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She was about to teleport over there, but to her surprise, Ying Yannuo tapped the tip of his foot on the head of a zombie that just swooped over when he was about to sink, rendering his body fluttering in the air once again.

Gu Xijiu breathed a sigh of relief. It looks like Ying Yannuo has no more danger here anymore. There was a sudden vibration in her waist. Taken by surprise, she fished out a hexagonal amulet; upon tapping on its surface, Little Fox's frantic and distraught voice leaped out, "Heavens, it's about to catch us!"

Gu Xijiu's expression changed. Gu Xijiu invented this hexagonal amulet based on the fundamental principles of a Walkie-talkie. Although this era did not have modern technology, it possessed spirit powers that were capable of conjuring all elements of nature.

Experiment after experiment, and failure after failure, she was finally able to invent this type of amulet. Although it was unable to transmit sound over ten thousand li-like a telephone, conversations within a hundred li were still audible through the amulet.

Upon its invention, the amulet received a heavy promotion at Tianju Hall. As the enchantment of the amulet required the spirit power of pract.i.tioners above level eight, in addition to the high expenditure of spiritual power in its production, not everybody was able to get their hands on one. It was only during dangerous missions that the amulets would be provided.

As Gu Xijiu was the inventor of the amulet, she and her friends enjoyed a special privilege and were each able to receive one. Of course, the amulet was wholly powered by spirit power and had a high consumption rate, depleting a considerable amount of spirit power upon each usage. So even though they carried the amulet with them, they would not use it for communication unless in dire circ.u.mstances.

The voice coming out of the amulet now must be because of Little Fox was accidentally pressing the switch in a state of panic. Little Fox and her group must have met with danger!

Gu Xijiu thought of the deep, heavy bellow she heard just now - was it the voice of the zombie king?

"It can fly! It's chasing up to us!"



A menagerie of voices leaped out of the amulet; it was clear that Little Fox's group's situation was getting more dire and dire…

Gu Xijiu uttered a silent incantation and took a look at Ying Yannuo. Knowing that he was no longer in danger, she spoke to him, "I'll go check on Little Fox and her group."

Ying Yannuo was speechless. In a swift flash of movement, she vanished immediately. In that girl's mind, the safety of her companions is forever the priority.

Darling, do you know that for the sake of not breaking our promise, I have not paid heed to the accursed wounds of my body just to return to your side?

Darling, do you know that the exertion of my current spiritual level burns on the strength of G.o.ds?

Darling, do you know that the blood that I shed now is that of the heart of the G.o.ds, every drop of which heavily depletes my spiritual power?

Darling, the only reason that I dare to use this move now is that you are not far away. I thought that you would teleport me away to safety at the critical moment…

Darling, on your leave, would you feel sad if anything unforeseen happened to me?

You would probably not feel too sad.

In his time by her side for nearly half a year, except for that time when she uttered "Di Fuyi" in a state of inebriation, she had always been normal. She spent each day practicing and romping with her friends in Tianju Hall; her days pa.s.sed by with richness without ever once mentioning his name.

He thought that the cold-blooded girl must have forgotten who the h.e.l.l he was!

Little brat, I'll make you pay for this once I recover! I'll get more than just even with you!

Little Xijiu, you just wait!

A horrifying and unfathomable abyss ruptured from the earth, tumbling down the snow, clouds, and stones to its depths from time to time.

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