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Senior Brother, I’ll Carry You

Ji KeQing flew far into the sky. Unable to support himself any longer, Jun YanZhi slumped to the ground. Wen Jing cried out: 『Senior brother, senior brother!』

Fearing that CPR would be useless, Wen Jing poured spiritual energy into Jun YanZhi’s body until he finally stopped bleeding. After a while, the pale man slowly opened his eyes and gripped Wen Jing’s hand.

『Senior brother!』Wen Jing helped him sit up.

『……How did you come to be here?』Jun YanZhi looked at him with blood at the corner of his mouth.

『Uh……I couldn’t sleep so I went out at midnightーand um, I was looking for the python……』Wen Jing was a bad liar. He had begun to sweat.

Jun YanZhi glanced at him, then gave him a firm look and said: 『I’m very grateful for your a.s.sistance, I can’t thank you enough.』

Wen Jing felt bitter. These lines should have been said to Ji KeQing. Now those same words were aimed at him.

He had to ask: 『Senior brother, what happened tonight?』

Jun YanZhi thought for a long time then said in a low voice: 『I’m not very clear. Tonight I was responsible for patrolling the mountain and I heard furtive sounds in the distance. I didn’t know if it was a person or a demonic beast but I stepped forward to check it out. Suddenly in my surroundings I felt an extremely strong fiendish energy surge to attack me. I immediately retaliated but I also seemed to have been hit by something. Someone screamed and I was also seriously injured. I lost consciousness and my spiritual energy automatically began to radiate from my body.』

For spiritual energy to automatically be released was similar to bleeding. If it wasn’t controlled it was possible that the person could die.

He truly had been in a life or death situation……

Following the the thread of conversation, Wen Jing said: 『Senior brother had the stealth talisman, how could someone so easily discover your presence?』

『I didn’t use the stealth talisman this time.』


Jun YanZhi hesitated, then said softly: 『……because it’s very expensive. I wanted to save it.』

Wen Jing stared at him.

In 《A Calamity for All Living Things》, Ji KeQing hadn’t asked this question. While reading Wen Jing had felt this was a plot hole, but now that he had impatiently asked he was unexpectedly given this answer.

To be such a miser, it was a little meng……(1)

『Eldest senior brother and second senior brother also don’t use the stealth talisman. Are you not aware that we’re……poor?』 Jun YanZhi looked at him.

『Why would that person try to kill you?』

『……I don’t know.』

Because of this surprise attack, Mu ZhiQiu was already dead! Currently, Mu ZhiQiu’s body was weak. Jun YanZhi had launched one strike that without fail had hit a vital spot. It was clear he was dead. But the corpse was in……

Jun YanZhi said: 『Don’t tell me he’s already dead? It would be better if we go find out for ourselves.』

Wen Jing asked: 『What direction did the fiendish energy that attacked senior brother Jun come from?』

Jun YanZhi pointed to a black forest in the distance. It was densely filled with trees and a ghostly energy that made one shudder.

Wen Jing supported him and said with a little excitement: 『Let’s go and see.』

『……If that person hasn’t died, then……』

Wen Jing patiently looked at him: 『Don’t worry senior brother, I’ll protect you.』

Jun YanZhi promptly shut his mouth and mildly glanced at him: 『……very well.』

Wen Jing supported his arm as they slowly walked a few dozen steps. Via the moonlight he saw the snow on the ground was split open to form a cave. Lying near it was a rigid corpse.

Wen Jing allowed Jun YanZhi to sit and moved forward to turn the body over.

He was about 34 or 35, thin and tall, and had a mole on the left side of his face which held a ghastly and horrified expression. He had been dead for a while.

Jun YanZhi stared: 『This is Tian Heng peak’s Mu Zhi Qiu.』

『It really is!』

Good, good……goal accomplished, now his job was over……

The two people opened the cave in the snowy ground further. It was narrow but it was able to hold more than a dozen corpses side by side. For the most part they wore taoist robes and looked as if they were Qing Xu sword sect disciples, but mixed among them were two or three normal people. It seemed as if they had been dead for some time.

Wen Jing faked confusion: 『What happened to these people?』

Jun YanZhi had a fixed look: 『……I’ve heard of a kind of devil cultivation method that targets cultivators and draws out their spiritual energy. It can make a mindless puppet and also uses extracted blood to refine devil tools. Is this that devil cultivation method?』

Wen Jing looked at his expression and said: 『Devil cultivation……isn’t that against sect rules? Ba Zhan peak’s three missing disciples must have been the start.』

Jun YanZhi was silent for a while then said: 『I’ll go meet with clan head Xi and report tonight’s matter to him.』

Wen Jing looked at him with eyes filled with fascination.

Go, go, take the first step to become Zhu Feng country’s legend……

Jun YanZhi silently gazed at the boy, his expression a little cryptic: 『Junior brother Lu……』

Wen JIng softly spoke: 『Senior brother, I will carry you, ok.』

On saying this, he crouched down with his back towards him.

Jun YanZhi lowered his eyes and looked at that very small physique with thin and weak shoulders. Feeling an unfamiliar emotion begin to overflow, he felt uneasy and hastily controlled himself.

『Senior brother, please get on.』

In order to be a male lead, it required pain of the heart, labor of the muscles and bones, and hunger of the flesh. There would be all kinds of suffering in his future that demanded he bear it in silence without support……

If one was the male lead of a stallion novel there would be many girls to love and comfort him to make up for it. However, the protagonist of 《A Calamity for All Living Things》trained bitterly without a word, did good deeds and was still framed, provoked, and threatened to the extreme. Beautiful women surrounded him like a forest, but from start to finish he didn’t lay a hand on a single one! Such a wretched plight……

Thinking all these things, his heart hurt for him. Wen Jing’s voice was somewhat gentle and soft: 『Senior brother quickly climb on, I’ll carry you.』

Jin YanZhi silently leaned forward and crouched onto that slightly-built body.

He used the wind manipulation technique and made a wobbly ascent into the air. Wen Jing’s hands gripped Jun YanZhi’s legs: 『Senior brother……you’re not that heavy……』

Jun YanZhi’s face leaned against his shoulder. The tip of his nose seemed to rub against his neck: 『Is that right? Not too heavy?』

『I think I might be able to lift you with just one hand.』He began to boast.

『Is that so? Are you that powerful?』His voice was gentle and seemed to hold a smile.

『Ha ha……』

Jun YanZhi looked at the youngster’s delicate and pretty face. His heart suddenly held a trace of pain. His eyes turned hard and he pulled his body a little away. His voice became a little distant: 『Take the north slope, that road is closer.』


The winter night was cold, but as cold as a man’s heart.

After arriving at Yu Rong Zhu peak, both people waited at the main hall for a long time until at last Xi Fang arrived.

Wen Jing kept silent and stood to the side while Jun YanZhi explained the matter again.

Xi Fang listened without reaction until the end and then commanded a few disciples to investigate the matter. Then he walked in front of Jun YanZhi, his eyes blazing with anger and kindly said: 『Come, I will heal you.』

The wound was caused by a devil cultivation magic tool. Around his abdomen appeared a slice of dense black that was difficult to look at. Unfortunately his strength hadn’t been enough for his spiritual energy to protect him against it spreading to his body and threatening his life.

Xi Fang used a restoration merit law to heal him. The thick black slowly faded away.

Not long after, more than a dozen disciples were laid out on the floor of the main hall one after another. Mu ZhiQiu and the bodies from the snow cave were lined up neatly in a row.

Ice-cold and stiff, skin deathly pale, some were drained of blood, it was truly awful.

Xi Fang’s vision swept across the bodies and slowly said: 『Who are they?』

Eldest disciple Zhu Jin reported: 『Informing clan head, this disciple doesn’t recognize everyone, but there are several of our Qing Xu sword sect. They appeared to have suddenly gone missing this year or last year without a trace. This disciple guesses if you continue to investigate, I’m afraid that they are all people of this sect.』

Xi Fang thought for a moment then said: 『Go call your senior uncle Lu and senior brother Wen RenMu here. 』

Zhu Jin acknowledged the order and headed to Tian Heng peak.

In the cold desolate wind, Jun YanZhi’s mild gaze landed on the body of Mu ZhiQiu.

He had known of the matter of Mu ZhiQiu’s devil cultivation since last year.

He originally hadn’t wanted bother with it. It was a pity that this Mu ZhiQiu had gotten in his way.

Jun YanZhi had an unusual physique. Every moonless night during the winter and beginning of spring every inch of his body would tremble and ache. He was unable to maintain his self control. Between Yu Rong peak and Hong Xiu peak was a small hill. On top of that hill was an immense spirit stone called a moonstone. During the daytime, the moonstone would absorb the sunshine and during the night it would shine faintly. Every year during the winter, Jun Yanzhi would lie beside the moonstone to bring relief to his pain. Luckily during the winter the cold barred anyone from travelling at night thus never before had anyone found him.

Several months ago, when the three disciples from the eighth peak had been sucked dry of spiritual energy and become wastes, this had been due to Mu Zhi Qiu’s actions. For some reason, he had not hid the bodies very well and it had drawn the attention of the Qing Xu sword sect.

This was a problem for Jun YanZhi.

Due to the mountain patrols, Jun YanZhi was unable to approach the moonstone and his pain had been difficult to endure. He had longed to kill Mu ZhiQiu. Unfortunately, his body was at its weakest during the winter and he decided to quietly endure the next few months. Once spring came again he would deal with that Mu ZhiQiu.

Hui Shi peak also had a monolith. Although the effect was weaker than the moonstone, it still had some use. Jun YanZhi had to settle for second best. And so he entrenched himself beside the huge boulder and trembled. Unexpectedly the patrolling Lu Jing had come across him.

The next night, when Lu Jing had gotten himself into trouble, he had done an unnecessary thing again and saved him.

From then on, he’d been hopelessly caught up.

Therefore, Jun YanZhi had wanted to settle the issue with Mu ZhiQiu as soon as possible.

Wen Jing said softly: 『Senior brother, your complexion is still poor, are you still feeling unwell?』

Hearing his words, Xi Fang looked at the two and said: 『There is nothing left for you to do here, go home and rest. After the investigation is complete, there will be a public discussion.』

Wen Jing and Jun YanZhi promptly excused themselves.

Outside the main hall the day was already brightening. A vast expanse of white snow floated down with little sound.

Wen Jing crouched down again, his back to him: 『Senior brother come, I’ll carry you.』

Jun YanZhi silently pulled him back up: 『No need, my injury has already improved. I can ride the wind myself.』

Just as he finished speaking, he saw over a dozen black dots grow from small to big and arrive outside the main hall. Looking closely, it was over a dozen flying cultivators. Taking the lead was a man around forty with black hair and a handsome face. He looked rather scholarly in his taoist robe. This was Tian Heng peak’s master, Lu ShaoQing.

One after another a mult.i.tude of cultivators dropped down. Jun YanZhi pulled Wen Jing away.

Lu ShaoQing glanced at the two people and indifferently entered the main hall. Wen RenMu looked briefly at Jun Yanzhi. His normally respectful and mild bearing had disappeared. Instead he seemed somewhat hostile. He also followed after and entered the main hall.

The rest of the Tian Heng peak disciples, already unhappy, glared at them.

Author’s notes:
Tomorrow is the continuation of the explanation of the story!

Translator’s notes:

1. Comes from the j.a.panese moe. Also known as cute, adorable, etc.

I got tired of copying line by line from the original raw site so I used an alternative which has a different style of punctuation. I thought it was amusing so I kept it.

This time around things translated rather easily so it was done in a flash. I also saw the spoiler thread for this novel pop up again. Ah, I want to peek but I can’t. I can only check out spoilers on things I’m not working on. Wanting to know what happens next is the only thing that keeps me going.

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