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Elder Long said coldly, "We do not allow any room for inaccurate speculations when it comes to science."

The green-robed man remained silent at first. He took a deep breath and added, "Regardless of what happens, she has broken into our compound, so we shouldn't let her leave anymore. Otherwise, this place would be exposed! This kid would report everything that was going on here to Tianju Hall if they managed to escape. When that happens, all of us will be dead!"

Elder Long frowned slightly as he seemed to have encountered some difficulties in responding. He looked at Gu Xijiu with a strange expression.

He knew Gu Xijiu was brave and detail-oriented. She could solve even the most difficult cases, so he had to be very careful when he was dealing with her. Otherwise, all of their plans would fail.

The green-robed man felt sad as he watched the immortal puppets get killed one by one, "How did she know the trick to killing the immortal puppets? We've lost more than 300 immortal puppets so far! We will need to use our secret weapon if we want to catch these kids. Shall we release the immortal king?"

Elder Long frowned, "Wait."

"What?! We'll lose more puppets if we continue to wait! You should know that it's not easy for us to make even one immortal puppet!" The green-robed man was impatient, "They would suffer a horrible death if we released a few of the immortal kings at one go,"

Elder Long narrowed his eyes, "The immortal kings will just simply attack anyone in their sight once they are out! We might not be able to control them! It's totally fine if they hurt anyone but not Gu Xijiu!"

The green-robed man was speechless. He grabbed his fists, "Then what are we going to do now? Are we going to watch our puppets get killed one by one?"

Elder Long took a deep breath and continued, "I'll catch her myself!"

The green-robed man was relieved, "You should've done that earlier!" He then looked at the screen and suddenly shifted his gaze to Ying Yannuo who was somewhere nearby Gu Xijiu.

The handsome boy had not shown up since he had caught up with Gu Xijiu, but instead, he was stealthily helping her to kill the immortal puppets that were surrounding them.

Though he looked weak, his actions were fast and ruthless. His movements were as quick as 'The Flash' and every time he made his move, an immortal puppet would die... It was as though the mighty immortal puppets were as fragile as paper sculptures in front him.

Apparently, he had hidden his true power from everyone and was now using it on the battlefield. His physique was as light as smoke, but his attacks were as fierce as a leopard. The green-robed man even felt dizzy watching him on the screen. He shivered as he watched Ying Yannuo twist the neck of the immortal puppets one by one...  

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