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I was overlooking the garden from the open window of the room that's roughly on the second floor. The well-maintained lawn gives off a favorable impression.

No, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. There's a beautiful man and a beautiful woman there. Both of them would achieve first places if they partic.i.p.ated in beauty contests.

One person is Calcilast whom I love… Why is he with a woman other than me… Why is he conversing so happily? Have I been discarded? Like burnable trash or oversized garbage…

That means I'm not loved… All these confessions of love I received were downright lies.

Ah, I've never seen him smile like this in front of me… After all he was only keeping me company as a fiancé for appearances… So that's how it is.

His voice laughing "Ahaha" is despicable. What a lovely voice. The women accompanying him has blonde hair… She's the otome game's protagonist… Aquamink…

As expected, I'm no match for her. I'm the villainess who's destined for defeat…

I couldn't watch them anymore… I saw them being close holding hands. What will they do next? I wonder if they'll kiss… I don't want to see such a scene… I'm too miserable…

Calcilast-sama's in my memories of interacting with him turned to sepia, then darkened, I couldn't understand…

Calcilast-sama was wearing a mask. To entrap me… To deceive… Recalling his smile now, I feel rather than showing his feelings from the bottom of his heart it was fake.

I fell to my knees on the blue carpet, tears were gushing out like a waterfall. They aren't stopping easily. I still love Calcilast-sama. But Calcilast-sama is…

I started trembling. Out of great sorrow. Is such a thing okay? But Calcilast-sama is sincere… I wonder why would he do something like two-timing?

Then my body was shaken. What is it? I also heard a voice. It's a voice that feels familiar to me. I was called out "Marikansama, Marikansama!"

Then I came to. I woke up in bed. I got up as fast as I could. It was my black-haired servant Cannes who woke me up. Ah, it was a dream… I'm glad.

I got up from the snow-white bed feeling cold sweat on my back. Then I greeted Cannes "Good morning, Cannes…" with a slightly listless voice.

Cannes kindly said "Marikansama had a nightmare… Is there any matter causing distress? If you wish, you can consult about it with me?" with a gentle face.

Cannes is a good girl. She's older than me, can do housework and is reliable.

I locked eyes with her for around two seconds, then decided to confide a little. I also considered I need to change from my pink pajamas.

"Actually, it's about Calcilast-sama… Do you think he likes me? Hm?"

Without hesitation Cannes answered "He likes you very much, or rather, he's infatuated with you!" Still, I asked "Truly?" to which Cannes began to violently nod and said "Of course!"

I was feeling down, but thanks to Cannes's liveliness I recovered. I'm pessimistic. I have to fix this… I can't enjoy my happy life like that.

Cannes switched to work mode "Is the dress over there fine with you?" She's fast to switch, isn't she.

I chose my favorite from several dresses and changed clothes. In the washroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, with Cannes help I got my hair in order. Let's only use light makeup. Then Cannes said "Certainly let's do it!" enthusiastically and started.

Cannes, anxious that I had a nightmare asked "Will you eat breakfast in this room?" and I decided to do so.

I wonder what I'll have for breakfast? While thinking about that, I once again pulled out a book from a bookshelf and started reading. Yup, this book gives off good vibes. It's fantasy, huh. Looking carefully, it's a light novel I recognize. I read it as well in my previous life… It filled me with a deep emotion.

Then I heard a knocking sound. I said "Please enter." Cannes brought breakfast on a tray. Behind her is Calcilast-sama! I stood up and put the book on the bed.

Calcilast-sama is handsome from the morning. I asked about his reason for being here, when he told me he'd talk after the meal, I began eating breakfast.

Three kinds of breads (croissants and so on) and roast pork followed by corn soup, salad, boiled egg made their way into my stomach washed with coffee.

Ah, it was delicious. Calcilast-sama was impressed with my eating style. I enquired "Why is Calcilast-sama here?" I recalled the nightmare from a while ago. I'm a tiny bit scared.

I wonder how he will answer, will he annul our engagement… Has he found another person he loves and won't meet with me anymore?

My legs started shaking from anxiety. The bed I'm sitting on is vibrating with me and is making slight squeaky sounds.

Calcilast-sama sat down on a chair and gazed into my eyes. His expression is serious. Annulment? Annulment is it? Ah, but he's so handsome and lovely my heart is beating fast.

Cannes is near us looking at the situation with a smiling face. I understand its meaning, I'm irritated at her perceptiveness.

Calcilast-sama opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it once again and finally started talking. I secretly checked my hair for any bed hair.

"Today, would you like to go with me to the library? That is, if you have time…"

I'm relieved our engagement wasn't broken off. Well, there's still a decent possibility of it being annulled. I displayed my natural airheadedness and asked.

"Is there so much to carry? Even though I don't have much physical strength?"

Calcilast-sama laughed and said "It's a date"

I feverishly stuffed what I need for a date in my wallet and bag. If I don't hurry, I might exhaust his kindness. I have to be brisk…

I glimpsed at Calcilast-sama sitting still showing an unrivaled smile that can make one fall in love at its sight. He said.

"It's alright if you don't hurry. My Marikana… Please do it slowly…"

What a good person I fell in love with, isn't he? It's wonderful how tolerant he is… Cannes, who's helping me, cheered "Please do your best today as well. Go for it!"

What should I do my best at? I wonder if it's about being careful not to get disliked? I said "Please give me just five minutes!" to Calcilast-sama and continued preparations.

Finally, it's time to leave for the date. Unexpectedly, it took me some time. I nervously looked at Calcilast-sama's face only to see a sweet smile. I'm glad. He said.

"I'm sorry for inviting you so suddenly. It was meant to be a surprise… but it seems that was a mistake… I'm sorry"

I spoke to Calcilast-sama who was bowing "No no, it's not a problem at all! I can go on a date with Calcilast-sama…"

Calcilast-sama retracted his apologetic expression and said broadly smiling "I am also excited for a date with Marikana!"

It seems I'm loved… but the nightmare flashed through my head.

I left the guest room together with Calcilast-sama. Saying "Have a good day, Mariksama, Calcilast-sama!" Cannes bowed her head seeing us off.

I and Calcilast-sama advanced through the yesterday's piggybacking route. I wonder if it eventually didn't take about an hour. My legs became numb, Calcilast-sama was tired.

While we were walking down the deep-pile carpet, Calcilast-sama started a conversation. As a bonus he made a handsome smile. Ah, cool…

"Did you sleep well last night? I believe it must be quite difficult to sleep somewhere that's not your house…"

I was a little bashful (the date, his good looks) but I replied. I thought it'd be better not to say it, but…

"I saw a nightmare. My special person abandoned me… I received a terrible shock, it was painful…"

Calcilast-sama stopped and turned towards me, then spoke with a frown. In a rea.s.suring voice.

"You poor thing… I wish there was something I could do… I know, should we join hands? It's fine if you find it unpleasant…"

I exclaimed "Yes! With pleasure!" and grasped the beautiful hand Calcilast-sama presented. It's a soft hand. We're in the castle, but because I'm his fiancée it's okay.

I and Calcilast-sama joined hands and without delay went down the staircase. It's a long staircase. It's apparent it's made of expensive materials. As expected of the influential people's residence.

My residence is also luxurious and chic, but it's no match for this castle. As Calcilast-sama's fiancée, I wonder if I'll live here someday.

Because it's too s.p.a.cious it seems I'll struggle at first… I might get lost like in a maze… Leaving that aside, from now on… I will have to somehow avoid ruin when the student life begins like in otome game.

There's nothing but punishments like banishment from the country or capital punishment, it's the worst… As I sighed "Haa…" dejectedly, Calcilast-sama said "What's wrong? Did I do anything inadequate? I will correct it immediately?" fl.u.s.tered.

I asked just to make sure. For future reference. I simply cannot see him as such a cruel man, he's a good person. I want to believe he won't do that…

"Will Calcilast-sama banish me from the country or sentence me to capital punishment?"

While the abrupt question made Calcilast-sama stare at me in wonder, he gently said.

"I will not! Never!"

I was cheered up by Calcilast-sama's words. I… don't want to prepare for eternal sleep while I'm still young… I wanted to escape the reality by considering such things. After all, I'll be killed. It hurts to still have some lingering attachment to this life.

I would like to eat delicious food, live peacefully with Calcilast-sama, and travel… Because I'm still a child, I haven't been out much.

If I survive… If, huh, I shuddered… I will absolutely show I can survive and reach the happy ending. Dangerous thoughts came and went… How unpleasant.

The stairs ended, and we came down to the first floor. A pleasant smell is coming from the kitchen. I unconsciously directed my steps in that direction. Then, Calcilast-sama giggled beautifully and said "Do you want to go eat something? I can ask for it?" due to my mistake… Unconsciously, unconsciously I wished for it.

Calcilast-sama entered the kitchen calling a cook, then asked "Is there something delicious that can be eaten immediately?" What a kind person. I love him!

During that time, we never let go of our hands. I'm worried I won't be able to hold it anymore.

The kitchen smelled of roast fish and meat, and cookies were being made. Cooks in white hats and ap.r.o.ns are vigorously preparing food.

Even though this place should be quite stuffy, it's properly air-conditioned so sweat doesn't flow like muddy streams. It's a comfortable workplace. Everyone is livelily working. The salary sounds good too.

They were using old-fashioned black frying pans skillfully, an amateur would be unable to imitate that. I looked around interested in all sorts of thing. Then I got hungry. It seems the breakfast alone was not enough.

I asked Calcilast-sama. Somehow, I feel guilty… I wasted his time… Moreover, it's the prince's time…

"What could I eat? Ah, if you could somehow excuse me… if possible I'd like to eat… something sweet… I feel like it"

One of the cooks served cookies, shaped like hearts, stars, or circles, out of a huge combination microwave on a plate and politely handed it to Calcilast-sama.

Then Calcilast-sama held it out to me. Looking closely, I noticed there were chocolate and strawberry cookies. Then he asked.

"Please eat, do you want seconds?"

I said "Thank you!" and ate up light brown cookies with red or black mixed in them. Every single one of them is delicious!

Both the personality and the cooking ability of the cook in the tall white hat seem superb. He said "Would you like to eat anything else? There is an exceptional pudding, or a cheesecake made with expensive ingredients"

Calcilast-sama asked me with his beautiful face. His smiling face burned into my memory. I'm thinking of recalling it whenever I feel lonely…

"Would you like to eat the pudding or cheesecake? Shall I bring them to the dining room? Would you like to slowly savor them?"

I answered "Yes!" with a woof like a starved dog. I sat on a long narrow table in the dining room, how many meters is it from one end to another?

The air conditioning is making a quiet sound. Buzz. The walls are decorated with paintings of mountains. Calcilast-sama is in front of me. Then, I attacked the desserts the skilled chefs put all their skill into.

I put a spoonful of a little jiggly pudding mountain on my plate… That spoonful disappeared. Even thought it was there a moment ago… Calcilast-sama scooped the pudding like an excavator and said "Say aah?"

I hesitated a little, then said "I'll eat!" and took a bite. It's delicious! It melts like a heated b.u.t.ter on top of my tongue. It's moderately sweet, but the taste is superb. Wonderful! Excelente!

Smiling the whole time, Calcilast-sama seems to be in a good mood. Once again he presented me the pudding. Getting used to being fed, I bit into it. Delicious!

Calcilast-sama spoke to me. Looking at me with a face of an affectionate dog. No, with a face of love!

"Marika, please eat more? The expression you make while eating is adorable. I need to make you eat more…"

I ate up one pudding. The aftertaste is also pleasant. However, at this rate with Calcilast-sama's actions I will become chubby… I have such a hunch.

Next is the cheesecake. I swallowed my saliva. Fascinatingly, rather than a triangle, what arrived at the dining room was a perfect circle. I wonder if I can eat all of it.

Calcilast-sama cut off a piece with a new knife, pierced it with a fork and pointed it at my mouth. He said "Now, do not hold back. My Marikana?" Ah, I dread getting on the scale tonight… I'm shivering…

I bit the cheesecake at the tip of the fork. If my mother found out… But because it's Calcilast-sama doing it, she might not say anything… Reprimands would come flying at me afterwards. Like a machine gun.

This cheesecake is the most delicious thing I've eaten (including my previous life). It was so delicious I smiled. I whispered to Calcilast-sama. There are five servants waiting behind Calcilast-sama.

"Calcilast-sama, we are in the public eye… Could you give me the fork? I'm a little embarra.s.sed…"

Calcilast-sama stared at me in puzzlement and after laughing loudly "Kukuku" continued. His behavior is giving me no choice. The prince is brave to be able to retain composure in such a place…

"Then, would you allow me to feed you one last piece? My beloved Marikana?"

I reluctantly accepted. I nodded, then after quickly cutting the cheesecake up, he held out the fork.

Eating while listening to Calcilast-sama whispering "Even so, you are like a jewel on a starry sky, no, you are more wonderful than that. Marikana…" endearingly made my cheeks red.

I am happy but embarra.s.sed, it's not a simple feeling…

Handling the fork and knife like waltzing I put a cut piece in my mouth. After repeating this movement two times, I picked up a cup of coffee that was placed there before I noticed and gulped it down. This coffee is also exquisite.

I wonder if only I find it more delicious than the breakfast? There seems to be a difference in taste… Certainly it's my imagination… No, Calcilast-sama asked for it! That's right! That's it, I finally understand.

I think it's also important to be hospitable to guests… I reported to Calcilast-sama. Then, he replied.

"I wonder if there is such a big difference… I have never eaten anything for guests… I will report that. My Angel?"

I wonder if I'm an angel in these almond eyes, but I will accept his love. I managed to eat the whole cheesecake. There might be no problem skipping lunch… Well, I will eat it.

I spoke "I understand Calcilast-sama loves me. Thank you!"

Calcilast-sama replied "Naturally, I love you"

My stomach is already swollen, but when I tried to get up to head for the library, a person who appears like the head chef entered the room and bowed to me and Calcilast-sama.

I wonder if something happened? Did he come here to say the way I ate was disappointing and crude? I nervously observed the approaching head chef.

I straightened my back, displayed what I believe to be a refined expression, and pulled the chair in. Like this, I won't be yelled at like "Your way of eating luxury desserts is improper!", maybe.

The head chef informed Calcilast-sama. In a bright and merry voice. I don't feel a speck of ill will. The tip of his white hat is shaking a little.

"Calcilast-sama, just now we've received a hard-to-obtain high-cla.s.s melon… How about it Marikansama? I can say with absolute confidence it is delicious. I guarantee it"

Calcilast-sama thought for a while, then glanced at me and asked. His looks are handsome. I know, but.

"Do you wish to eat the high-cla.s.s melon, Marikana? I eat them occasionally…"

I innocently replied "I want to!" immediately. I wonder how it tastes. When the head chief clapped his hands, a cook brought the melon on a plate.

When he came near, a fragrance unlike ordinary melons filled the air. With my eyes lit up I stared at the rare melon placed on the table.

Can I eat it? I looked at the people around. With Calcilast-sama nodding and head chef smiling, I faced the cut-up melon with a fork in my hand.

I pierced a square piece of melon with the fork and carried it to my mouth. I reacted to the smell that wasn't too sweet. What a smell. As expected of a luxury good.

I quietly held it in my mouth. What a taste! It was such a shock as if a fighter seriously punched my jaw. It's impossibly delicious.

This is something the head chef was proud of. I thought I would like to eat it at home, but when asked, the head chef replied. With a regretful expression… He knitted his brows.

"This article is so valuable only royalty can eat it. Not many can be harvested, one of them is worth several months of a regular person's salary…"

c.r.a.p, it was such a valuable item! I decided to savor the rest slowly. Ah, delicious!

I stabbed a piece with the fork and imitated Calcilast-sama. I said "Say aah." Calcilast-sama was taken aback, but then recovered and bit into it. Munch munch. Then he said "Thank you, Marikana, as expected, the taste is different from usual"

Together with Calcilast-sama I've also finished the melon. The head chef said these word "There are still goods I'm proud of… If you aren't full…"

I shook my head with a serious look. I can't eat any more… I seem to be unable to move… I ate the whole cheesecake. I want to say that…

I glanced at Calcilast-sama, and with his nod I spoke to the head chief. I tried to sound as nice as possible. After wiping my mouth with an amber handkerchief with a b.u.t.terfly pattern.

"No, eating too many delicious things… If I eat any more, the cooking in my home won't taste delicious…"

The head chef had a disappointed face. He looks like a scolded dog. I wonder if what I said was terrible!? Perhaps I should apologize… So I thought, but Calcilast-sama backed me up "Head chef, thank you. Marikana seems already satisfied…"

As expected, he's a gentle prince. Lovely! Because the head chef said "I understand… Please come to eat again, Marikansama…" I replied "Certainly!"

I and Calcilast-sama stood up pushing back our wooden chairs. Then we returned them to their original position.

The head chef made sure "In that case, I will return to work, Calcilast-sama… you have no business with me anymore, right?"

Calcilast-sama said in a calm voice. Ah, handsome, well, I know it perfectly, but…

"Head chef, thank you. Marikana was also pleased… Look forward to your salary this month. I will ask father indirectly"

Hearing Calcilast-sama's statement, the head chef stretched his back, bent his waist and lowered his head saying "Thank you. Calcilast-sama"

Calcilast-sama spoke to the servants "Please don't fuss over me being on a date with Marikana… That is fine, right?" All servants replied in harmony "Yes, Calcilast-sama"

I picked up the bag I put on the seat next to mine and stood at Calcilast-sama's side. He held out his hand and asked with unease "Would you mind?"

I raised my voice cheerfully "With pleasure! My beloved Calcilast-sama!" At the table, the cooks were cleaning the white plates, cups, saucers, and so on.

I told them "That was a wonderful meal! Thank you!"

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