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Did you know that Insects can also get drunk..

Before the Apocalypse researchers have discovered that insects are susceptible to alcohol too. Professor Ulrike Heberlein and her colleagues from the University of California at San Francisco have found that fruit flies can get drunk, and when they do so, they behave just like inebriated humans.

Apparently Humans were not the frist ones with the option to get Drunk to drown their sorrows. It just so happens that few insects, however, can detect alcohol: namely fruit flies, who feed on the yeasts that ferment rotting fruits into alcohol. When given access to higher doses of alcohol in a lab, meaning they have the option of getting drunk if they wish, one sees that fruit flies actually enjoy being drunk!

Flies like the smell of alcohol but hate its taste..

A study considers alcohol self-administration in insects. ... The researchers found that flies prefer to consume ethanol-containing food over regular food, and that the insects' preference increases over time. Flies are attracted to the smell of the alcohol, the researchers show, but they actually don't like its taste.

Also, Mosquitoes can get drunk off your blood..

Mosquitoes have a sort of holding bag for any fluids other than blood. Enzymes in that bag break down those fluids before they hit the nervous system. So what it comes down to is that you could get a mosquito drunk, but to do so you'd have to drink enough to kill you.

Apparently, Wasps are lightweights..

Just one sip will get them drunk—and you don't want to see them when they're tipsy cause Wasps can't handle their booze, so they get tanked-up and fighty—like lager louts. Alcohol can make the insects more irritable and more likely to sting people.

And Ants like alcohol..

The sugar content in the alcohol could have been a cause for ants to visit the cap and drink more than usual. ... Ants will become drunk and a certain amount of alcohol content/type can widen an ant's trail the most in millimeters. Varying amounts of ethyl alcohol affected the behavior of worker ants as they established new colonies by either increasing their death rate or increasing their productivity through the additional calories.

" I am not a alcoholic!! " shouted Trisha with her eyes all red and foam forming at corners of her mouth as James and Ava try there best to hold her down.

Hearing the cammotion outside Masako cameout nagging " will you people quite down ... " but seeing Trisha sandwiched between James and Ava in a very compermissing stance she was dumbfounded and her mouth hung open.

" I am sorry Hito-San this is for greater good. " having said that Mira soon grabbed the sake jar from Hito and threw it out of the wagons window.

" NoooO!! " wailed Trisha breaking free of James and Ava she almost jumped out of the window but Janet and Luka restrained her.

After few minutes, Trisha calmed down while scratching the back of her head she apolozied to everyone.

" what kind of sarvent are you, to lose your sanity and forget your master in pressence of alcohol. " scorned Masako at Trisha's apology.

" what the heck was that, I need a explanation James-San. " demanded Hito with a ugly face moarning over his sake.

" I understand your anger Hito-San, due to a childhood incident Trisha got addicted to the alcohol at a very young age but she has been clean for 3 years now. Trisha has hieghtened sences due to her speacial const.i.tution. which make's alcohol more addctive to her then normal people turning her into a raging alcoholic, and also due to her hieghtened sences she can easily smell the alcohol in her surroundings making it harder for her to stay clean. any ethanol-containing substance can trigger her withdrawal reactions. I am really sorry about your sake Hito-San, I would like to compensiate for the sake, Please. " apologized James

" who cares about that cheap rice sake. its the sake jar that I care for, it was a gift from my late Master Hoahmaru its sentimental value is not something you can compensiate James-San " cried Hito.

" I am really ashamed Hito-San for trying to compensiate your lose with a gold coin, you are right nothing can be used to compensiate sentimental value's " said James.

" wait! A gold coin! .. hehe James-San my master loved drinking so I have many similar Sake Jars back home a gold coin will be enough to compensiate for the sake jar. " said Hito shamelessly.

" cough shameless cough! cough!... " fake coughed Masako as she mouthed shameless.

" If you do not mind me asking where do you keep your sake jars, with Trisha's abilites she should have smelled the sake jars as soon as she came into the wagon. " asked James as he handed Hito a gold coin.

" ho! all my sake inventory is kept in the wagon storage unit which is enchanted by a s.p.a.ce isolation formation array. Traveling in steam wagon is not smooth so delicate items tend to get broken in the wagon. so in order to avoid this the wagon storage unit is enchanted with s.p.a.ce isolation formation array which seperates the storage unit s.p.a.ce from the wagon s.p.a.ce leaving it unaffected by the steam wagon's b.u.mpy ride." said Hito.

" s.p.a.ce isolation formation array , basically the smell of the alcohol had no way of coming out of ot storage unit. " marveled James, rest nodded their head in realization.

[ Mira how do you know about Trisha's alcohol problem none of use knew it. ] questioned Luka looking at Mira but for some reason she dodged his eyes like guilty person.

[ She will not answer that cause it her fault that Trisha became a alcoholic in the first place. ] replied Ava glaring at Mira.

[How is its my fault that Trisha emptied my fathers expensive vine stock and got drunk. if anything I am the victim, Trisha blew up our houses hidden bas.e.m.e.nt, it almost brought down our house. ] defended Mira.

[you told her it was friut juice and asked her to tasted it. what kind of a friend does that ] blamed Ava.

[ no, I just told her vine tastes like Friut juice and she can taste it if she doesn't belive me. thats all how am I the bad guy we both played our parts in it, what's worse I was the only one who got blame and punished. ] replied Mira, her face became ugly remembering the past.

[aren't friends suppose to do exactly that. ] replied Justin.

[ they were just 12 back then. ] said Ava giving Justin a death glare scaring the s.h.i.t out of him.

" guys what is happening here why are you people glaring at each other silently insted of having lunch " said Hito looking at the team, Ava and Mira snapped out of their M-chat war and gave Hito apologetic smile.

" haha Hito-San I think you should have already realized we are not who we claim we are. " said James, Hearing James Luka, Justin, Mira and Trisha gasped in panick while Leon, Janet, Malinda and Ava shook their head in understanding.

" clearly, I have never seen sarvents so disobedient as this people, their posture , behavior way of talking is not like sarvents but friends with one in their eyes you see the arrogance in them which you will never see in a sarvents eyes. I what world does a sarvents eats or sits or talks in with equal to his master. if my guess is right you guys must be friends and your status must not be less than n.o.bel in the west . " sepculated Hito. hearing Hito's sepculation James sighed.

" you are right Hito-San, we are not masters and sarvents but friends. since it has come to this I see no point in lying anymore. Our families are indeed n.o.bels in the west but no more, we do not even know if they are still alive cause befor we left our city throught the Teleportation rune our city had come under a attack of 'Night Parade of Ten Thousand Yokai's' for all we know by now our city, home, friends, family might have turned in to dust. honestly we do not know, what we are doing? what we should do? where we should go? basically we do not even have a place to call our home, we totally are lost if not for our ancestor had directed us to go to Kistuki District and that someone will help use. " Narrated James, the team was dumbfounded by James's story making skills but did not lose their poker face, they may have messed up the first time but if they mess up second time n.o.body is to blame but themselves.

" what!! you guys are just some lost refugees, haha here I thought you were enemy scout with serious acting and disguising skills. " exclaimed Masako, Hito his forehead in annoyance and shouted " you weedhead why are you telling that to them. "

Ignoring Hito, Masako went on to dramatically say " Let me formally introduce myself to you, I am princess Tokugawa Masako of j.a.pan. soon to be empress of j.a.pan, I here by grant a chance of once in a life time to become my followers. "

Everyone in the team was caught off gaurd, even James this sudden turn of events was totally out of his calculations.

" BoooOOM!! "

before the Team could snap out of this twist in plot, a huge exploation was heard from the outside and the wagon had stopped moving. bright light entred the wagon through every window of the wagon.

" what the f.u.c.k was that and why did the corpse puppet stop" said Hito trying to look outside of the window.

Then a croaky voice sounded, " we are trapped in a formation array be prepare for an enemy attack. "

" what ! so you guys are really enemy scout huh! ..." before Masako could stir up anymore misunderstanding the croaky voice sounded again " It has nothing to do with them, they are innocent. "

Ignoring Masako, Hito looked at the Team and apologized, " sorry my friends you got dragged into our mess. "

" no, do not apologize , since you have called us friends your mess is our mess. no tell what we can do to help. " said James with a charming smile and rest of the team nodded in agreement.

" with your strength you guys can't even be used as cannon fodder " mocked Masako, the team could not refute cause what she told was the truth.

" do not listen to her guys, which one of you is good at marksmanship. the steam wagon is mounted with two machine canons. " said Hito looking at the team.

Although they preferred and trained in close combat, all of them had basic mastery of Marksmanship, but only Janet, Malinda and James volunteered cause James Marksmanship has reached Perfection thanks to his ability, Malinda's Marksmanship has also reached Perfection since this was the only weapon cla.s.s which did not require legs and Janet had reached grandmaster in marksmenship as she preferred ranged fight over close combat.

" great, rest of you defend them. " said Hito as he got off the wagon along with Masako.

the team also followed them and got off the wagon, but they saw made their back wet with sweat.

The wagon seemed to be trapped under a dome made of fire with the radius of 450 meters. James and the team look at the fire dome dumdfoundedly, Leon weakly asked " what the f.u.c.k is this? "

" ho! you guys came outside I thought you wouldn't dare. " said Masako looking at the terrified team and continued " this is fiery demon domain Formation array, but this one is stronger than the average foration array as a speacial demon fire is used as the core of the formation from the looks of it, it should be Flame fiend.. um interesting its going to be tricky but can be easily be taken care off with grandma's strength. "

" its more tricky then you think Masako-San, because of the fire on the dome the oxygen supply from outside to inside of the dome is cut off and the oxygen inside is being quickly burned by the fire in the dome. its only matter of time before we lose consciousness due to carbon posioning and suffogation " explained James.

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