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It was not easy to kill all of the kids in such a short time, but it would also be a problem for them if these kids continued staying here.

Especially the young boy who was always following Gu Xijiu everywhere. He did not seem to be a weak kid, and he may put up a fight if he ever found their base. If it ever came to that, both parties would suffer severe damage as he would not be able to release the Immortal King to a.s.sist them... The best solution was not to pursue these kids at the moment.

Fortunately, none of the kids had discovered their true objectives yet, so he should just let them kill all the white-clothed zombies and leave the place...

He could even destroy all the buildings outside and cause it to turn back into a land of snow if necessary so that the kids would think they were hallucinating again and eventually stop investigating.

Even if they suspected something and reported it to Tianju Hall, it would take a few days for them to guide the investigation team over here. By that time, all of the new CCTV's would have been reinstalled, and they would never find the place again...

Elder Long had many thoughts in his head, and he immediately ordered the green-robed man after some consideration, "Find a way to summon back the 'immortal puppets', and leave only 30 to 40 outside!"

The green-robed man did not understand his order, "Why?"

Elder Long said with an icy tone, "Do I need to explain everything to you!?"

The green-robed man was speechless.

He was still scared of the handsome young elder and quickly executed his orders. It was easy to handle the situation when there were only about 30 to 40 'immortal puppets' as the underground palace had seized to send out further backup. An hour later, there were no more zombies alive, and the snowstorm had stopped as well.

The cloudy and gloomy sky began to turn sunny as the last zombie was killed...

"The barrier is going to break!" Lan Waihu cheered.

Yan Chen and the others also felt slightly relieved as they could finally see the sun after being trapped inside the barrier for an entire day and night!

Zhang Chuchu said, "The Yin Yang mirror seems to be the core of this formation. There have been way fewer zombies around since the mirrors were broken!"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

They looked at their surroundings as the snowstorm had stopped. They could now see the entire town. Based on the old buildings they saw, they estimated that the town had been abandoned for several decades.

Meanwhile, the square where they stood used to be a place for the residents to sundry their grains and food. There was yellow soil underneath the snow. The flagpole looked broken, but it seemed strange when they were in the formation earlier. However, it was now literally just a wooden pole with cracks when they took another look at it after the snowstorm had stopped.

Zhang Chuchu was still doubtful as she looked around the area, "F*ck! Has this town turned into a monster?! Should we destroy it so that no one would be tricked again?"

"No, the formation has been broken. We should leave as soon as possible." Gu Xijiu urged them.

"But…" Zhang Chuchu wanted to continue.

Gu Xijiu waved as she continued speaking, "The formation is broken, and all that is left are just a few broken mansions so it shouldn't be a threat to anyone. We should leave and find a warm place to rest. I don't want to stay here any longer here! Alright, let's go!" She then flew in the southeast direction.

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