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Waiting For You to Grow a Little Bit Older

He Ling eventually pulled Ji KeQing ash.o.r.e.

Ji KeQing, who had a strong-minded personality, had now unexpectedly found herself in an embarra.s.sing position in front of the three disciples of Hui Shi Peak. She wore a somewhat unsightly expression on her face and remained icily silent as she used her energy to dry her clothes.

He Ling looked around and saw mountains on three sides and a deep forest on the fourth. In front of them lay a deep pond filled with crystalline water that shone yellow-green under the sun. He frowned and said: “Where is this?”

“I don’t knowーー”

Just then, something in the water swam past, emitting a faint yellow light.

He Ling’s fist clenched, his cold voice even held a trace of excitement: “Sword wind fish?”

Hearing those words, Ji KeQing promptly leapt up and came over.

Eight Winds cliff had a kind of sword wind fish that sometime between the age of a few hundred years to a thousand, its body would begin to emit faint yellow rays of light. The sword wind fish swam at a very fast pace and was difficult to catch. However it was an extremely rare commodity for cultivation.

The sword wind fish was already difficult to find and the shining kind was even more impossible to locate. In the past few hundred years it had only been talked about but never seen.

He Ling was silent as he fixedly stared at the lake.

Wen Jing touched his nose and whispered to Jun YanZhi: “Second senior brother is interested in this fish. Let’s go sit nearby.”

“……very well.”

Wen Jing and Jun YanZhi sat on a boulder. The sunshine was warm and the youth’s pale honey cheeks were full of laughter. He fished out a white fruit from his bag, wiped it with his sleeve and handed it over: “Senior brother, here, eat this.”

Jun YanZhi’s throat moved: “……Mm.”

The youth’s fine hair blew in the breeze and brushed against his face. His heart itched.

The pair sat in silence. Jun YanZhi lowered his gaze to look at the side of the boy’s face and lightly leaned his shoulder against Wen Jing.

After a short while, the lake’s water gradually turned blue-green. He Ling suddenly plunged into the lake with a small splash, his figure resembling that of an animal hunting fish.

Wen Jing hesitated: “Second senior brother used the four underworld style to force the swordfish to surface from the water, why would he suddenly begin fishing like a bear? The swordfish’s speed is equal to that of a cultivator at the foundation stage.”

Jun YanZhi said carelessly: “He Ling is looking to practice his speed and accuracy, the fish is secondary.”

In the water, the sword wind fish wasn’t a fool. Seeing that someone sought to capture it, it increased its speed as it fled. Its body was slippery. He Ling’s hand touched its skin but could not hold on very well as it struggled free.

He Ling coldly snorted and step by step closed in as he contended with the sword wind fish. That fish had spent its entire life at the Eight Winds cliff and didn’t know how dangerous humans were. Very rarely someone would come and play with it and right now seeing that it had a playmate it excitedly swam around in the water and from time to time would approach He Ling.

Wen Jing’s mouth dropped open slightly and stayed that way.

Second senior brother and this fish’s disposition truly…… went against one’s expectations.

The sword wind fish pa.s.sed by, splashed with its tail, and then slightly exposed its head in provocation.

He Ling’s eyebrow twitched but he remained motionless. However in the moment that the sword wind fish became the most impudent, he suddenly leapt and came straight down!

This jump contained the entirety of his cultivation. The sword wind fish panicked and abruptly dove underwater.

Just then there was a tiny popping sound and suddenly the surface of the water transformed into a thick layer of ice.

He Ling’s eyebrows creased but the force he had exerted was now out of his control and he was about to land headfirst onto the ice. In a moment of desperation, the gray figure in the sky twisted in the air and hit the ice in a spin.  His footsteps were unsteady and he gave off an extremely awkward appearance.

The sword wind fish’s body was half frozen in the ice and was unable to budge a single inch. Its head twisted as it shook with fear.

He Ling stared at Ji KeQing with indignation, who returned his gaze with cold look.

Wen Jing’s mouth twitched.

The female lead had taken care of the affair in one shot while they hadn’t been paying attention.

In the novel, Ji KeQing and Jun YanZhi attempted to catch the sword wind fish many times until Ji KeQing became impatient and used her flying swordskill to freeze the surface of the water and imprison the sword wind fish within.

Now, He Ling had been dealing with the the fish for quite a while and Ji KeQing’s patience had run out.

Wen Jing silently flew over to the ice and found the sword wind fish struggling in place. Taking out his small sword he cut a circle around it in order to pull the swordfish out.

In a panic, the sword wind fish writhed in place then suddenly hung motionless.

Wen Jing called over to the sh.o.r.e: “Now that it’s been captured it’s playing dead.”

He Ling stared gloomily at Ji KeQing for a long time then snorted and turned to head back to sh.o.r.e.

In high spirits, Wen Jing took the fish encased in ice, placed it on a smooth black stone, and brandished his small sword: “Let’s kill this fish.”

Jun YanZhi and the others had already come over.

Lying there limply, the fish saw the sword and the others arrive and suddenly came to life as it writhed in panic.

Wen Jing pressed down on the ice around the fish as he held his small sword in front of the fish’s head.

Suddenly the swordfish stretched, opened its mouth, and spit out a yellow stone. The faint yellow light radiating from its body abruptly disappeared.

The spiritual energy coming out of the spirit stone was strong. Ji KeQing’s eyes widened: “Profound wood spirit stone?” ¹

Jun YanZhi slightly raised an eyebrow: “……It seems it really is a profound wood spirit stone.”

The sword wind fish looked at the crowd as if wanting to be praised.

He Ling frowned: “This fish is less than one hundred years old.”

Wen Jing looked awkwardly at everyone: “This profound wood spirit stone…… what should we do with it?”

Ji KeQing glanced at the other three with a complicated look then became the first to walk away.

She had renounced her claim so straightfowardly which resulted in Jun YanZhi, He Ling and Wen Jing developing an entirely new level of respect for her. Although she was not one of the seventy-two heirs, she still held the responsibility of finding the spirit stone. Unless she spoke up, it was unknown what her thoughts were.

How could they know that it was very important to Ji KeQing to save face? Just then, He Ling had saved her life. Although she didn’t say anything, she was a little embarra.s.sed. Moreover, He Ling had already leapt to catch the swordfish and had not needed her a.s.sistance.  If she wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away, she wouldn’t be able to stand up against the other three, why bother wasting her strength?

He Ling glanced at Jun YanZhi, saying: “Congratulations.”

The “Profound Wood spirit stone” was now held by Hui Shi peak. Mo ShaoYan was not currently present which meant the《Restoration Sutra》would be inherited by Jun YanZhi.

Wen Jing glanced at the sword wind fish thrashing in his hand: “What do we do with this?”

He Ling frowned: “It’s less then a hundred years old and no good for cultivation, let it go.”

Wen Jing nodded and holding the fish he headed for the pond’s edge and tossed it in: “Go and don’t swallow any more random things.”

Jun YanZhi put away the profound wood spirit stone: “It’s time to go.”


He walked a few steps then turned around to look at that fish in the water which had swum silently for a moment then exposed its head to gaze towards He Ling who had not yet left with an appearance of being reluctant to leave.

Wen Jing couldn’t help but say: “Second senior brother, this fish lives alone all year round and now that it has met you and played together, it seems it cannot bear to see you go.”

He Ling faintly creased his brows but didn’t turn around and continued to advance.

Wen Jing sighed to himself and left with the others.


I decided to change the meaning after all, who knows if I’m right but after writing about it a few times it feels like this might be the better meaning?

So I’m not dead, just lazy. More like I’m busy with a new position which I only accepted reluctantly (and there was no one else to p.a.w.n it off to) but which left me with less free time so I’m not in the mood to translate when I get home. On a positive note, I’m applying like crazy to switch positions so hopefully if I can get out I’ll be able to go back to my old frame of mind. In any event, since spending my entire day off translating is depressing, I put out half a chapter to tide things over. The other half should be out sometime this week. Also, chapter 28 is a monster and is the start of the VIP chapters. I’m probably going to cut it into three parts otherwise the size is just too scary.

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