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Chapter 460: Open Instance

Ye Cang sprinkled some marshwalker root powder in to detoxify it. The fragrance became even thicker. Together with the sashimi and sushi, everyone sighed at the three completely different scenes: Heaven, earth, and h.e.l.l.

Ye Cang crossed his arms and said proudly, "You can eat now, don't hold back…"

Wu Na examined it. The sashimi can be turned into normal food with the prepared wine. The most important thing was how to eat the sushi in order to lighten the suffering.

Little Ye Tian rapidly a.n.a.lyzed it. Using her knowledge about the science of taste, she wasn't able to come to any conclusions… Father's cooking was simply a profound mystery.

Everyone first drank the soup, then ate the sashimi. These could be considered a pleasure as far as Ye Cang's cooking was concerned. Finally, they all looked abnormally gravely at the thing temporarily defined as 'sushi'. SpyingBlade first looked at the food buffs and picked out three of them. Taking a deep breath, he stuffed all of them into his mouth. He didn't even have time to swallow before his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground twitching.

The remaining people gasped. It turned out their premonition was correct. They turned to Ye Cang who was also gasping along with them and their chests tightened. F**k! If you know how terrifying it is then stop making these things!!

Everyone tried eating different ones but they weren't so lucky. They all fell to the ground twitching. Even the creator, Ye Cang, didn't know if any of them were edible, since he was also foaming at the mouth with them.

Finally, Little Ye Tian became the second demon incarnate to Little Blue Feather, Little Ren, Little Rations and Weak Sauce. Everytime, she would forcefeed them. The four pets also fell to the ground. Then, Little Ye Tian laid against Ye Cang's chest and ate. She bitterly, yet also happily, pa.s.sed out, twitching. Father…

Everyone gradually woke up. Of course, there were exceptions, such as Little Ye Tian, who happened to eat the optimal biochemical combination. Zhang ZhengXiong began to cast revive. Ye Cang chose the three pieces of sushi he had eaten and the moment Little Ye Tian revived, he stuffed it in her mouth. He faintly smiled, "This is for not letting me open the gift box that time…"

FrozenCloud, Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong and SpyingBlade all felt their hearts go numb. This guy was seriously insane. They looked at Little Ye Tian's eyes which contained sadness, regret and even a bit of happiness. Then her eyes rolled back and she pa.s.sed out once again, foaming at the mouth.

Once they were all ready, Ye Cang cast a Mark of the Wild on everyone, greatly increasing their nature resistance and attributes. He then took out a magic spring water and began to drink. Little Ye Tian also buffed everyone with her two blessings. Then drank her water while sitting grudgingly with Ye Cang. She turned and glared fiercely at Lin Le. It's all his fault! The root of all evil!

However, Lin Le was just picking his nose and wiping it on FrozenCloud's shoulder while she wasn't paying attention. He saw Little Ye Tian's glare and chose to ignore it, thinking to himself, you're still too green…

Ye Cang got up and brought everyone within range of the swamp. The type of demon beasts also changed drastically. There were swamp crocodiles, fungus toads and swamp monsters. To them, the first two didn't pose much of a threat. The swamp crocodile had high attack and strength but its speed was no good. These were the types of mobs that upper-middle tier players loved the most. The most problematic should have been the fungus toads but because of their big increase in nature and poison resistances, the poison they spat poison had its damage greatly reduced. As for the swamp monster and marsh walkers, they were just average for elites. They had powerful defence and health but were weak to fire. The main source of damage were Ye Cang and Lin Le.

Ye Cang gathered the moss and fungus, "New ingredients again…"

As they went deeper, the number of elite fungus toads and swamp crocodiles increased. A cave on a cliff wall caught Ye Cang's attention. When they arrived at the cave, the system made an announcement.

"Congratulations, you've discovered the 15 person open-type regular instance - The Dark Cave!" The system informed.

"This should be the first open instance found so far. I don't know about the rest, but it's the first one in Black Rock City." FrozenCloud muttered.

"What's an open instance?" Ye Cang expressed his confusion.

FrozenCloud sighed. Little Ye Tian explained, "Hidden instances can only be completed once, but an open instance is different. It can be entered repeatedly. Some have time restrictions, such as a party can only enter once a day. Others have no restriction at all, but normally, the first to discover an open instance will obtain better rewards inside, much better. The drop rate will also be vastly increased."

"Moreover, normally, the first party or guild to complete it will get a global announcement." SpyingBlade added.

"Let's go. Capture it and get announced. We'll make Happy Firmaments even more famous!" Ye Cang raised his fist high, and spoke like a leader.

"Team Leader, it's a 15 person instance. We only have 9, we can include 6 more people. Should we call Sister Rose and them?" Since everyone called him Team Leader, Wu Na also followed the trend somewhat dumbfoundedly. She was still more used to calling him d.a.m.n Ye Cang though.

"I'll ask…" Ye Cang called Th.o.r.n.yRose somewhat unwillingly. "Hi, how are you~?"

Th.o.r.n.yRose's chest tightened. She recognized that tone as his salesperson voice. "What now?"

"Nothing, I just haven't seen you in a while, and suddenly thought of you. I just wanted to ask how you've been… How have you…" Ye Cang didn't even get to finish his long lost friends act, before a beep beep sound began to come from the other side of the call.

"It looks like they're busy. Let us enter…" Ye Cang stroked his chin, pretending to be wise, and said.

Everyone rolled their eyes thinking, Even I would have hung up, if I was her. They all sighed.

"Wait. Although inviting Th.o.r.n.yRose and them has its advantages, but what we need now is a fire type cla.s.s. This place clearly requires it, especially when going up against swamp monsters. Although Team Leader can serve that purpose, but one is still not enough…" SpyingBlade's words made everyone nod.

Ye Cang crossed his arms and began to think. He then called NalanPureSoul, "Hey, how are you, swordfighting brother…"

"We didn't cross swords! Don't call me swordfighting brother!!!" A lovable shout came from the other end of the call.

"Hah, so fickle. Brother PureSoul, here's the thing, I need, one person's, Brother PureSoul's help. Of course, there will be a generous reward…" Ye Cang deliberately stressed one person.

NalanPureSoul just happened to have finished a quest and was returning to the city. Hearing Ye Cang's words, he raised his brow, "Details…"

Little Ye Tian shook her head, "Wait until he comes to tell him. Telling him now is unsafe, since the Freedom Alliance is quite powerful, they also have the strength to complete this instance."

"I can't tell you yet, let's talk when you arrive. You have to come alone. I only want you. No one else." Ye Cang started using the lines a male lead might say in a drama at the end. FrozenCloud and the others only now recalled that line from a drama they recently saw. The one with the customer service, the university party, the idol second male lead…

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