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Although he liked role-playing, he had never changed his actual appearance before. Most of the time he only used his spiritual power to transform his physical looks. It was the first time Ying Yannuo's entire body had become tiny, and so he was speechless.

When people felt sick, they could see a doctor. However, he could not tell anyone about this problem other than the four messengers. Due to his ident.i.ty, he just could not let other people know that he had lost most of his spiritual power. Otherwise, it would bring chaos to this world! The culprit behind it would also immediately set off a reign of terror, and all of his plans would be wasted…

He could not take that risk as the matter was serious. Therefore he planned to heal himself. Who else in this world could be more knowledgeable than himself from a medical aspect? He would be risking himself if he exposed his sickness.

He thought that this phenomenon would not have lasted long and he would have recovered in a month or two. However, he never expected that the effect would have lasted for six months. He had tried all kinds of methods, but none of them were working!

Now suddenly there were colorful lights from his body. Could it be a sign that he was going to turn back to normal? He was excited. His stomach felt warm, and it was precisely the opposite sign from the time when he had almost gone crazy. He had faith that he was going to turn back to normal, so he immediately meditated… The colorful lights spun twice around his body before finally disappearing.

He opened his eyes, but when he looked at his body and hands, he almost fainted and fell from the tree. His hands were… even smaller than before! He was stunned for a moment and took out a mirror and disappointedly sat on the floor. He felt that the time when he had turned into a 15-year-old was disastrous enough. He never expected that it could have gotten worse. He had turned into an eight-year-old kid!

He slowly put away the mirror and shook the robe he was wearing. Fortunately, his robe could be shrunk to fit the size of his body. Otherwise, it would have been too large for him!

He looked confused as he sat down. His original intention was to meet up with Gu Xijiu after he had completed his task of killing the zombies. However, when he looked at his kiddy appearance now, he did not want to see her anymore!

It took him a lot of courage to transform into Ying Yannuo to enter Tianju Hall to meet her, and every day since then he had been by her side. He even comforted himself that he now had the chance to spend time with her every day as her cla.s.smate and did not have to find an excuse to see her.

Besides, he could finally train together with her. Thus he accepted the fact that becoming tiny was considered a small price he had to pay for gaining all those privileges. However, now that his body had transformed to become so tiny, how was he going continue staying by her side?

Should he become her brother? If she knew of his true ident.i.ty, he would be teased by her for the rest of his life!

Ying Yannuo tried to imagine the scenario and realized that it was terrible! Although he had always been thick-skinned, it was against his principles to go and see her this way. He had to reconsider and plan his next steps carefully.

He could feel the icy wind creeping through his robes. It was the first time he was feeling so cold to the extent that he was shivering.

He sat down and thought for a moment. He glanced at the wrist guard on his wrist. Though the wrist guard looked normal, in fact, it was the love bracelet which had been concealed by him. When outsiders saw it, it looked just like a normal animal skinned wrist guard, but when he saw it, it was the love bracelet.

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