. How could he not be aware of this? If not for the fact that the treasury had started, he wouldn’t have known that he had been touched to the side by others.

He broke out in a cold sweat.

“Bone King, if we join forces to deal with the human race, we can give you some treasures.”

The human race had three Divine Domain-Grades, and each of them wasn’t ordinary. They were undoubtedly the strongest.

He wasn’t confident in facing any of the Human Tribe’s Green Luminary Elders.

But fortunately, he had Bone King.

The top expert who founded the Howling Valley had no choice but to cooperate with him.


Bone King shrank back, and the profound formation under his feet unfolded. A misty light enveloped him, and he disappeared in an instant.

“Boss, sorry to disturb you. Goodbye.”

Green Luminary Elder, “… “

Looking at the three human experts again, a bad feeling suddenly welled up in his heart.

Tang Yu was also silent.

In the Freezing Earth Realm, he had only entered after the Bone King had escaped. Now that he saw it, he understood just how skilled the Bone King was in escaping.

Moreover, he had already arrived in front of the treasury, yet he was actually able to endure his greed for treasures? If it was him, he would at least rush into the treasury and sweep away a batch of treasures.

Just how obedient was he?

He hadn’t even used many of the methods he had prepared.


Grand Sect Leader Tang dragged the Great Elder of the Green Sect into the barrier of ‘- Heaven and Earth Lock’. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! He launched a fierce attack on him. No matter how loud the Great Elder of the Green Sect shouted, no matter how fierce the aftermath of the battle was, it would not be detected by the luminary Clan in the city.

A moment later,

s.p.a.ce distorted and his figure appeared once again.

If not for the Green Luminary Elder leading the treasure vault of the Seven Luminaries Federation, it would indeed be difficult for him to open it.

Tang Yu felt that he should be nicer to the Green Luminary Elder.

The entire treasury was the size of a small town. The resources inside were piled up into a mountain, and the high purity Origin Crystals numbered in the hundreds of millions. The amount of Origin Crystals needed to create the ‘Source Energy Barrier’ was more than enough.

There were countless Tier 2 and Tier 3 Divine Weapons. He didn’t pay much attention to Divine Weapons, and there was none in the treasury. He turned his gaze to the materials section.

There were two materials that emitted nomological fluctuations.

They were the main materials that could be used to create Divine Weapons!

The Seven Luminaries Federation was still around. It was obvious that they lacked technology. The Seven Luminaries Clan had three incomplete saint artifacts. It didn’t seem like they were damaged after the war. It was just that they didn’t have enough technology to forge saint artifacts. There were still flaws in the saint artifacts they forged.

He couldn’t finish reading all the rare medicinal materials, blueprints, and secret manuals in a short period of time.

Some humans could also cultivate the cultivation methods of the Luminary Clan. Battle techniques and spells were basically common for intelligent life beings, and they could greatly increase the resources of their territory.

Tang Yu didn’t have time to look at them. He could only follow Elaine, Nancy, and the others, who were originally rushing about in the small town’s treasury. He waved his hand and kept the treasures.

At the same time, outside the treasury.

Although the Seven Luminaries City’s array formation was made up of a hundred thousand array bases, there were also four array formation cores that were located in the north, south, east, and west of the inner city.

They were heavily guarded by the Innate Clan.

Every time the core of the array formation was destroyed, it would weaken the city protecting array formation by a quarter.

At this time,

Most of the Seven Luminaries powerhouses turned their attention to the airship that covered the sky. A portion of the powerhouses were contacting other forces.

Fight for reinforcements.

But suddenly,

Boom !!!

A huge explosion sounded in the city. A towering building made of crystal slowly collapsed amidst the explosion.

The entire Seven Luminaries City was in a mess.

The Long Yuan Empire was a powerful empire located in the eastern part of the continent, occupying a vast territory.

At this time,

After a few minutes of delay, the Long Yuan Empire finally received a request from the Seven Luminaries Federation.

“Yuan Fang, what do you think?”

The Long Yuan Empire was respected by the Yuan Family. It used to be one of the Yuan Family tribes in the Yuan Family. After annexing the other Yuan Family tribes, it established an empire and developed into the current empire.

Although the territory they occupied was not the most fertile core area in the continent, its territory was five times larger than the Seven Luminaries Federation.

It was also a very ancient force in this world.

The Yuan Family called Yuan Fang pondered for a moment and slowly said,

“There are two situations. If we save them, we will completely stand on the opposite side of the Human Clan’s great Dao Sect. The advantage is that we can provide timely a.s.sistance to the Seven Luminaries Federation. We can use this to obtain some external resources and secret arts.”

“If we don’t save them, we will have to consider easing our relationship with the Human Clan’s great Dao Sect and abandoning the Seven Luminaries Federation.”

“But the key point now is not whether we choose to save them or not. Rather, once we rush to the Seven Luminaries Federation, the two captured by the Empire will surely die.”

To the Dragon Abyss Empire, there was actually only one choice.

Perhaps there were some Abyss Tribe members who wanted to suppress the new faction, the “Great Dao Sect”, but for most of the Long Yuan Empire’s upper echelons, they were strongly in favor.

The ones who were captured were only two Divine Domains, but the Long Yuan Empire only had a few dozen Divine Domains. Each Divine Domain was the foundation of the Empire, and if they could be saved, they had to be saved.

Many Divine Domains had a close relationship with each other, and they had come together for thousands of years.

If the three Divine Domains that had supported the Seven luminary Federation had died in battle, then the Long Yuan Empire would have undoubtedly sent more experts to a.s.sist the Seven luminary Federation and deal with the Great Dao Sect.

“Since that’s the case, we can only consider how to move the Great Dao Sect and exchange our captives. What conditions did the Great Dao Sect propose?”

“Uh, the Great Dao Sect wants to exchange a saint artifact for captives…”


“Our Long Yuan Empire only has a few damaged saint artifacts?”

“There’s no way to talk!”

The Empire’s higher-ups were furious.


There was an urgent report.

[Seven… Seven Luminaries City has been destroyed. All the Divine Domain experts have died in battle. The Seven Luminaries Federation… has changed owners! ]

After experiencing countless Divine Domains, they were all dazed for a moment because of this news.

“Is the news true?” an elder of the Empire reported.

“It’s, it’s true.”

Unity realm, who had been suppressed by the momentum, gasped and said.

Counting the delay in the transmission process, it had only been a dozen or so minutes since the Seven Luminaries Federation had started to ask for help.

He pushed forward again,

From the time the Long Yuan Empire cooperated with the Seven Luminaries Federation to launch a surprise attack on Dao City, it had only been less than 24 hours!

In less than a day, the Seven Luminaries Federation, which had been flourishing for almost ten thousand years, had turned into history!

They could not help but be shocked!

If not for the multi-party information verification, they would not believe the information they had heard at all!

“Yuan Fang, what do you think?”

The head of the Empire exhaled and asked.

Yuan Fang: “Great Dao Sect, do not provoke.”

In the north, the Diamond Palace.

The Immortal Diamond King looked tired. “The human race has risen. The Great Dao Sect has more power than us. We can’t provoke them. We must ease the relationship between us and the Great Dao Sect.”

“The resources that the Great Dao Sect requested?”

“Talk, try to talk.”

On the other side, the top power, “Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce”, was different from “Diamond Palace” and “Long yuan Empire”. It was not a country.

“Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce” started from business and belonged to the nature of an alliance. It included many well-known big merchants on the continent. It owned countless industries and sold extraordinary treasures, “Treasure Pavilion”. It was just one of the pillars of the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce.

Someone once said that the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce was the richest force in the continent.

There were also powerhouses and even top forces who coveted each other, but in the end, they ended up with no results.

In addition to the wealth of the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce, it also had the power to protect its own wealth.

For example, the Treasure Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, “Warlock”, was a top powerhouse in the continent who had killed a Divine Domain expert.

But today, this Warlock had been captured.

“The Great Dao Sect wants us to exchange a saint artifact for the Treasure Pavilion’s pavilion master? That’s impossible!”

Even if only in terms of value, the “Treasure Warlock”, a nearly invincible powerhouse, is worth more than three or five ordinary G.o.ds, and it can barely be worth a damaged sacred weapon.

As for the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce, not only did they possess a damaged saint artifact, but they also possessed a complete saint artifact.

However, unlike the Dragon Lake Empire, the elders of the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce were not willing to pay a great price to exchange for the

The chamber of commerce was closer to the nature of an alliance. It was divided into many factions, with the head of the a.s.sociation and the ten elders as the leader. The head of the Treasure Pavilion was one of the elders.

“The relationship between us and the Great Dao Sect has long been like fire and water. We can’t give in no matter what.”

“Yes, even if the head of the Treasure Pavilion dies, the spirit in heaven will support our decision.”

“Since the establishment of the Great Dao Sect, many industries under our Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce have been damaged. Now we should unite other forces to pressure the Great Dao Sect with the Seven Luminaries Federation.”

“That’s right. It is just a new force. Even if it has some power, it should be well-behaved!”

“I just received news that the Seven Luminaries City has been destroyed and many elders of the luminary Clan have fallen. The Seven Luminaries Federation is already in the past.”

The Guild Master of the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce and the eleven elders: “…..”

The news didn’t come early or late, but just as we were about to brag and teach the great Dao Sect a lesson, the news came.

The elders looked at the Unity Realm, their expressions very unkind.

The leader knocked on the table and came to a conclusion, “The great Dao Sect’s strength is beyond our imagination, and it is currently in the limelight. It is not suitable for us to be enemies at the moment. However, we are not the only ones who are concerned about the great Dao Sect. It is too powerful, and it is not good to see it…”

The factions that were connected to the Seven Luminaries Federation had first received the news, but the destruction of the Seven Luminaries Federation could not be hidden from other factions.

A top faction had too many connections, and the Seven Luminaries Federation was too vast!

On the same day, more than half of the cities within the Seven Luminaries Federation had erupted in war. There was no way to hide it, and Tang Yu did not want to hide it.

The spies of the various factions all used the highest authority they could use to spread the news layer by layer.

Destroyed the Seven Luminaries Federation in one day.

The continent shook!!

“What? The Seven Luminaries Federation is dead? How is this possible?”

“Although the Seven Luminaries Federation does not have a true invincible powerhouse, they have three damaged saint artifacts. Even the invincible powerhouses have to temporarily avoid them. Who can destroy the Seven Luminaries Federation?”

“One day, just one day? Quickly investigate what exactly happened!”

“Immediately, immediately send me the most detailed information of the Great Dao Sect!”

“Increase the treatment of the human race in the Empire. Send an envoy to the Great Dao City.”

The destruction of Seven Luminaries City and several main cities announced that the Seven Luminaries Federation had become a thing of the past.

However, the territory of the Seven Luminaries Federation was vast. There were tens of thousands of major cities, big cities, and small cities. Even if there were various human tribes, countries, and other forces, the addition of nearly ten million forces took a full month to conquer the entire territory of the Seven Luminaries Federation.

At present, it was still in the final stage of rebuilding the city and killing the surviving members of the Ten Luminaries Clan. The ordinary members of the Ten Luminaries Clan did not kill them all. After all, there were too many of them. They only stripped them of their aristocratic ident.i.ties, did not take their property, and then sent them into the coolies army.

The division of the territory was done with extremely high efficiency on the third day after the capture of the Federation.

The Great Dao Sect did not need to take over this mess. The various human forces were also happy to have their own territory. They could obtain more resources and support their clansmen… achieving mutual benefits and win-win.

As for how to deal with the luminaries and develop cities, different territories had different plans.

The Great Dao Sect did not interfere too much. They only needed to go against the ‘fundamental law’ set up by the Great Dao Sect.

seven luminary City, the main city of the Seven Clans, and some important resource areas are directly under the jurisdiction of the Dao Sect.

Seven Luminaries City was much more prosperous than Big Dao City. It was a city that had been through tens of thousands of years. However, Tang Yu did not intend to change his mind. He still wanted to build Big Dao City.

After crushing the conspiracy of the Seven Luminaries Federation and launching a powerful counterattack, the Great Dao Sect instantly jumped from a new force to an existence no one dared to provoke among the top forces.

Many shops that had yet to be sold were bought by the various forces that had arrived in Big Dao City in just a few days after the Seven Luminaries Federation was destroyed.

The top forces planned to sell well, while the middle forces were optimistic about the development prospects of Big Dao City and wanted to rely on the giant Big Dao Sect.

At this time,

Tang Yu had already quietly returned to the Great Dao Sect.

“The Divine Domain Realm captives have all been sold, right?”

The one in charge of this matter was Elaine. She said, “Other than the Heaven Alliance Chamber of Commerce that has not agreed on it, the other Divine Domains have all been sold. Basically, every power has taken out a Sacred Weapon primary material and a huge amount of resources… Oh, and also, that lone wolf expert, ‘Bull Butcher’, can’t afford to pay for the ransom.”

“Didn’t you lower the price?”

“Yes.” Elaine was also somewhat helpless. “Niu Tu only has a Grade Three Divine Weapon. It was lent to him by the elder of the Red Brilliance Great Pavilion during wartime. His clansmen are also poor. Oh, I also investigated. It is not that he is poor, but it should be really poor. It seems that the Origin Crystals in Niu Tu’s hands will be lost due to all kinds of accidents.

However, Niu Tu is relatively honest. I have already arranged for him to mine a precious mineral. That mineral can be used as a supplementary material for Sacred Weapons. The demand is not small, and its texture is hard. Ordinary Transcendents who hold Divine Weapons can only leave a white mark. It is also useful for Niu Tu to mine. “

Tang Yu shrugged his shoulders.

This was the only family that was allowed to mine by an invincible expert.

The mineral vein that spanned over a hundred miles could be seen with specks of brown spots.

Niu Tu held a third-ranked divine weapon axe in his hand and shouted, “Slash!”

The giant axe slammed down, and countless ores with brown spots of light flew up. They were crushed into smaller pieces in the air, revealing pieces of brown minerals.

After working for the whole morning, Niu Tu finished his work and picked up a bucket of wine tons to drink.

“Work is worthy of a divine weapon. Not only do you have a salary, but you can also rest every night. Old Niu, I can’t bear to leave.”

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