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The fire in the swamp was burning furiously, and multiple explosions could be heard. Occasionally, several gigantic fireb.a.l.l.s rose up into the sky as though an apocalypse had taken place.

Restless howls and roars of anger could be heard from within the flames… The fire spread at least ten kilometers around the swamp. Not to mention the swamp, it was so hot that they were even unable to venture close to the hill which was located seven to eight kilometers away from the swamp.

She could smell the scent of burnt and roasted flesh lingering in the air.

Gu Xijiu teleported nearer and tried to patrol the burning site.

She shouted and also used the direct audio spell. However, she did not hear anything even though she had tried all sort of methods... She was getting nervous and started to panic until her lips had turned pale.

Ying Yannuo was a boy whom she had interacted with for only half a year. He liked acting cute in front of her, annoying her and even followed her everywhere she went. Though he looked gentle and weak, he was competent and always appeared to aid her and protect her whenever she was in danger.

Though he had a dual personality once in awhile and was touchy sometimes, he was the best partner to her and was also the best companion she could rely on in times of need.

In the last six months, she had spent more time with him than she had with Little Fox. He was strong and protected her all the time. He followed her everywhere as though he was her shadow. Therefore, she never bothered worrying about him on the battlefield and always prioritized her buddies' safety over his.

In her heart, she always felt that he could handle all the challenges by himself, and was even able to cause trouble for his opponents when it was necessary. However, it was different now. Ying Yannuo might be in a dangerous situation and was probably suffering due to her careless.

If he were not able to make it back alive, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

"Ying Yannuo!"

"Ying Yannuo!"

She continued to linger around the burning swamp and shouted for him until her voice became hoa.r.s.e.

Ying Yannuo was unable to stand up properly by the time he was done luring the zombies to the sh.o.r.e beside the swamp. However, he could not risk his life by hanging around the area. Thus, he decided to retreat and began to retreat from the swamp area when he had almost run out of spiritual power...

He was trying very hard to hang on to his last bit of energy. He tried very hard to return to the sh.o.r.e and almost banged into a tree trunk as he was unable to control his movements. Luckily, he reacted fast and managed to grab a tree branch before flipping onto it.

His blood was circulating very fast, and he felt incredibly dizzy. He narrowed his eyes as he observed the 3,000 or more zombies which had filled half of the swamp. Most of them had sunk to the bottom while some were stepping on top of their buddies' heads as they tried to escape from the swamp. They would have probably succeeded in climbing back to the sh.o.r.e again if it were not for the suction force which existed at the bottom of the swamp. The zombies were struggling so hard to escape that it made the swamp look like a pot of boiling soup being stirred vigorously... These zombies would be a threat to the others again if he does not find an alternative way to destroy them.

When Ying Yannuo was about to take action, suddenly, a glowing light with seven-colored rays suddenly appeared! He frowned slightly. During his training, he had lost conscious before, and when he later woke up, he saw a glowing light with seven-colored rays as well. However, this time was different as he had transformed into a little boy who was about 15 years old when the seven-colored rays had faded away. At that moment, it was as though lightning had struck him!

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