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Special Promise

When Wences was on his way, Zhang Zhengxiong turned around and went to the bottom lane. He jumped on the rock pillar and leaped over there. In mid-air, he swung his hand, unleashing his big move, Explosive Aura of Madness. The strong maroon colored Shockwave Punch continuously bombarded the bottom lane, preventing the two opponents from running away. With Little Ye Tian's help and Zhang Zhengxiong's faraway aerial attack, SpyingBlade got a kill. The other opponent was killed by the Shockwave Punch and the kill was given to Zhang Zhengxiong.

As the situation was more favored to one side, everyone could see the difference between characters, especially when Lin Le was battling with Hussein's SS ranked character. Lin Le's unbeatable a.s.sault and the support or kill over the entire-map cannon shot; Zhang Zhengxiong's sudden attack ability, Sudden h.e.l.l Kill, and other undefeatable grappling skills. No one was able to break his attack except for the King of Nightmare Knights during a team fight.

In the entertainment mode, Hussein did not give up. They got the 21 poker mode. Even though Hussein did not get the banker position, he sent two people. On the other hand, Thorns and Roses sent Lin Le as the banker. When Lin Le got a pair of cards, he immediately showed his cards out as he got double Jacks. Instantly, he defeated the Glory Hall.

Hussein stared at Ye Cang and the others. At last, his vision landed on Zhang Zhengxiong. "Hope to battle with you guys again in the next Great Christmas War."

Zhang Zhengxiong nodded. It was the first time he did not taunt at the opponent. Deep down he knew, in the split second when the King of Nightmare Knights and him killed each other, he actually died first. 

With much apologies, Hussein looked at Verlianna and Ye Cang who was imprisoning her. "I'm sorry, my fiancée. I could not save you."

"F*ck off!" Verlianna was breathing heavily. What's wrong this year?! I always got in trouble with whoever I met.

Regarding Ye Cang's victory, Brother Zhao was not surprised. On the other side, Flame Dragon lost to the Knights of The Round Table. He felt that it isn't worth it. As a hardcore fan of Flame Dragon, he could not accept the result. His hands were clenched tightly.

"This is a virtual game. There will always be a new opponent. Just because of this, there exist the Hall of Fame in the sky, creating, achieving and surpa.s.sing legends." Brother Zhong rea.s.sured. Then, he wore the Thorns and Roses T-shirt. "I'm a fan of Thorns and Roses now. You?"

"We can only antic.i.p.ate that they win the championship." Brother Zhao wore pajamas with Lin Le's cannon shooting at the sky. 

"Err…" Brother Zhong looked at the pajamas with the cannon's special effect. You this fella. Your words and thoughts aren't aligned. Not even half an hour has pa.s.sed and you already got the league's limited edition shirt. You say his weapon was impossible to look at directly but you wore his shirt! "In the final, if there isn't any unexpected accident, for example, Mad Devi Le being beaten up, Thorns and Roses has a very high chance of winning. Even Brother Hero is still sitting on the bench." 

"Knights of The Round Table has not used a legendary character. Same goes for Thorns and Roses. I'm curious which character MistyVeil gave them." Brother Zhao brushed up his pajamas. 

"I bet it is Sakura Martial Artist."  Brother Zhong took out a comb and combed his golden hair. 

"Then, it is obvious what Brother Hero's character will be." Brother Zhao looked at both final teams standing on the ultimate stage. 

Th.o.r.n.yRose was excited, looking at the glorious special effects, LED crystal-like trees and the gigantic hall. It is finally here. The ultimate stage! 

Staring at the two teams on the stage, FlameEmperor gave up fighting for the third place with Glory Hall. He looked at his fans. He knew he disappointed them as there was no longer glory in his eyes. Knowing that his era was about to end, he closed his eyes and looked up. A sense of unwillingness arose in him. MistyVeil noticed him. To him, this impact is indeed too great. From being the greatest to losing consecutively, I don't know whether he is fired up or sad. But I do know that our career life wouldn't end so early. 

"G.o.d bless him. Don't be a sissy." LordAsked made a 'hmph' sound after staring at his old opponent. 

"About that, brother, when you first lost to CloudDragon, you cried miserably at home." LordGrinned's words triggered LordAsked. As to what happened, it was obvious.

NalanPureSoul sighed and continued to stare at Ye Cang with a little jealousy. He also heaved a sigh after seeing his brother's look.

The Knights of Round Table, Cadone and his teammates stared at this super underdog team. He knew his chance of winning was not high, especially when the opponent had two characters that seemed to be X rank. It's lucky that I can still use the legendary character. Just when he was about to speak, Ye Cang gradually got up and let go of Verlianna's b.u.t.t. He hit the ground with his cane. "Christmas Special Promise. Activate!"

Th.o.r.n.yRose was p.i.s.sed. Does he have to put up an act every time? Can't he let me shout that?! I'm the leader here! 

Everyone was shocked as numerous petals of roses fell from the sky. With the audience staring at him, Ye Cang walked through the thorns and came to the final stage.

"What an incredible group." Cadone mumbled as he looked at Ye Cang.

"It doesn't mean we will lose either. Moreover, it is not sure that he would succeed in the special promise." An a.s.sa.s.sin girl with long purple hair - ExtremeSpike said coldly.

"Yeah, true. No one knows who will win in the end. First, do look at their opponent." Cadone put on a faint smile.

An unknown character card appeared in mid-air, spinning non-stop. At last, it stopped at the face of the card. Demonish aura burst out and the card showed that there was a black hoodie, faceless darkness, and a pitch black dagger which keep on disappearing and reappearing. 

"It is the SSS+ rank BlackDemon." Little Ye Tain said softly.

"Yeap." Th.o.r.n.yRose nodded. Such coincidence. This is one of the players in the Knights of Round Table who retired 30 years ago. Even though he wasn't the leader of the club, his position is higher than the leader. With his tricky and evil methods, only a few people managed to escape his attacks.

Knowing his G.o.dlike Hair was sealed, Ye Cang sighed. He slowly placed his hands on his sword and changed his hair's element to the light element and smiled. "Nice to meet you…"

Upon saying this, a black and white light flashed within split seconds. It was not that glorious as it happened in a flash.

With a faint smile, Ye Cang sheathed his sword back in the scabbard. Without turning his head back, he said. "Goodbye."

Upon sheathing the sword, BlackDemon gradually fell and turned into a cloud of black mist. "So fast."

Once again, everyone cheered. They started to replay the scene in slow motion. Even CloudDragon replayed it at one speed slower. Seeing Ye Cang piercing into BlackDemon's heart with Flash of Life at the edge of dodging BlackDemon's Deadly Bite, CloudDragon was amazed. "This fella's speed has changed completely and his battle sense is so good that it makes people terrified. In that split second, he could actually see through the Deadly Bite's one and only loophole. He is good at adapting to his speed. Usually, the faster you are, the harder it is for you to control. But this fella somehow seems to be the complete opposite. The faster he is, the greater control he has."

"Unavoidable because it was too fast?" LordAsked recalled a clan. 

"Brother…" Not waiting for Ji Xiao to finish the sentence, LordAsked had started to beat him up.

FlameEmperor's heart sank for a moment. If I meet them again, can I win in a 1v1? At this very moment, FlameEmperor did not have an accurate answer unless they were using the same X rank character. 

"Congratulations player PaleSnow succeeded in the challenge and entered into SSS+ rank! Because of his n.o.ble achievement, he directly advances to X- rank!"

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