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On the first sunny day of the month, walking to her dreamed school, M highschool, she can feel the wind from the up high sky down to the field where she stands. She has felt like a good day for her not very long until she was pushed by a bunch of boys running to cla.s.s. She falls down on the gra.s.s and her she realises that she lost her precious ring from her beloved grandmother:(( She can feel her tears run down her cheeks, she freaks out and crazily searching for it, that is the only thing left after her grandmother pa.s.sed away. She lived with her grandmother since she was born, because of her parent's business she was brought up by her grandmother who was a kind-hearted woman, well-taught teacher. Her beauty and intelligence were a proof of lovely grandmother's success. She crawl down the bush near her to find, leaving her b.u.t.t outside looks like an idiot. People looking at her with their strangest looks. A guy pa.s.sed by, padding her back, pulls her back, looking at her he can't stop laughing. She is full of leaves in her head and dirt all over her face and hands.
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- what's are you doing, the cla.s.s is about to start! Such is his warming voice he had that make her heartbeat skipped.

- I'm looking for my precious ring that grandmother gave me. I can't lose it!

- How on earth can you loose it, silly girl. I'm new here, take me to the main office then I will help you later after school.

Holding her hand unthinkingly, straight to the water tap in front of the big gym, kindly and carefully washes her hands and face, laugh at her like a blame for being so stupid. His laugh caught her heart up. She feels strange in her heart. It is the first time she felt something like this. Suddenly he asked for her phone, he gives her his phone number and kiss on her cutie cheek.

- See you!

"Funny girl" He thought

Her cheeks turns red, looking at the boy running away. Looking down her phone, " Takahashi Kota? " that name might be in her head for the rest of her day.

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