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Chapter 32 Force Him to Pay the Debt

Su Muyan quickly carried Feng Zhiqiong in his arms. With a tap of his feet, he rapidly dashed through the crabapple woods and headed towards the Plum Court.

Before he left, he gave Feng Zhiyao a fierce glare, "If anything happens to Qiong'er, I won't forgive you!"

His tone was cold, and within the coldness, there was a strong, unquestionable aura.

Feng Zhiyao gazed at his back, sneering sweetly like a blooming poppy. How could she be afraid of him!

After a long while, when Su Muyan disappeared around the corner while carrying Feng Zhiqiong, Ye Weiyang's thin lips curved into a beautiful smile.

He stood straight on the sh.o.r.e of the lake, while his white clothes and black hair floated up at the same time. Under the reflection of the petals of the pink begonia, he looked like the cloud blocking the moon, floating like the breeze blowing back the snow, an indescribable jade tree facing the wind, extremely graceful.

"Yao'er, do you want me to destroy Mighty Heavenly Castle for you?"

When Feng Zhiyao turned her gaze towards him, he asked. His tone was very doting, with ninety percent indulgence and eighty percent admiration. His voice was as clear and pleasant as ever.

"No need."

She gave Ye Weiyang a deep look.

"I like to control everything!"

The light in her eyes circulated like white plum, clear like spring water.


Ye Weiyang nodded. This was the girl he liked, never a delicate dodder that needed to rely on someone.

"Weiyang, why hasn't your master appeared recently?"

Feng Zhiyao smiled and changed the topic.

Didn't the old man say that he liked food?

Why hasn't he come in a long time?

"Master is in closed door cultivation."

Ye Weiyang extended his arms, gently embracing her.


Feng Zhiyao nodded and said, "I've been staying in the Begonia Garden for so many days because I was pretending to be sick. I feel like I'm about to get moldy. Why don't you take me out for a stroll tonight?"

During the day, she naturally couldn't go out. She had a serious illness and went out to play. Wasn't that contradictory?


Ye Weiyang's eyes were filled with traces of tender affection. Under the illumination of the warm sun, he calmly looked around.

In the evening, Feng Zhiyao and Ye Weiyang were about to change their clothes and leave, a servant came to report that the King of Qi had arrived.

"You can't beat me, so you find helpers?"

"Weiyang, since the King of Qi wants to see me, wait for me at the Begonia Garden first. I'll go to Plum Court now!"


Ye Weiyang's thin lips slightly pursed, but in the end, he still couldn't be at ease. Therefore, after Feng Zhiyao left, he quietly followed behind her and also went to the Plum Court.

He saw a group of servants kneeling before the entrance of Plum Court, as well as a white-bearded old imperial doctor who was trembling as he prostrated himself on the ground.


Feng Zhiyao walked towards Feng Wucai with an angry face, asked in a delicate voice, "What's wrong with sister Qiong'er?"

There were traces of concern in her tone.

"Feng Zhiyao, you still have the face to ask? sister Qiong'er is so angry that she has miscarriaged!"

Su Muyan angrily walked out of the room and cursed at Feng Zhiyao!



She remembered that the embroidery needle had only shot at Feng Zhiqiong's legs, but it wasn't enough to make her miscarriage!

"To be pregnant before getting married, who would have the face to do that?"

Even if he wanted to scold her, he should think about it. Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows and sneered. Being pregnant before marriage, in modern times, might not be that big of a deal, but in ancient times, it was a fatal beat to girls!

"Alright, Yan'er, this matter has caused shame to our Prime Minister! Talk no more!"

"No one is allowed to reveal this matter. If someone divulges the secret, the family law will punish them severely!"

Feng Wucai's eyes swept across the room with a cold glint in his eyes. His face was ashen as he ordered his servants.

"Your King of Qi Highness, when will you marry sister Qiong'er?"

At the side, Su Muyan remembered pale-faced Feng Zhiqiong earlier. Her handsome face darkened, then said to Xuanyuan Haofei.

"This …"

"I did not mention marrying her! "

Xuanyuan Haofei's face was green and red mixed with white, looking extremely funny.

Back then, his mother had wanted him to marry Feng Zhiyao, the daughter of Prime Minister's first wife, as his wife. Because Feng Zhiqiong was born from a concubine, she could only be his concubine.

Now that Feng Zhiqiong suddenly had miscarriaged, Su Muyan's intention was for him to marry her. He really overestimated himself.

"Then does Your Highness not wish to take responsibility for my sister Qiong'er?"

Feng Zhiyao asked.

Hearing Feng Zhiyao's words, Su Muyan was slightly startled. Shouldn't it be him to ask?

How did she ask?

"Yao'er, don't spout nonsense!"

Feng Wucai was angry and wanted to stop Feng Zhiyao from talking.

"Back then, His Highness the King of Qi delivered me a marriage annulment letter. It can be seen that King of Qi loves sister Qiong'er. He was so decisive back then, why is he unwilling to take responsibility for Little sister Qiong'er today?"

Feng Zhiyao coldly glanced at Xuanyuan Haofei and asked.

"This …"

Xuanyuan Haofei held his tongue in his throat, unable to do anything after hearing her words.

"King of Qi Highness, I also mean it!"

Seeing the blinking eyes that Feng Zhiyao had given him, Feng Wucai reluctantly said.

"This matter, I'll have to report this to father and mother before making any plans!"


Xuanyuan Haofei coldly stared at Feng Zhiyao. Was she still the same Feng Zhiyao loved him so much back then?

She actually forced him to marry her little sister!

"Yao'er, aren't you seriously ill?"

"Have you recovered?"

Xuanyuan Haofei threw an killing eye over, causing Feng Zhiyao to curse herself for being reckless. However, in order to torture Feng Zhiqiong a little more thoroughly, she needed to promote this marriage!

Who didn't know that the concubines in King of Qi's Mansion were scheming? She just happened to borrow a knife to kill someone.

To be able to watch a show while torturing the target, what a good deal!

"It is precisely because of my illness, so I hope to see sister Qiong'er marriage as soon as possible!"

Feng Zhiyao pitifully blinked her beautiful eyes, then lowered her head and said honestly.

Ye Weiyang heard these words, his lips twitched, but his eyes were filled with incomparable doting.

"Your King of Qi Highness, even though sister Qiong'er is like this, she is still the pearl of Mighty Heavenly Castle!"

When Xuanyuan Haofei left, Su Muyan reminded him coldly with a smile that wasn't actually a smile.

At this moment, Feng Zhiyao was a little envious of Feng Zhiqiong: She had Su Muyan's sincere protection.

"Serve Second Miss well. There are certain things that you should not say. Be smart!"

Seeing Xuanyuan Haofei leave, Feng Wancai turned around and scolded the maidservants of Plum Court.

"Yes, sir!"

The maidservants hurriedly knelt down and said yes.

"Imperial Doctor Lin, thank you for today's matter!"

Feng Wucai helped Imperial Doctor Lin, who was still feeling uneasy after Xuanyuan Haofei's reprimand, to stand up, and said after calming his expression.

"Thank you, Prime Minister. I should leave!"

Glimmers danced in Imperial Doctor Lin's eyes as he trembled, wanting to leave.

"Wait —" Feng Zhiyao felt that Imperial Doctor Lin's expression was strange, so she quickly raised her voice to stop him from leaving.

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