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Chapter 52 It's Him

"Who's peeping in the back? If you have the guts, come out!"

Feng Zhiyao waved her hand, bringing a handful of water behind her.

"Dammit, you wet my clothes!"

The bamboo leaves fluttered in the wind. The handsome Situ Yelei, dressed in black clothes, leaped out from behind Feng Zhiyao.


"Why is it you?"

When Feng Zhiyao saw that it was Situ Yelei, she couldn't help but be shocked. He wasn't in the capital city Xian Yang to preparing for being the future emperor's son-in-law. Why would he follow her to Su Yang?

"Is Yao'er surprised?"

Situ Yelei remembered the peeping just now and his face flushed red.

He did not know what was wrong with himself. When he heard that she had followed the King of Jing to Su Yang, he immediately sent a message to the shop owner of the Situ family at Su Yang, saying that he was going to personally inspect the shop's operations.


"I thought it was King of Jing or Li Mincan."

"Or the guard who follow me to protect my safety!"

Feng Zhiyao nodded.

"That guard's acupoints have been controlled by me, at least an hour!"

Situ Yelei was glad that he was the one to follow. Otherwise, Yao'er's beautiful naked back would probably be seen by other man.

"Oh, then go away, it's too hot, I need to take a bath to get some comfort!"

Feng Zhiyao hoped that he would leave quickly and not interfere with her plan to take a bath.

"No, this won't do. The water in this place isn't clean. Let's wait until we reach the town and take a bath at the hotel that belongs to Situ Family!"

Situ Yelei said in disagreement. A trace of heartache flashed in his eyes.

"Not clean?"

"Then what can I do? I feel so hot, that's why I came here to take a bath!"

Feng Zhiyao turned her head and stared at him, then continued to take off her underpants.

When Situ Yelei heard this, he looked at her chest from the corner of his eye. His face was red once again, and his heart was beating rapidly.

The next second, his face changed. His figure flashed, and grabbed Feng Zhiyao's waist without thinking.


"Are you crazy?"

Feng Zhiyao was thoroughly annoyed by him this time. She glared at Situ Yelei, who was hugging her tightly.

"I told you already, I'll take you to the hotel to bathe later, why are you still bathing here?"

"The water here is too cold. What if you get caught in the cold? "

After Situ Yelei frowned, he was a little angry. He, the dignified Patriarch of the second biggest family, chased after her without stopping. Yet she was still angry at him.

"Then you have to wait until tomorrow, okay? Right now, I'm sweating all over. It's too smelly, what do you know!?"

"Stupid man, get out of my way…"

Feng Zhiyao took a deep breath. This man deserved a scolding!

Situ Yelei didn't want to hear what she was saying at all.

At this moment, he only felt that the beauty in his arm was like a brocade, soft, smooth and very s.e.xy. Her body exuded a faint fragrance of roses, and a wave of mountain breeze blew past.

Thus, he focused all of his attention on this feeling.

"Forget it, I won't take a bath, hmph!"

"Don't follow me later. Furthermore, you must release that guard who was tasked with protecting me. Otherwise, don't appear in front of my eyes!"

Feng Zhiyao's voice sounded a little cold in his ears.

"Yao'er!" Situ Yelei shouted in vexation.

Dammit, this girl actually broke away from his arm!

Feng Zhiyao turned around and rolled her eyes at him, quickly putting on her clothes, walking towards the place where Xuanyuan Haoyu and the others were staying.



Situ Yelei touched his pretty nose and said angrily, "Bad girl, how could I give up if my heart is hooked?"

As for Xuanyuan Lingxi, that troublesome and unruly princess, he temporarily put her aside. Now that he was out, seeing the woman he liked was more important. He hadn't forgotten that most of the people around her were male.

"Young master, did you suffer from cold?"

A dark-haired young boy wearing black tights landed in front of Situ Yelei.


"That's right, Dou Qiong, unseal that person's acupuncture points, and then we'll head to the hotel in the town and wait for them!"

He didn't want to sneak behind her anymore. The only reason he wanted to follow her in broad daylight was to keep an eye on her!

Dou Qiong stared blankly at the smile on his lips. He was stunned for a moment. Young master seemed to be very happy?

Strange, how could he still laugh when his clothes were wet by that girl?

This was too strange!

Soon, Feng Zhiyao and her group arrived at Bao Xin Town.

uanyuan Haoyu and the others chose the best hotel in Bao Xin Town, which happened to belong to the Situ Family and was called the Xie Chen Hotel.

Xuanyuan Haoyu and Li Mincan went to arrange accommodations. Feng Zhiyao led Zi Yun into the hotel. Suddenly, a tall and familiar orange figure appeared in front of Feng Zhiyao.


The tenderness in his eyes was so gentle that it could overflow water!


He had actually caught up. This fellow had even changed the way of pursuing her, and had even appeared in the open!

At this moment, Feng Zhiyao was petrified!

"Hehe, what a coincidence!"

After recovering, Feng Zhiyao smiled embarra.s.sedly.

"Yao'er, this is an hotel belonging to the Situ Family. I've already ordered my servants to prepare the bath for you. You can immediately go upstairs to enjoy it!"

Situ Yelei smiled as he lightly waved a jade silk fan, so elegant and charm.

"Thank you!"

"Ah, you changed another fan?"

Feng Zhiyao's eyebrows slightly rose. She realized that Situ Yelei had quite a few treasures!

"Yes, I have given you that golden jade bone folding fan. Naturally, I can't take it back!"

Situ Yelei wrinkled his nose.

"Then give me this fan as well!"

Feng Zhiyao looked at the rare cabbage picture drawn on the fan and liked it very much!


The meaning of cabbage was money!


It was rare for her to think so highly of something, so he would gave it to her.

When Situ Yelei handed the jade silk fan to Feng Zhiyao, his big hand and her small hand had only touched for a split-second, someone said, "Lady Zhiyao, Head of Situ Family!"

A cold voice suddenly came from outside. The voice was not angry but rather mighty, which made Feng Zhiyao instantly nervous and her body froze.

Situ Yelei looked up and saw that slender figure. Sunlight shone through the window screen, bathing his body in a layer of golden light.

It was him, Xuanyuan Haoyu. A man of such n.o.ble disposition as a G.o.d, he would always s.n.a.t.c.h everyone's glory in an instant.

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