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With contract Skill many Brides! Chapter 11: Tight binding

CH11: Tight binding

"Is this a prison?"

"Finally came..."

I heard a voice from behind the prison, it is a beautiful voice that is clear and very young.

"Who is there?"

I entered the prison by spreading the bars of the cage by power technique, there was a small girl bound by a chain.

"Finally met..."

She stares at me while shedding tears.

"Take me out of here and take me to the outside world!"

"Should I remove this chain?"

I reached to the chain.

"Wait! This chain is a chain of time stop, if you remove it I may become an old woman at once!"

"... Is it impossible?"

"Contract with me!"

"... Magical girl?"

"What are you talking about? Please make a contract with me with your skill and I should be fine if you remove the chain with the contract fixed on the axes around you! For that reason I summoned you here!"

"... have you summoned me here?"

"I apologize for arbitrarily interfering with the summons, but there was only you..."

I guess this girl interfered with the grandma's summoning magic and summoned me to this dungeon... But I do not feel malice from her at all... it can be said to be desperately desperate appealing.

"Is there anything I want to hear?"

"Yes, if I can answer anything I can answer."

"First thing... why do you know about my skills? I do not even understand myself..."

"Eh? You do not understand by yourself?"

"Oh, I do not understand it at all."

"Everyone understands that "Status on" in mind, is not it?"


(Eeto... is it real... [Status On])

Himura Shun (17)

Unique skill:


■■■ art


Magical power manipulation

Battle operation(magic wrap)

Automatic recovery(G.o.d)

It really came out... I wonder if it was the first near pin...

"Have you been able to confirm?"

"Oh, I saw it... There are plenty to tsukkomi..."


"First of all, what do you mean by 17-yrs, I will be 39-yrs this year!"

"Huh? From the looks you look 14-5yrs old?"

(Do I look so young, I was originally said to be a child face...)

"What? I was told that she rebuilt my body, but I was so young! Thank you very much Grandma!"

"You have not noticed so far..."

"Since I came here, I did not have any way to confirm my appearance."

"...I'm sorry"

It's bad... It looks like she will start crying again...

"So, how did you know?"

"... I have skill appraisal and clairvoyance, I have been using it for a long time and I've been looking for someone who can release me from this chain."

"That was me?"

She raises her face again and answers firmly by watching me.

"Well, that's right, I found out the power that I have never felt in the interval just like here and I have appraised, then I know that you have the skill of the contract I was looking for and I forced you to here..."

"Is it like here?"

"Here is because of this chain, it is isolated from the world."

"Then does that mean the time here from outside of the world have not pa.s.sed?"

"That's a bit different, the time pa.s.sed from the outside world is slow."

"How long have I been here since I came here?"

"About 60,000 hours since you came to this dungeon?"

"What? 60,000 hours?"

"About seven years."

"It should not be that long! It is about seven days by the experience!"

I should not have fainted that long! I'm a human! I cannot convince myself with such a different world correction like that! But actually I am alive now... I cannot see her saying a lie...

"I was watching with a clairvoyant, I thought that you had amazing power... You will not move for about a year... If I think you got up you will not move again... At the beginning I cried I thought you were dead..."

"Did I lost consciousness that much?..."

"Yeah, I noticed that you were alive because sometimes it move pikpiku."

"Did I get excited?"

This time I'm about to cry... What is Piku Piku...

"... Are you OK? ... Did seven days pa.s.s in the outside world? Since you came here I was just watching you... so I cannot say absolutely..."

"Is it like a room with a spirit and something... Hm... the last question is OK?"

"... The changeover is fast, it's fine, what is it?"

"Why are you caught here?"



"Do I have to tell you ...?"

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