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"Little Fox…" Qian Lingyu was touched. He had once abandoned two of his best pals due to his deep hatred for another nation. However, both of his buddies had never once given up on him.

Little Fox's face used to become bitterly scornful every time she saw him and would hiss at him as they were walking by each other. He thought that she hated him the most. However, in times of real danger, she showed him that she still cared very much for him and would even risk her life to keep him safe.

His consciousness came on and off. His fingernails grew in varying lengths. The thought of giving up occurred to him, but he managed to control his thoughts and had to keep biting his lips to stay awake.

His determination was remarkable.

When Gu Xijiu reached the ground, she saw that his eyes were already bloodshot red, but he was still conscious. He smiled at her, "Xijiu! Up there… How did it go up there?"

Gu Xijiu saw him drooling and immediately knew that he was about to change any minute now. She could not delay treating his wound any longer.

She took a deep breath before a.s.signing Ying Yannuo to guard the place. She held Qian Lingyu the way Little Fox did and instantly tore away his sleeve, exposing his hideous wound.

The injury was about half a foot long, and it was black and swollen. Black blood kept oozing out from his wound.

"Qian Lingyu, I will now begin treating your wound. However, it is going to hurt. Hang in there!" Gu Xijiu looked into his eyes as she spoke.

Qian Lingyu nodded, "Alright, I am… not afraid! Feel free to do whatever that is necessary!" He felt pain when the wound was still fresh, but the pain went away as his wound slowly became numb. However, the pain on his wound returned and started to hurt badly after eating the pill that Gu Xijiu gave him. It felt as though he was being stung by scorpions.

Gu Xijiu took out a silver knife. Just when she was about to start the procedure, she suddenly saw Little Fox's pale face and hesitated, "Little Fox, turn around and don't look!"

Little Fox suffers from a fear of blood and was very soft hearted. Gu Xijiu was worried that she might pa.s.s out while she was conducting the procedure.

Lan Waihu shook her head, "No, Xijiu. I will observe how you treat him! I need to learn…" She did not want to be a weakling any longer. She needed to learn more skills so that she could use them to save her friends when it was necessary.

Gu Xijiu was slightly relieved, "Alright!" People tend to grow in times of hardship. Perhaps Lan Waihu was finally becoming more mature.

"Little Fox, you have to help me later. Don't worry. If anything happens, I am here!" Gu Xijiu then placed some utensils in Lan Waihu's hands.

Lan Waihu nodded firmly.

Gu Xijiu's operation was a little gore. She had to cut the wound open, sc.r.a.p away the rotten flesh and reconnect all his veins. The operation was even bloodier than sc.r.a.pping poison off bones, and she could not give him any anesthetics.

Gu Xijiu was quick and efficient in what she was doing so that she could reduce his suffering. During the entire operation, cold sweat broke out frantically all over his body as it repeatedly cramped in response to the pain. However, he clenched his teeth and endured the operation willfully without making a sound.

Lan Waihu's face had turned pale, but she did not look away or blink her eyes. She would pa.s.s Gu Xijiu the necessary utensils from time to time and helped Qian Lingyu wipe away his sweat. The pill that Gu Xijiu had given to Qian Lingyu did not only suppress the effects of the poison, but it also guided the poison away from the brain and channeled it towards the wound.

Of course, the pill only served as a mode of defense. Gu Xijiu would need to perform some special medical procedures using her special powers as the driving force to guide the well-spread poison in his system back to the wound to completely remove the poison.

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