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*Ideal Husband, An. Oscar Wilde.

*Jimmy Glover, His Book. James M. Glover.

*John Boyes, King of the Wa-Kikuyu. John Boyes.

Lady Windermere's Fan. Oscar Wilde.

Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son. George Horace Lorimer.

Life of John Ruskin, The. W. G. Collingwood.

Life of Robert Louis Stevenson, The. Graham Balfour.

*Life of Tennyson, The. A. C. Benson.

*Little of Everything, A. E. V. Lucas.

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. Oscar Wilde.

Lore of the Honey-Bee, The. Tickner Edwardes.

Man and the Universe. Sir Oliver Lodge.

Mary Magdalene. Maurice Maeterlinck.

Selected Poems. Oscar Wilde.

Sevastopol, and Other Stories. Leo Tolstoy.

The Blue Bird. Maurice Maeterlinck.

Under Five Reigns. Lady Dorothy Nevill.

*Vailima Letters. Robert Louis Stevenson.

*Vicar of Morwenstow, The. S. Baring-Gould.

Books for Travellers.

Each volume contains a number of Ill.u.s.trations in Colour.

*A Wanderer in Florence. E. V. Lucas.

A Wanderer in Paris. E. V. Lucas.

A Wanderer in Holland. E. V. Lucas.

A Wanderer in London. E. V. Lucas.

The Norfolk Broads. W. A. Dutt.

The New Forest. Horace G. Hutchinson.

Naples. Arthur H. Norway.

The Cities of Umbria. Edward Hutton.

The Cities of Spain. Edward Hutton.

*The Cities of Lombardy. Edward Hutton.

Florence and Northern Tuscany, with Genoa. Edward Hutton.

Siena and Southern Tuscany. Edward Hutton.

Rome. Edward Hutton.

Venice and Venetia. Edward Hutton.

The Bretons at Home. F. M. Gostling.

The Land of Pardons (Brittany). Anatole Le Braz.

A Book of the Rhine. S. Baring-Gould.

The Naples Riviera. H. M. Vaughan.

Days in Cornwall. C. Lewis Hind.

Through East Anglia in a Motor Car. J. E. Vincent.

The Skirts of the Great City. Mrs. A. G. Bell.

Round about Wiltshire. A. G. Bradley.

Scotland of To-day. T. F. Henderson and Francis Watt.

Norway and its Fjords. M. A. Wyllie.

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