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Chapter 36 Angry Men

"What did I want?"

Flirtatious yet mysterious smile appeared on the corner of Feng Zhiyao's eyes, making her look both innocent and s.e.xy.

Her charming and evil voice called out, "Young master Situ, how about we give it a try?"

The soft voice was as sweet as the raindrops. It made people's hearts go soft when they heard it.

"Yao'er, we're already so close, why don't you call me by my name!"

He pushed her onto the deck, and his thin and beautiful lips landed next to Feng Zhiyao's ear. His deep black eyes flashed with a terrifying light as he looked down at her beautiful face, his slender and pure white fingers gently caressing the white b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The fragrance of her body accompanied by the faint fragrance of the lotus faintly a.s.saulted him.

Then, Situ Yelei and Feng Zhiyao stuck closely to each other through the cloth. His strong and powerful arms gave her a sense of security. Waves of heat came forth, making people blush profusely.

In his arms, Feng Zhiyao's body was as light as a swallow, and her whole body was delicate and graceful. The touch of this man made her face turn red, and a wave of heat hit her face and covered her ears.

'F * ck, she's already experienced hundreds of times in the modern world, how could she still blush? ' Feng Zhiyao secretly looked down on herself from the bottom of her heart.

It's not like she had never seen a man before.

But out of the corner of her eye she saw that the man holding her seemed no better than she was.

His handsome face, which was as fair as jade, was also flushed red, as if he had been dyed by the red mist. This was quite amusing.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, leaned forward, and whispered in his ear, "Hmm, Yelei —" "Yao'er, what are you doing?"

Feng Zhiyao didn't need to turn her head to know that Ye Weiyang had returned after buying the roasted pigeon. Her ice-cold voice sounded as if it had been soaked in ice-cold water.

"Nothing, just chatting!"

Feng Zhiyao faintly smiled as if nothing had happened. She looked calm and collected, as if she had just been chatting with Situ Yelei.

" Feng Zhiyao —" A bitter, angry look was on his young and handsome face.

"Yao'er is my woman!"

Situ Yelei looked at Ye Weiyang with determination and intense desire for possession.

"Yao'er is my wife, we have already decided to get married!"

Ye Weiyang placed the roasted pigeon in Feng Zhiyao hands. He tightly hugged her slender waist, his thin lips slightly curled as he swung out a "heavy bomb"!

"Yao'er, he …"

"Was he telling the truth? "

Situ Yelei's body was covered in wounds from the explosion of the "heavy bomb", and he was pushed back step by step. His tall and handsome body trembled. How … how was this possible?

"What truth?"

Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at Situ Yelei before coldly glancing at Ye Weiyang.

"Ye Weiyang, stop talking nonsense!"

What marriage?

How unpleasant!

She still wanted to eat pretty boys!

If she and he were engaged for life, then wouldn't Miss Feng be in a huge decline in the market!

Ye Weiyang heard a cold snort as she stared at him, clearly displeased.

"Yao'er, we …"

"Last night, weren't we…"

"We …"

"We did that…?"

Speaking of this matter, Ye Weiyang began to speak with a raspy voice. His handsome face seemed to be covered in a layer of rouge, and his face was in charming red.

"Specifically …"

"What's …"


Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth with a smile and asked in a teasing tone.

Ye Weiyang was already extremely embarra.s.sed, but now that Feng Zhiyao asked him this question, his dark and deep eyes immediately glowed with a strong l.u.s.t, making him seem extremely attractive.

"Yao'er, you're my woman anyway!"

Ye Weiyang's rosy lips pursed up into a smile. After all, hesaid that, which made Feng Zhiyao laugh.

"Yao'er likes me!"

"Stand aside!"

Situ Yelei remembered Feng Zhiyao's flirtatious look when she had just shown him. He immediately became full of confidence as he roared at Ye Weiyang.

At this time, Situ Yelei had already forgotten that he was afraid of Ye Weiyang's Spirit Serpent Sword. The moment he said those words, he was filled with regret.

Ye Weiyang held Feng Zhiyao nimbly with his left hand and spun around, nimbly pulling out the Spirit Serpent Sword with his right hand and gracefully swinging it a few times. It looked extremely beautiful, his bright sword pointed straight at Situ Yelei's man part.


Feng Zhiyao thought that it was bad for the pretty boy to be injured. What if he couldn't do it any more? She hurriedly spoke to stop.

Situ Yelei seemed to have been prepared for this. His waist was wrapped with Catch Soul Whip that were forged from profound iron, and he was about to send out a spiral attack towards Ye Weiyang's body. However, Feng Zhiyao's shout also made him involuntarily withdraw his hand.


"Why didn't you go to Jade Lotus Store?"

An exquisite and gorgeous cruise boat came over from the distance. On top of the cruise boat stood a handsome figure. He was Xuanyuan Haofei, he came over after receiving the news from Chu Yi.

At this moment, he saw that Situ Yelei's hand was still touching Feng Zhiyao's hand. His face became displeased.

"Yelei, so you have an appointment with pretty lady?"

A man and a woman walked out from the cabin behind Xuanyuan Haofei. The man was someone that Situ Yelei recognized. He was Beitang Ziqian. Naturally, the woman was Beitang Zixuan.

Situ Yelei glanced at Beitang Ziqian with a depressed expression. He really wanted to have an appointment with pretty lady, but reality wouldn't allow it. Wasn't there still a cold-looking man standing there!?

He did not care about Xuanyuan Haofei's vile words. If possible, once his strength were full, he would not need to marry the imperial family, nor would he need to marry that coquettish tiger, Xuanyuan Lingxi!

"Sister Feng, what are you doing?"

A woman and two men were talking nonsense. Seeing this, a hint of disdain flashed across the depths of Beitang Zixuan's eyes. She then covered her mouth and laughed. Her laughter was melodious and was more or less deliberately teasing Feng Zhiyao.

Sister Feng?

Really intimate!

She did not remember that she had a younger sister called Beitang Zixuan!

"Ah, you're older than me by half a year, I can call you sister!"

Following that, Feng Zhiyao also laughed, and her laughter was so loud that it almost caused Beitang Zixuan's blood to splash out.

"Yao'er, let's go!"

Ye Weiyang hated these young masters and mistresses of the imperial family, so he stood next to Feng Zhiyao and said in a low voice.


Feng Zhiyao didn't want to see the Beitang siblings either, so she nodded in agreement. Her smile was as bright as the moon, beautiful and charming.

"Sister Feng, why are you leaving when we've only just arrived? It doesn't seem to be proper!"

When Beitang Zixuan saw handsome Ye Weiyang, she immediately felt exciting. This heroic man was even prettier than big brother Xingyuan, and his manly demeanor made her haert beating.

Then, Beitang Zixuan smiled sweetly at Ye Weiyang and asked, "Young master, what do you think?"

That pair of enchanting eyes looked at Ye Weiyang.

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