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“…There we go…”

I road the boat from the port city, to the port city of , .

Because the only thing I can’t overcome is seasickness…

Now then.

What should I do.
Rent a room and dive to one the bed to get a quick rest.

“But I want to get home quickly and hug Ruru…”

I got out the toilet and proceed towards the town.
If I dash to it then it won’t take that much time.

“Wait for me Ruru! I’ll definitely hug youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

My scream echoed throughout the highway.

I’m still feeling fine…

“Wait Ruru-chan! We’re still stewing it so you can’t taste it yet!”

“Urgh… Say it to me earlier Tao”

“Good grief… This is fine already so can you please put away the laundr―――― Ah”

“? What’s wrong Tao? ―――― Ah”


“Oh, the loud one is home…”

“So it seems the loud one really is home…”


” “*sigh…” ”

Axeplant Castle.
Dining hall.

“Delish! It’s really good!  Tao’s cooking… really is the best!”

“That’s bad manners Kazuha. You’re droping your food…”

Ruru says as she puts away the empty plate to bring the next dish.

Ruru is helping Tao for my sake…!

“Hey Ruru”


“Hug―――― huh?”

Ruru interjects.

“Isn’t it fine just for today? To let Kazuha hug you”

“What are you saying Tao! You know that we shouldn’t spoil Kazuha!”

“What am I a brat in her rebellious phase”

I reach for the dish as retort. *Give image.

“Fofofo. As always Kazuha is Kazuha. … Oops, I still haven’t washed my hands after going in the toilet”

“BU! That’s not something you say while eating! You s.h.i.tty old man! Disgusting! You just touch the salad bowl, didn’t you! Disgusting!”

I shout as the steak in my mouth fly out.

“Ah- Ah- … Kazuha’s spit is on the dining table…”

Tao took the dish cloth and bitterly wipe the table.
I’m sorry for everything…

“Ah, that’s it! I remember! You lying old man! You taught  another person !  Because of it I almost lost!”

Yuuri Hacknacious.
A user of and the mysterious job .

“There’s another one who can use other than Kazuha…?”

Ruru and Tao asks.

“Ooh, so you’ve met Yuuri”


As expected the s.h.i.tty old man knows Yuuri…!
The Yuuri learn the from Zegius――.

“He’s my grandson”

“… Wuht?”

What did he say?

Yuuri is the grandson of this hairy squalid old man?
Yuuri, the hottie is his grandson?

“…What’s with that doubtful face”

“………………… No way, no way. Don’t lie to me s.h.i.tty old man”

I know how you feel

But in this world there are good lies and bad lies.

The old man’s jealousy is really unseemly…

“I don’t get it but I… feel really overwhelmed…”

“I know you’re lying. Rather, hurry up and wash your hands”

Why are you still eating!
I’m telling you it’s disgusting!

“I’m not lying. … Well, not really my [grandson] but he’s blood related”

“Say that first!”

You almost destroyed my image of Yuuri!


Oh my….

“…Why are you smiling Kazuha…? It’s really creepy”

The little girl glares at me.

“And your face is kinda flushed? Love sickness?”

“Who has Love sickness! It’s not like I and Yuuri…! ―――― Ah”

“Hou… Kazuha, are you perhaps…”

Zegius’ eyes shines.

It just looks like a monster!

“Hee…. Is Zegius-san’s grandson that much of a hottie…”

Tao devilishly lifts the top part of her china dress.
Is that behavior really necessary?

“Haa… I thought that you only went to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament but to think that a man has taken your heart. You’re the worst”


I unintentionally say at the little girl’s retort.

I mustn’t get swayed in their pace…!

“Did you do it?”


I spit out a lot of things.
Half of it came to Zegius’ face but his face is dirty nonetheless.

“…How dirty”

“What do you mean dirty! Hey Ruru-san! Which is it!”

Ruru wipes her mouth as I press her for answer.

This little girl is scary…

“Yuuri has always been like that… During the time when the both of us lived in , girls would come to him”

“So that shed was Yuuri’s house! Shocking!”

I’ve visited that atelier many times but for it to be Yuuri’s house is…!

(Yup… But that definitely is in my [3rd time] only…)

But probably Zegius didn’t have a grandson in my [2nd time].
Maybe it’s the work of the world because I’ve already mastered in this time? So that’s why it changed――?

(A character limited only to my 3rd time… That’s probably it)

However that’s not something I can confirm…
Maybe those people that I’ve met for the first time in this time didn’t exist.

Ruru, Tao and Zegius are there during the first time, right?

Selen was once an old man but has now changed to a boing nee-chan though…
Other than them, there are people that I’ve only met in this time/

The brave Gail, his little sister, Rei and Alzein.
Yuuri, Deborg, Lumeria and Airi.


“What’s wrong? You’re suddenly quiet… If you’re done eating then can you please clean up?”

Tao puts down the plate and heads to the kitchen.

“Ah, let me help you Tao”

Ruru jumps down from the chair and follows Tao.

“…You haven’t told them about the [truth], Kazuha”

Zegius seriously asks me.

“… Well, yeah. I told Eline but I don’t think now is the right time…”

I answer Zegius while drinking the after meal coffee.

“Time, huh. If you were to talk to them about it then they might treat it as another one of your jokes. … Now then”

Zegius stands up and heads towards the atelier.
Well, even if I say atelier he’s only heading to the [throne room] though.

“Well then… I really can relax at home… Fuwaaaa… I feel sleepy after eating a meal…”

I head towards my room after the dining hall.

She doesn’t notice it but we always sleep in the same bed and I always hug her.
However she’ll kill me if she knew!

With those in mind, I have safely taken home the reward money of 10,000,000 G――.

[Rakshadia Republic]

“Tsk..! Is everyone okay!”

To think that we would be surrounded by these [enemies]…!
It is my mistake…!

“Hey, Rei! There’s one behind you!”

Alzein shouts.



Selen’s   consumes the monster behind me.


“Don’t mind it. However with this amount of enemy…”

“…Yes. Now I understand the reason why we were called here…”

It’s said to be a mission to escort the [important cultural a.s.set] that’s why we accepted it.

“AHーーーーー! Lily! My but! My b.u.t.t is bitten by a beast!”

“Argh, jeez! Don’t say it so weird Graham!

Lily casts to relieve Graham.

“That was close… That beast was about to rape me a.n.a.lly…”

“Do this seriously! Stupid Graham!”

“… Well, they do have a bit of cooperation though”

Haa, the 3 female knights let out a sigh.

We had each others back as we protect the so called [important cultural a.s.set].

“If Kazuha was here…”

“What are you saying. Is there something because we wield the same

“Tsk, you’re so nitpicky”

Alzein and Selen start to quarrel.

So this is one of the reason why Kazuha appointed me as the leader…

“Everyone just a little bit more. If you’re going to fight then do it after we succeed!”

Everyone agreed to what I said.

I prepare the sword that I received from Kazuha-sama, the

“HA, one of us holds the and 2 for the ! Kazuha will definitely laugh at us if we fail…!”

“You said it”

Alzein and Selen both wield the best cursed blade the .

“I, Graham, will never let you women get hurt!” ***

“…Haa… Well, you’re right about the unworthy part though…”

Graham holds his high.
Lili then starts chanting with her .

“Here we go, everyone…!”

With my signal we attack the group of monsters.

Wait for me Kazuha-sama…!

For your sake we will definitely complete this mission――!

Second Part: Kazuha Axeplant’s first time founding a nation

I changed Erinu to Eline <- cause="" it="" sounds="" better="" and="" i="" think="" this="" is="" the="" correct="" translations="">

*** The “I” of Graham in his speech used (不肖) which is way of addressing oneself to a higher person… … (不肖) translates to unworthy making the joke

<- nothing="" but="">

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