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War Prisoner Extra: The Boundless Colours of Spring [1]

During the course of a year, the season Su Yi always loved the most was autumn. The skies would seem to hover high above the earth, the clouds would be light, the moon would be bright and the winds would be gentle. Also, in the autumn afternoons, when he was reading a book while reclining on the couch, he would sometimes feel drowsy. When he was floating at boundary between wakefulness and slumber, his mind would quietly think back on some of the happy memories he had of the past. Those autumn afternoons were really a time of such contentment that he found it impossible to describe.

On this day, Wanyan Xu and his son had been wholeheartedly wishing to accompany Su Yi but after they had had their lunch, they were summoned by the Empress Dowager, who wished to have a chat with them. Because she knew of Su Yi's habit of taking a nap in the afternoon, the Empress Dowager did not send for him and recently, Wanyan Xia had been absorbed, day and night, in nursing and tending to two of the precious medicinal plants he had planted, and had not visited Su Yi for a few days. For a long time, Su Yi had not encountered such a quiet afternoon. With his heart at ease, he picked up a legendary work of fiction and settled himself down on the couch that was set below the window. As he looked over the book, he was breathing in the scent of the osmanthus flowers that drifted in through the window and gradually, his movements of flipping the pages of the book began to slow down, and finally stilled completely.

Upon careful inspection, it turned out that his pair of eyes had become half-lidded; his thoughts had drifted to a certain afternoon of the previous year. Among the many sweet memories that Su Yi had, it was also the one memory that Su Yi had kept hidden away.

That incident happened a month after Wanyan Xu and Su Yi had personally taken part in the expedition that had set off to battle against the country of Xiao Ling. On this day, they had finally completely defeated Xiao Ling country and taken thirty-thousand royal soldiers captive. Compelled by the circ.u.mstances, the ruler of Xiao Ling had to concede defeat, agreeing to become a va.s.sal state of Jin Liao and also to agree to send tribute to Jin Liao every year henceforth.

Even since Wanyan Xu had Su Yi at his side, his heart had grown more benevolent by the day and so, he released many of the captives and signed a treaty with Xiao Ling country, not even asking for much in the way of tribute. When Su Yi saw that his beloved had learned how to treat others charitably, he heart was much gladdened. Because the war had also been very hard-fought, the two men had decided to let the officers and soldiers of all the upper, middle and lower armies bivouac at the border to recover their strength before making their triumphant return to the capital.

During the past month and for some time before that, both Wanyan Xu and Su Yi had had their hearts worried over the war, their mental and physical energies had been completely consumed by it, and by this time, they were both exceedingly tired as well. It was only now, when peace had been restored to the borders, that the two people could finally relax. When taking a comfortable bath, Su Yi even rested his head on the rim of the pool, and fell asleep while still immersed in the water.

It was not until an indeterminable length of time had pa.s.sed, when the warm rays of the afternoon sun were shining into the room, that Su Yi woke up from the dark and sweet oblivion of his nap, only to find that he had been sleeping on a broad and solid chest. The sounds of a familiar steady breathing came from above his head, and peering through the layer and layers of muslin drapes, he saw that there was not even a single person in the room. Faint threads of smoke slowly rose in spirals from the censer, scenting the air with a faint fragrance. He slowly retracted his head and pressed his face against the muscular chest of a light wheat colour, quietly listening to each ring of the powerful heartbeat, which was the sound that he found to be the most rea.s.suring in the whole world.

“Su Su…” Suddenly, a hoa.r.s.e voice came from the direction above his head, and abruptly startled Su Yi from his reverie. He hastened to shy away, and he secretly felt embarra.s.sed over this womanish act, although he would of course not allow his feelings to show on the surface. He straightened up and said: “It is time to wake, you actually slept until this time, this is the first time this has ever happened.” His tone of voice was clear and cool, strong and unyielding. betraying no hint of the kind of happiness and contentment he had just been feeling moments earlier.

Wanyan Xu pulled his body back, and looked into his clear, bright eyes. In the next moment, without taking any time for explanations, he moved his lips close, and seized the opportunity to press Su Yi down. After a lengthy kiss, the two of them were both panting hard for breath. Su Yi was just about to speak when Wanyan Xu said in a husky voice: “Su Su, I want it.”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Su Yi would certainly reject his request; it was still broad daylight, and how could he, who had received instructions by sages from the time he could remember, ever be willing to dally with Wanyan Xu at such a time? Just that, when he saw that his lover's face was suffused with l.u.s.t and that his usually clear eyes were now hazy with desire which he was failing to suppress despite his best efforts, Su Yi's heart suddenly softened.

He was also moved by Wanyan Xu's respect for him, that he had not forgotten to seek his opinion even at such a time like this. Ah, this is the person that he had whole-heartedly fallen in love with. A wave of heat washed over his body, and Su Yi remained silent, swallowing his refusal. He smiled as he looked across at his lover as he slowly undid the ties of his undershirt, and the soft satin fabric promptly slipped off, revealing his evenly muscled figure.

With a gurgle, Wanyan Xu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and in a flash, he threw himself at Su Yi, wildly planting kisses on his face, shoulders and chest, while muttering to himself: “Su Su, I love you I love you I love you…” In two or three moves, he ripped the clothes off his own body, and the two undressed men were face to face in a tight embrace.

Even though they had had s.e.x many times, Su Yi's behind was still as tight and narrow as it had been the first time. The rod at Wanyan Xu's lower body had long since been standing tall and erect, but he forced himself to show restraint. Using the pad of two of his fingers, he gently rubbed at the opening that was soon to bring himself infinite joy as he tenderly asked Su Yi: “Afraid?”

Su Yi shook his head softly, because he knew that his lover would not hurt him. He continuously took deep breaths, and worked hard at relaxing his body, feeling that with the efforts of the both of them, that place was slowly stretching and opening up. A slight feeling of shame still slid across his heart, and unconsciously, he averted his eyes. But in the very next second, he gave an alarmed cry of “AH”. It turned out that Wanyan Xu had already removed his fingers, and his ma.s.sive thing had been driven to the very deepest part of Su Yi in the next second. 

The feeling of pain was not actually that intense, it was just that Wanyan Xu had never been this wild before. Su Yi glared at him fiercely as he said: “You did that deliberately?” It was a question asked with much certainty in his voice. Therefore Wanyan Xu also admitted in a very easy manner as he nodded: “That’s right, who asked you to turn your head away every time, as if I am forcing myself upon you.”

After that he bent his head down again, and quietly laughed by Su Yi’s ear: “Ah, in fact, that part of you had gotten slick after I rubbed it a few times, that's why my thing can slide into it so smoothly.”

“Wanyan Xu, I’ll kill you.” Su Yi roared furiously, his hand had just been raised when Wanyan Xu suddenly started to pound away fiercely, taking Su Yi completely by surprise. His rhythm got faster and faster, and his alternating deep and shallow thrusts successfully stopped Su Yi's action to murder his own husband in its tracks, changing it to a move to put his arms around the back of the strong body on top of his own. “Wanyan Xu… you… ah… ah… you… you are a… ah… you… you quickly stop doing this…”

All of a sudden, all movements were suddenly halted. The ill-intentioned lethal weapon completely quit the battleground, and Su Yi's gut, which had been stretched to its extremes, could not adapt to this sudden feeling of emptiness and still kept on pulsating, one moment tightening, one moment relaxing. Su Yi stared at Wanyan Xu with a blank expression, only to hear him put on an innocent manner and say: “Su Su, I listened to you and stopped. Ah good, good, you have learned to hold onto me, in the past you always tore at the sheets with your hands.”

“You are a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” Su Yi was so infuriated that he employed foul language to curse out Wanyan Xu. Just as he was about to relax his arms, Wanyan Xu said something with the speed of light by the side of his ear: “Aiyo, indeed one who has had his l.u.s.t go unsatisfied flies into an impressive rage, ah.”

After saying that, he rapidly placed the two long and slender legs on his own shoulders; this position made it more convenient for him to penetrate deeply. That erect lethal weapon effortlessly burst into that little hole, which had not closed up completely, once again. Again there was another spell of mad dashes and vigorous slams, and Su Yi's body was tossed around like duckweed in the rain, rising and falling according to Wanyan Xu's movements. At the second when their union had become most intimately close, all the frenzied movements stilled, all of Su Yi's moans were stopped and he felt like a wave of searingly hot magma had been fired into his guts, so scalding that his whole body trembled incessantly.

“Su Su, I love you.” Once again, he said these deeply emotional words, finally restoring the senses of Su Yi, who had become muddle-headed with pleasure. Angrily, he pushed his lover away, and said coldly: “I couldn't see it, you only flaunted your power over me. Alright, you have already done both what you should have and what you shouldn't have, it's time that you get out of bed.”

So saying, he made a great effort to sit up, only for Wanyan Xu to pounce on him again. “No Su Su, I still want it, we have already not done it for a month.”

“Get up… ah… you… ah…” The end result was, of course, as one can well imagine, that his insides, which had already been well-lubricated by s.e.m.e.n, did not care at all about what their owner wished. Very happily, it accepted the lethal weapon which had speedily become distended again, and it even very loyally reacted in a way that made its owner be in seventh heaven. With its a.s.sistance, the owner of the lethal weapon staged a theatrical number of boundless spring colours in that room that afternoon.

“Wanyan Xu, I want to kill you.” While still dreaming, Su YI suddenly shouted out this one line, and successfully scared Wanyan Xu, who had just entered the room, dead in his tracks. Very cautiously and solemnly, he attentively looked at his beloved, who still appeared to be asleep, while carefully mulling over whether he could have done something bad recently that could arouse Su Yi's anger.

In the end, his answer was that he had not. The Heavens could be the judge, for Su Yi's sake he had changed to become so merciful. And also, ever since a certain afternoon when he had wanted his lover repeatedly, and been forced to practice abstinence by his lover for a month after that, he had never again dared to do any bad thing.

Could it be that Su Su missed him too much, and so, was blaming him for not napping with him?

With his mind befuddled by his wishful thoughts, Wanyan Xu quickly climbed onto the couch happily, and gently took his beloved into his embrace, as his heart continued to indulge in sweet dreams: Ah, maybe after Su Su woke up, he could take advantage of his good mood and maybe they could revisit that incident that happened on that afternoon the year before. Ah, that was a taste of manifold rapture, a wonderful time of boundless colours of spring.


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