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Ying Yannuo suddenly grabbed her and tossed her towards the big tree which was far away, "Hide yourself!"

Gu Xijiu helplessly flew towards the big tree. When she turned around and looked back, she realized that he was using his Flying Wind Magic to levitate in midair. She had no idea what kind of spell he was using, but a blood chain formed around his fingertips and surrounded him. Eventually, a blood membrane formed around him and the air was overwhelmed by the smell of blood and herbs.

The white-clothed zombies who were about to flee began turning around to face them. Countless pair of eyes were staring straight at Ying Yannuo who was hanging in midair. All of them had the expression as though they were drug addicts who had just seen a stack of drugs. They started drooling, and their eyes turned blood red as they rushed towards Ying Yannuo!

Ying Yannuo flew towards the swamp as the white-clothed zombies frantically chased after him... Countless zombies started to fall into the black swamp one by one and immediately sank right to the bottom of it as they had nothing to support them. The of group zombies had been running so fast that they were unable to stop themselves on time and eventually all of them had fallen into the swamp...

In fact, the swamp was not very deep; it was only about three to four meters in depth. As some of the zombies had reached the bottom, those who fell into the swamp after that stood on top of them. Eventually, the zombies had buried themselves in the swamp layer by layer.

Gu Xijiu felt sick as she watched from the big tree. She was surprised that Ying Yannuo's blood possessed such powerful magic to the extent that it made the zombies chased after him like it was the most important thing in their life.

She looked at her palm and decided to cut herself too. However, her blood was not as attractive as Ying Yannuo's. The zombies continued jumping into the swamp as Ying Yannuo moved around in midair. Though the blood membrane fully engulfed him, she could still clearly see him through its layer.

His fingers continuously emitted the spell as his eyes were watching the scene that was taking place beneath him. It was as though he was the almighty G.o.d. Her heart was pumping rapidly as she clenched her fingers wondering who he was.

"Little Cang, Little Cang, do you know what type of Kung Fu is this?" Gu Xijiu could not help but to seek enlightenment from the Firmament Stone on her wrist.

The Firmament Stone replied her after a while, "No idea." This type of Kung Fu must be extremely rare as even the Firmament Stone did not recognize it!

"Could someone who possessed a spiritual power of level three past six perform this Kung Fu? Look, he was levitating in midair and had yet to fall even after so long…"

Though Gu Xijiu was also able to levitate in midair using the Flying Wind Magic which she had learned at Tianju Hall, she was only capable of doing so for about a minute at best. Furthermore, Gu Xijiu who was considered the best student among her group and was the only one who was able to master the Flying Wind Magic entirely. However, Ying Yannuo had been circling in the air for three minutesmidair, and there was no sign that he was going to have to come down anytime soon...

Besides, it did not look like he was using Flying Wind Magic. What was it then? She wanted to learn!

A strong suction force existed inside the swamp. Hence, the zombies were unable to escape once they had fallen into the swamp. However, they were not dead yet as there were a lot of bubbles bobbing in the area where they had fallen. Apparently, many of the zombies were still struggling at the bottom of the swamp.

All they had to do now was to wait until all the zombie had fallen into the swamp before they ignited the swamp with fire. While she was pondering about it, she realized that Ying Yannuo's body was falling! Gu Xijiu was shocked, and worried that he would soon fall into the swamp!

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