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Chapter 1599 - 1597 Disappointment

1597 Disappointment

The news of the traitor being caught was widely reported in Europe.

Not only that, but the fact that Annie planned to testify in court against the mastermind had also been publicized.

The upper echelons of Europe were uneasy. They all knew that the sky was about to change, so they were very afraid that it would endanger them.

As for Annie’s father, Earl Mark, he did not go out again from the beginning to the end. It was as if all of this had nothing to do with him. It was as if the person locked up in the interrogation room was not his daughter.

Annie was allowed to take a shower today. After she washed up, she sat quietly in the interrogation room in a prison uniform, staring unblinkingly at the incandescent light in front of her.

There were no windows in the interrogation room, only a light. This was the only source of light.

She sat in a chair, her hands and feet still bound in chains. She pursed her lips, tears streaming down her face.

The court session was starting tomorrow. She didn’t know if her father would save her, but she could only gamble. She was her father’s only daughter. His father wouldn’t abandon his own flesh and blood.

No matter what happened tomorrow, as long as she believed that her father would save her, she would be fine.

Annie squatted on a chair and hugged her legs tightly, her eyes filled with fear and unease.

Qiao Nian stood in front of the bedroom window. She recalled how Annie was like previously. She thought that Annie had really thought it through and would announce the culprit to the world. However, her tears made Qiao Nian realize something.

Annie had no intention of revealing the culprit behind the scenes. She had only said those harsh words because she wanted Mark to see her.

However, Mark didn’t make a move. Qiao Nian still remembered the despair on Annie’s face.

In the evening, Gu Zhou sat in the living room and looked at the doc.u.ment Chen Qing handed him. He signed at the bottom of the doc.u.ment. He thought of the person he had arrested in the warehouse and asked, “Has that person confessed?”

Chen Qing nodded and said, “That person is a small soldier, but he has already confessed everything he knows.”

Gu Zhou nodded. “Go ahead.”

Seeing Chen Qing glance at his watch, Qiao Nian suddenly recalled what Lina had said previously. Lina seemed to be treating Chen Qing to a meal tonight, so she stopped him and said, “Chen Qing.”

Chen Qing stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Qiao Nian. “Madam.”

Qiao Nian slowly stood up and looked at Chen Qing. She pursed her lips slightly and said, “Chen Qing, some things will exceed your previous thoughts. However, don’t be in a hurry to make a judgment now. Look at that matter carefully. You can give your answer when you’re certain of it.”

Chen Qing looked at Qiao Nian in front of him, a trace of confusion flashing in his eyes. In the end, he nodded. “Yes, Madam.”

“Then go.” Qiao Nian smiled.

After Chen Qing left, Qiao Nian sat down beside Gu Zhou and leaned gently against him. She said gently, “I wonder if Chen Qing can feel it with his heart.”

Gu Zhou reached out and put his arm around Qiao Nian’s shoulder, his fingers touching her gently. He said, “Good things take time to happen. Don’t think too much about it.”

When Chen Qing walked out of the villa, he felt that Madam’s words were strange. It was as if Madam knew that he was having dinner with the Seventh Princess today.

Chen Qing quickly arrived at the place he had agreed to meet the Seventh Princess. When the attendant opened the door of the private room, he saw that Lina was already sitting inside.

Lina was wearing an elegant beige gown. Her hair was tied up in a high bun, and she had a small diamond hair clip on her head. She was wearing a pearl necklace.

The pearls reflected a gentle light, making Lina’s collarbone look even s.e.xier.

Chen Qing sat down opposite Lina. Only then did he notice that Lina had put on light makeup today. She looked much better than before. When she smiled, it was like the warm spring sun, making one involuntarily want to approach her.

“Seventh Princess, I’m really sorry for being late.” Chen Qing looked at Lina apologetically.

Lina stood up and shook her head gently. She invited Chen Qing to sit down. Then, she looked at the attendant and said, “Just serve the dishes I ordered previously.”

“Yes,” the attendant replied and turned to leave.

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