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The continuous sound of broken necks could be heard throughout the fight. All of their surrounding zombies laid flat on the ground with their necks broken.

In the distance, there were sounds of people fighting in one of the houses. Occasionally, they could see flashing lights flickering vividly in the storm, like flashes of lightning across the night sky. Apparently, the remaining monsters had fled.

"Come on, let's go and save them!" Gu Xijiu took Mu Dian by his hand and teleported towards the direction of the sound.

The sky was filled with thick floating clouds. The storm continued to blow rapidly. Qian Lingyu was with Le Zixing and Le Qingxing, as they were a.s.signed to investigate the cases of missing bodies in the war on behalf of the Haoyue Kingdom. All three of them headed to the main military camp, where Qian Lingyu met with his uncle who was also fighting the war.

According to his uncle, the actual number casualties in the war was 17,820, but in the report, it had been written as 15,200. Approximately, more than 2,000 bodies were missing for no apparent reason, and among them were some of the greatest fighters. They were on their way to the frontlines of the battle when they got lost in the wilderness.

When they first arrived at the place, it was deserted, and there were no signs of anybody living in the area. However, it turned into an abandoned town the moment they entered the place, and snow started to fill the air like sc.r.a.ps of shredded cotton.

While they were exploring the place and looking for a way out, the white zombies emerged out of the snow and attacked them abruptly.

The zombies were as white as snow. They moved swiftly and attacked them from within the snow, using it to camoflouge their movements. Unfortunately, the zombies were not afraid of fire, water or even their swords. The zombies were impossible to kill, so they decided to run instead. As they were running, more and more zombies became aware of them and started to pursue them.

While they were running, Lan Waihu, Zhang Chuchu, and Yan Chen somehow stumbled into the area as well. Both of the groups joined forces but were still unable to fight the white zombies.

They tried piercing through the vital parts of the zombies, but could not kill them even though they were badly wounded and were covered in blood.

Some of them tried beheading the zombies, but their head and neck were as strong as metal. It was impossible to decapitate the zombies. They were only able to injure them by slicing and piercing their bodies with their swords. Hence, the zombies were covered with the smell of stinking, rotten blood.

The worst part was that there seemed to be no exit to this seemingly small town, no matter how long they ran. There were houses, shop lots, buildings, streets, and valleys.

In the snow, the place did not seem any different from any other ordinary town. However, they could not find an exit regardless of which direction they ran. They were only running around the town in circles.

They had all learned about formations before, so they were well aware that the town was, in fact, a huge formation. They could not find the center part of the formation and thus were trapped within it with no way out.

They had already been trapped for one full day, running back and forth ceaselessly, and were very exhausted. The six soldiers who were sent by Qian Lingyu's uncle to guide them had also gotten themselves trapped in the formation.

Qian Lingyu and the rest of them could hardly look after themselves. All six of the soldiers did not have a solid foundation in the art of Kung Fu. While they were running, some of the slower soldiers had been caught by the white zombies and were torn into pieces.

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