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A primer of information about the history and uses of italic letters. 31 pp.; 37 review questions.

39. =Proofreading= By Arnold Levitas

The technical phases of the proofreader's work; reading, marking, revising, etc.; methods of handling proofs and copy. Ill.u.s.trated by examples. 59 pp.; 69 review questions; glossary.

40. =Preparation of Printers' Copy= By F. W. Hamilton

Suggestions for authors, editors, and all who are engaged in preparing copy for the composing room. 36 pp.; 67 review questions.

41. =Printers' Manual of Style=

A reference compilation of approved rules, usages, and suggestions relating to uniformity in punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, numerals, and kindred features of composition.

42. =The Printer's Dictionary= By A. A. Stewart

A handbook of definitions and miscellaneous information about various processes of printing, alphabetically arranged. Technical terms explained. Ill.u.s.trated.

PART VII--_Design, Color, and Lettering_

43. =Applied Design for Printers= By Harry L. Gage

A handbook of the principles of arrangement, with brief comment on the periods of design which have most influenced printing. Treats of harmony, balance, proportion, and rhythm; motion; symmetry and variety; ornament, esthetic and symbolic. 37 ill.u.s.trations; 46 review questions; glossary; bibliography.

44. =Elements of Typographic Design= By Harry L. Gage

Applications of the principles of decorative design. Building material of typography paper, types, ink, decorations and ill.u.s.trations. Handling of shapes. Design of complete book, treating each part. Design of commercial forms and single units.

Ill.u.s.trations; review questions, glossary; bibliography.

45. =Rudiments of Color in Printing= By Harry L. Gage

Use of color: for decoration of black and white, for broad poster effect, in combinations of two, three, or more printings with process engravings. Scientific nature of color, physical and chemical. Terms in which color may be discussed: hue, value, intensity. Diagrams in color, scales and combinations. Color theory of process engraving. Experiments with color. Ill.u.s.trations in full color, and on various papers. Review questions; glossary; bibliography.

46. =Lettering in Typography= By Harry L. Gage

Printer's use of lettering: adaptability and decorative effect.

Development of historic writing and lettering and its influence on type design. Cla.s.sification of general forms in lettering.

Application of design to lettering. Drawing for reproduction. Fully ill.u.s.trated; review questions; glossary; bibliography.

47. =Typographic Design in Advertising= By Harry L. Gage

The printer's function in advertising. Precepts upon which advertising is based. Printer's a.n.a.lysis of his copy. Emphasis, legibility, attention, color. Method of studying advertising typography. Ill.u.s.trations; review questions; glossary; bibliography.

48. =Making Dummies and Layouts= By Harry L. Gage

A layout: the architectural plan. A dummy: the imitation of a proposed final effect. Use of dummy in sales work. Use of layout.

Function of layout man. Binding schemes for dummies. Dummy envelopes. Ill.u.s.trations; review questions; glossary; bibliography.

PART VIII--_History of Printing_

49. =Books Before Typography= By F. W. Hamilton

A primer of information about the invention of the alphabet and the history of bookmaking up to the invention of movable types. 62 pp.; ill.u.s.trated; 64 review questions.

50. =The Invention of Typography= By F. W. Hamilton

A brief sketch of the invention of printing and how it came about.

64 pp.; 62 review questions.

51. =History of Printing=--Part I By F. W. Hamilton

A primer of information about the beginnings of printing, the development of the book, the development of printers' materials, and the work of the great pioneers. 63 pp.; 55 review questions.

52. =History of Printing=--Part II By F. W. Hamilton

A brief sketch of the economic conditions of the printing industry from 1450 to 1789, including government regulations, censorship, internal conditions and industrial relations. 94 pp.; 128 review questions.

53. =Printing in England= By F. W. Hamilton

A short history of printing in England from Caxton to the present time. 89 pp.; 65 review questions.

54. =Printing in America= By F. W. Hamilton

A brief sketch of the development of the newspaper, and some notes on publishers who have especially contributed to printing. 98 pp.; 84 review questions.

55. =Type and Presses in America= By F. W. Hamilton

A brief historical sketch of the development of type casting and press building in the United States. 52 pp.; 61 review questions.

PART IX--_Cost Finding and Accounting_

56. =Elements of Cost in Printing= By Henry P. Porter

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