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Chapter 65 - Somehow A Filial Daughter

65. Somehow A Filial Daughter

County Miteron had been busy since dawn. Especially the hostess, Countess Miteron, was in a state of excitement.

“Her Majesty the Emperor accepted our family’s invitation. We’re the second after the Javier family, right? This is a great pride in the social world!”

They have already heard about the unfortunate incident that took place at the tea party in Javier’s mansion. Because of that, bad rumors circulated.

“I guess the rumors that Her Majesty has a warm heart are true, honey. Seeing that she is coming to our family house even though our daughter made a mistake, doesn’t that mean that she will be forgiven?”

“Um, that’s right.”

Count Miteron didn’t consider the invitation to be entirely the opinion of the baby Emperor. What would a five-year-old baby know?

‘It seems that His Majesty, the stand-in-Emperor, is paying attention to me.’

Has anyone been deserving of being expelled from the Parliament recently? The Count, already imagining the day when he would occupy a seat in the Parliament, was filled with happiness.

The small party, which was originally a tea party for the little girls, grew into a party hosted by the Countess. The Countess, who hastily sent out invitations to influential families, sighed only after all the party preparations were finished.

“It’s lacking, but I hope they enjoy the party.”

The Countess said so, but her face was full of confidence. To show off the wealth of the Miteron family, the party hall, decorated with all sorts of rare things, was a sight to behold.

‘Everyone will be surprised by this.’

It was sure to be a great part. Enough to offset the slight embarra.s.sment her daughter suffered in the social world.

Before long, the carriages of the families, who had accepted the invitation, began to arrive one after another. Even though they sent out invitations in a hurry, they sent replies saying they would attend the party when they heard that the baby Emperor was attending. To see just one person, the Emperor.

To that extent, Mabel was by far the hottest topic in the social world. With everyone’s expectations, Mabel’s royal carriage pa.s.sed through the gates of the mansion. As if to prove of his ma.s.sive love for his daughter, knights escorted the entire carriage securely. Before long, the carriage door opened and a small foot popped out.


With a roaring voice, Mabel, with her arms outstretched, got out of the arms of her bodyguard, Sir Donovan. Next out was Aiden, another one of Mabel’s escorts.

People covered their faces with fans and glanced at Aiden discreetly.

“That boy is Her Majesty’s favoritism, Devlin’s…”

“Shh! Watch your mouth!”

However, for feat that their family might be set on fire, they hid themselves. The party’s organizers, Countess Miteron and her husband, greeted the Emperor.

“I greet Her Majesty the Emperor. My name is Joanna Miteron, Countess Miteron. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you accepted my invitation.”

“I heard that the Miteron mansion is wonderful. I attended the party just out of curiosity.”

“I hope you enjoy the party.”

“I’m thankful for the welcome.”

Mabel glanced over the exterior of the mansion and grinned.

‘I’ll use it as the office.’

The garden was just right, and the mansion was neat, perfect for a new office.

The guild can’t be left alone in the back alley forever.

Mabel, feeling the excessive interest in her, looked around the people and spoke,

“Don’t worry about me and just enjoy yourselves.”

And under the guidance of the Countess, she took a step towards destruction.


During the Javier family’s tea party, they did not dare bring the knights into the mansion, but this time, it was different. Lissandro, who had missed me once, insisted that ten or so escorts move together, and I gladly accepted.

Thanks to that, it was good that people, who were pressed by the momentum of the knights, did not approach me easily. I took this opportunity to hand over food prepared here and there to Aiden.

“Aiden, eat this too.”

“I’m oka…. I will eat.”

“You have to eat a lot.”

Aiden didn’t take care of his own meals, so I had no choice but to provide them. Still, it was amazing to see him grow taller day by day.

‘I’m still attached to the ground.’

Looking at Daddy, I thought I’d be taller too, but I couldn’t be sure because I didn’t know what my mom was like. I couldn’t even ask about Mom. It seemed like everyone was avoiding the topic for some reason, but I wasn’t particularly interested.

‘All I need is Daddy.’

It was when I was sitting in a chair, rocking my legs, persuading Aiden to eat more.

“I greet Her Majesty, the Emperor.”

When I raised my head to the nervous voice, there was a familiar face. The very person who brought me here. It was the young lady of Count Miteron.

“It’s been a while.”

The girl’s face brightened, perhaps rea.s.sured because I greeted her without hesitation. Lady Miteron played her fingers and glanced at Aiden, then bowed her head.

After that, I saw Count Miteron and his wife watching us.

‘She came here to apologize because her parents made her.’

Is the red face evidence of the shameful act?

She seemed to be apologizing for what happened last time, but I had no intention of letting her speak to Aiden.

“Aiden, go to the carriage and get some of ‘that’ back.”

Aiden immediately left the party at my command. Lady Miteron, looking at Aiden’s back as if embarra.s.sed, turned her gaze back to me.

“I’m here to apologize once again for my previous disrespect.”

“It’s already a thing of the past. It’s fine.”


The girl’s face brightened immediately. It was all over. Relief.

‘Hmm. This is just the beginning.’

It was the time to munch hard at the macarons, which I couldn’t eat often because of the nanny.

Bang! With a loud noise, someone b.u.mped into the door of the party hall and fell.


Maybe in his 40’s or 50’s? A middle aged man with a tired look groaned and stood up, limping.

All eyes were focused on the sudden commotion, and the most surprised of them all was Count Miteron.

“W-where did that guy?!”

“You Majesty, I have something to tell you! Please listen to my unfortunate story!”

Count Miteron was the first to stop him as he rushed towards me.

“Hey! What were you all doing while this crazy man broke into the party hall!”

Silence fell quickly in the party hall at the roaring shouts of fire. Only the uninvited man continued to cry.

“Your Majesty, I was wronged!”

“Shut up! Do you want to die from opening your mouth recklessly in front of Her Majesty?!”

Hearing Count Miteron’s orders, the Count’s privates entered the party hall and subdued the man. I watched the man being dragged among the knights who came close to escort me.

The voice was so desperate that some of the callous n.o.bles turned their heads as if they were sorry.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! I accuse Count Miteron! Your Majesty!”

Count Miteron’s expression hardened at the man’s words.

“What nonsense are you spewing? Take him out!”

It was when the man, who stormed in out of the blue, was dragged away. I jumped off my chair.


Everyone’s attention was focused on my voice. Even Lissandro looked at me with surprised eyes.

“I want to hear what the story is.”

“Your Majesty, I don’t think he is sane. Your Majesty’s time is wasted, so we must take him out.”

Count Miteron smiled and shook his head. I ignored his words and took a step towards the man.

“Your Majesty.”

Lissandro blocked my way, but I shook my head.

“It’s fine.”

Arriving in front of the man, I glanced at the soldiers who were suppressing him violently. The man, who had escaped from his cruel bondage, fell on the floor and let out a rough breath.

“T-Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“What is the reason for calling me?”

“I would like to accuse Count Miteron of corruption.”

After that, the Count came up to me and spoke with a wide smile,

“It is all nonsense, Your Majesty. You do not need to listen.”

“Mm. If it’s nonsense, might as well listen anyway.”

“But it will take Your Majesty’s precious time-.”

“I have a lot of time.”

I refuted the Count’s words one by one and turned my gaze to the kneeling man.

“My name is Hanson, an employee of the gambling house run by Count Miteron.”

“Ha! Even telling lies…!”

The Count, who was wearing a mask, took a step back, startled by Lissandro’s sharp gaze.

The story went on.

“Count Miteron pretended to run a normal gambling house on the surface, but actually, he has been corrupting the money. And I have been in charge of manipulating those ledgers.”

“Then are you saying that you two are accomplices?”

“…that’s right.”

“Hm. Keep going.”

It was boring to hear what I already knew, but I didn’t forget to pretend to be interested.

“When I first started working, my eyes were on money and I forgot about my conscience. But I’m starting to realize that this isn’t the case. Every time I see the faces of my family at home, I feel so ashamed… heuk.”

Lissandro gave his handkerchief to the pitiful man named Hanson, who was crying.

“T-Thank you, Your Majesty! So I told Count Miteorn. That I don’t think that this is right… then he threatened me of my family as hostages…!”


This was the first time I heard that. It was a moment that added more to Count Miteron’s guilt.

“Scoff, really. My casino has never been ledger-rigged. Your Majesty, if you have listened to this much nonsense with no evidence, I will take him out now.”

Count Miteron proudly raised his head and the corners of his mouth. He was already convinced that there was nothing to prove of his misdeeds. Hanson raised his head, his face full of tears.



“Here it is!”

A pile of papers that Hanson pulled out of his arms fluttered in the air and fell slowly.

“This, this…!”

The Count was so startled that he couldn’t even speak. I shook my head as I watched the scene. I was surprised.

‘The ledgers that were already stolen and dealt with are fluttering in front of me.

Hanson added.

“This is the gambling house’s secret book!”

The Count, who came to his senses late, tried to get the ledger somehow, but it was impossible. Lissandro’s shoes were already catching the papers.

“S-Sir Donovan! Move your foot!”

“If this is true, you should be prepared.”

Lissandro, with a relaxed posture, picked up the doc.u.ments and turned them over. His smile widened as the pages turned. Finally, Lissandro ordered,

“Take him.”

Count Miteron, the owner of the mansion and organizer of the party, suddenly became a criminal and was taken away. The appearance of the Count, whose arms were held by the knights in an instant, was no different from that of Hanson before. Count Miteron struggled and struggled.

“L-Let go! This is unjust! This is unjust, Your Majesty!”

“The data is so accurate you can’t deny it even if you wanted to.”

“Isn’t it possible to manipulate ledgers? Sir Donovan!”

“That… Other than the money from the gambling house, there are other crimes written in detail. For example, smuggling and tax evasion?”

“What, what?”

The p.r.i.c.ked Count opened his eyes wide, unable to speak. I crossed my arms proudly as I watched the scene.

‘Ahem. I had a hard time organizing the corruption.’

It was difficult, but it was refreshing to see Count Miteron arrested immediately. Naturally, he wasn’t just dragged away.

“Hey! Is no one there? Help me!”

He cried.

“Bring in the rest of the knights.”

Lissandro summoned all the knights. Both numerically and qualitatively, Lissandro prevailed.

The Count’s eyes were tinged with despair.

“I’m back.”

Aiden returned to my side while people were paying attention to the spectacle.

“You’ve worked hard, Aiden.”

“It was nothing.”

“Nothing. Aiden did a lot.”

He brought Hanson, who had been stolen in advance, and put him in the party hall. He got the ledger and used him in the right place. Finally, I deliberately accepted the escorting of the knights so that the Count could be arrested immediately. All of it fit together so well to trap Count Miteron.

“As I thought, we’re fantastic partners.”


Aiden didn’t answer, but he didn’t deny it either.

I glanced around the dazzling hall as Count Miteron was being dragged away.

“There’s only one left now.”

It’s called property robbing!


The splendid fall of Count Miteron had been a topic of discussion in the social world for a while. All of his property were confiscated and his t.i.tles were reclaimed due to the number of minor crimes.

People were unanimous in their evaluation of the Count’s bad luck. The man just had to break into the party the Emperor was attending.

Numerous inventories of Count Miteron’s wealth were soon released on the market. And before the information was properly released, someone bought all the deeds. By the time the speculators asked for information, it was already too late.

Mabel, everything you want is yours.

“If anyone says no, hit them.”

“Strike and steal.”

So, Mabel happened to be a filial daughter who listened to her father.

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