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The sunset glow dyed the western part of the sky red. The lake also shone with a bright red tint. The ripples on the lake looked like red crystals breaking apart. The beautiful lake was gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight.

At the lake side, there was a boiling cauldron of voices. Xiao Chen killed the Sixth Level Huzuni with just a lift of the hand. He killed the Tiger Clan's expert like slaughtering chickens. Everyone in the park was dominated by his sheer power.


"This is the one who fought the Southern Wasteland's number one expert to a draw? Perhaps he wouldn't even lose against the Heroic Four of Yindu!"

Thousand plus people got excited over this and started to discuss spiritedly.

The scions of some supreme clans involuntarily took a few steps forward to take a closer look at that majestic and unmoving figure.

The third princess and dozen other beauties also stood up from their seats to look at the powerful youth in the middle of the battlefield.

Dugu Jianmo still remained as silent as ever. Only that his entire person released a razor sharp aura. The surrounding people were frightened by him and quickly moved to the side.

Lazio and Windfeathers had complicated feelings as they clenched their fists tightly.

Yan Qingcheng revealed a doubtful expression as she looked at the figure suspiciously. She kept having this feeling that she had seen this man before. But of course, Xiao Chen was the last thing that would come to mind. After all, their fighting styles were completely different.

"Xiao Shishui!!!" Kazeni rushed over with a roar, but all he could see was the head that got crushed by the Telepathic Sword Wave.

The pale-faced Kazeni looked gentle and reserved on the outside, but now, he looked exceptionally fierce. He transformed into a streak of light and charged at Xiao Chen while gnashing his teeth.

Xiao Chen suddenly lifted his head as his eyes emitted two glaring light. The golden light that was as thin as needles shot straight at Kazeni.

"AHHH!!" Kazeni covered his two eyes and screamed. However, due to his sharp intuition, he instantly fell back. He arrived fast, but he retreated even faster.

Xiao Chen didn't even move, he just stood there and looked at Kazeni.

Kazeni flew back for several tens of meter until he crashed into the ground with a thump. Blood leaked out from the s.p.a.ce between his fingers, that were still covering his eyes, as he groaned in pain.

When he finally put down his hands, everyone involuntarily sucked in cold air. Kazeni's eyes were actually bleeding. The golden light shot out from Xiao Chen's eyes earlier were no illusions, they were actually real and dealt heavy damage to Kazeni!

Fortunately, he missed a little and didn't hit the pupil. However, the scleras were pierced and two b.l.o.o.d.y holes were visible on the eyelid.

Everyone at the lakeside shivered in fear. Even the eyes could be targeted, this was just too terrifying!

Only those who had profound abilities knew, what Xiao Chen used earlier was not any particular divine ability. Due to his strong confidence and extreme disdain of his enemy, he brazenly condensed his battle aura and used it directly.

Part 2

The two golden lights were completely formed by a portion Xiao Chen's energy. He released the said energy from his body and retracted it immediately after injuring the opponent's eyes.

"Xiao Shishui…" The Kazeni who nearly lost his eyesight due to a fit of anger finally calmed down. He gnashed his teeth and said, "You forced me to do this. Today, you must die!" Speaking until here, he retrieved a crystal clear bottle gourd from his bosom. The gourd was only one inch long. He twisted off the lid the poured the content into his mouth.

Those who had sharp eyes could see red liquid flowing into his mouth.

"White Tiger's Blood?"

"It should be, looks like he's going to stake everything in this fight!"

It was a common knowledge, the founder of the Tiger clan was a genuine White Tiger. Due to his union with mankind, his offsprings were all in human form. And as a result of continuous propagation, the White Tiger's bloodline was getting thinner and thinner.

To this end, he once chose a few descendants with extremely huge potential and baptized them with its blood. As a result, their bloodline got closer to the White Tiger's and their power increased to the point that they even surpa.s.sed some of the ordinary White Tigers.

Although only a limited few could enjoy this blessing, the Tiger clan had thought of a way to benefit the later generations. They diluted the remaining blood bestowed to them by the old ancestor and pa.s.sed them to the important members of the clan. It was to be used as a last resort to save their life.

Due to the tiny portion of diluted blood, it was impossible for any physical changes to occur. However, it was still capable of granting a power up for a short duration. The liquid Kazeni drank was precisely the diluted blood of the Holy Emperor. He appeared extremely fierce at the moment and actually let out a tiger-like roar before throwing himself at Xiao Chen again.

His speed was so fast that it seemed as if a streak of lightning had tore through the sky.

"Historia's Seventh Layer!"

Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the other supreme clan candidates sucked in a breath of cold air. Experts on their level could tell Kazeni's current strength from just a glance.


That roar came from a real tiger. In front of Kazeni, the shadow of a White Tiger appeared from thin air and pounced at Xiao Chen. The enormous White Tiger was at least ten meters long. The way it brandished its claws looked really threatening.

Xiao Chen didn't move a muscle, as if he had no intention of dodging at all. His hands quickly formed the Seal of Leo. A burst of world-shaking lion roar transmitted outwards as he clapped his hands. The figure of the Golden Lion King emerged as three heads faced upward and let out a roar.

Golden divine light illuminated the entire area. The golden light spread out in all directions like a ripple.

The Golden Lion King soared high into the sky and rushed towards the enormous White Tiger.


The roars of the tiger and lion resounded simultaneously as disastrous energy wave engulfed the battlefield. The glaring light made it hard for everyone to keep their eyes open, and they were forced to step back due to the violent energy wave.

"Crack! Crack!"

The sound of s.p.a.ce collapsing could be heard. Following immediately, as if the world itself was turned upside down, the lake water started to surge up violently and the earth began to shake.

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