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The monsters were incapable of recognizing faces and attacked without discrimination or mercy.

Therefore, when the woman and her servant surged past the lion chariot and soared straight into the skies, the lion chariot became the attack target of the two creatures.

The two creatures were ent.i.ties of extreme misfortune; any ordinary animal that saw them would be scared s.h.i.tless and would be paralyzed by fear, let alone run away.

Even the dragon rode by the woman in the combat just now was so anxious that all of its scales stood on their ends! It was wholly petrified and would have fallen in fear were it not well-trained.

However, the Flying Lion pulling Qian Lingyu and his group in the escape was able to summon extraordinary courage at such a perilous moment—not only did it not cower and fall in fear, but it also pulled the chariot in all sorts of fancy patterns as well!

For a while, it flew in the shape of zig-zag, in another the shape of an "8", and another in the shape of an "S"...

Although the two creatures were frightful and ghastly in their pursuit, they could not even touch one wheel of the chariot that was flaunting a swift evasion.

In this world, the Flying Lion are the steeds of the n.o.ble and the rich and were quite abundant in number in the mainland. Although they were quite esteemed and valuable, they were not considered to be rare beasts; even the lowest steed of the elders of the three main clans was superior to the Flying Lion.

When Qian Lingyu and his group saw the two monsters charging over like a train, they thought they were doomed for sure!

They had even tried to use their abilities against the two creatures in desperation to slightly slow them down.

But the two creatures were too fearsome and mighty. No matter how strong the Lan Waihu's group's abilities were and their formidability that triumphs even the eight level beasts in the Dark Forest, the barrier that they put before the monstrosities were nothing but paper and broke in one charge!

When Lan Waihu and his group saw their barrier flying away in pieces and the fangs of the creatures taking shape in front of them, a chill ran through their spines, thinking that it must be all over for them!

However, to their surprise, the Flying Lion took a complete and abrupt turn and charged through the gap between the two beasts; its tail even swept across the eyes of the Chinese alligator monster, leaving it to screech in agony…

The two creatures were utterly enraged and pursued after the chariot relentlessly, but the Flying Lion was more than well-trained and always managed to evade their attacks within a hair's breadth.

It was clear that this Flying Lion was no ordinary Flying Lion.

This chariot was clearly specially made as well. Even when it was gyrated in a series of the Flying Lion's spiraling evasions, the chariot did not get shaken into pieces and was so st.u.r.dy that even the ta.s.sels on the carriage did not fall. It was only unfortunate for the four people on the chariot, who were quaked near to the point of hurling out their gallbladder. They held onto the handles of the carriage tightly, and their bodies were violently heaved around, crashing into each other from time to time.

It was fortunate that the four had considerable ability, or else they would have already been flung out of the chariot and become feed for the creatures.

As the Flying Lion was, in fact, carrying a load of four people, it could not achieve its maximum speed. Though the two creatures could not bite it, it could get them off its tail as well—

When Gu Xijiu made it to the scene, she was presented with this image.

The Flying Lion was scampering helter-skelter in the sky while being pursued by two extremely ugly monsters—

The dragon-riding woman was instead standing close to the zenith of the layers of clouds, shrouding herself and observing from a safe distance with no intention of helping.

The Flying Lion was flying with increasing danger.

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