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However, she would eventually find this place if he did not catch her. If it comes to that, then it would become a big problem. The base was critical to their cause, and he did not want it to be so easily destroyed...

His gaze returned to Gu Xijiu who was on the screen. She had searched ten different houses and would soon discover their mansion.

She was a very detail-oriented person, so she would most likely find the underground palace if she reached here...

Elder Long clenched his fists, and his gaze turned ruthless. He ordered the green-robed man, "Release an immortal king immediately if she manages to find our mansion!"

The green-robed man's eyes were sparkling, "Aren't you afraid that the immortal king would hurt her?"

Elder Long coughed and casually said, "I have a plan."

The young boy was very protective of her, so he would fight with the immortal king once it was released. Based on Elder Long's speculation, both of them would be injured badly, and that would be the best time for him to attack Gu Xijiu and kidnap her secretly...

He smiled when he looked at Gu Xijiiu who was on the screen. It was as though an artist was looking at his favorite painting.

Xijiu, we could finally be reunited. I would like to see you again and let you get a good look at me...

Gu Xijiu had been going through the houses one by one, and she would arrive at the secret base which was a mansion just three houses away!

Elder Long's fingers turned cold, but his gaze was pa.s.sionate.

The green-robed man had mixed feelings as he looked at Elder Long. Elder Long was his Lord's favorite person, and he looked very alike to Long Siye who was the overlord of Tianwen clan. Elder Long was around Long Siye's age, but he seemed younger than Long Siye… What a charming young man...

He was a little upset with the fact that he needed to address him as an elder as he felt that he was being ranked below a kid...

Gu Xijiu was arriving at their mansion soon, so the green-robed man placed his finger on top of a b.u.t.ton on the dashboard. Once he pressed the b.u.t.ton, one of the doors in the underground palace would open, and the 'Immortal King' would be unleashed. The 'Immortal King' could easily tear anyone who entered this wizard barrier into pieces...

Come on, little girl! You will regret for the rest of your life once you step in! You will pay the price for being too smart!

Gu Xijiu who was still looking around suddenly stopped moving. She scanned the surroundings as she stood on the roof of one of the mansions. Suddenly, she sighed, "Yan Chen must have been seeing things. How was it possible that the white-clothed zombies were resurrecting? Their visions must have been blurred by the strong snowstorm. All the mansions around seemed to be abandoned, so how was it possible that the zombies lived here…"

She knocked herself on the head, "Idiot! I must have been crazy to come here… just forget it. I should head back first and find a way to escape" She leaped up and teleported away...

The green-robed man could not utter a single word. Elder Long was speechless as well. Both of them looked at each other silently. Did she just leave like this?!

"What now? Should I release the 'Immortal King'?" The green-robed man asked.

Elder Long shook his head slightly, "It is not necessary anymore." His base would not be exposed as long as she did not come here. Thus, it was not necessary for him to risk releasing the 'Immortal King' as well.

After all, they might not be able to control it, and it could destroy everything. It was difficult to restrain 'Immortal King' once they were released. Most importantly, he might not be able to save Gu Xijiu if she was in danger...

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