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Since Gu Xijiu had returned to the Feixing Kingdom, she told herself that she was not going to give up and decided to verify if the rumors were true by herself.

She understood Di Fuyi's habits. If he had returned to Fucang Hall, the door would be opened. When he was not around, the door would be closed…

Though she knew that she would be disappointed, she insisted on going in to take a look. She teleported directly into Fucang Hall. Everything in Fucang Hall was still the same. The maids working inside were also the same. Everyone was performing their tasks quietly. Some of them were cleaning the courtyard, while others were wiping the railings and so on. Gu Xijiu recognized quite a few familiar faces…

Fortunately, her abilities had grown stronger, and she was also good at camouflaging. Couple that with her teleportation, and no one noticed her in Fucang Hall.

Gu Xijiu also overheard some of their conversations and knew that Di Fuyi had not been back for at least one and a half years already. The maids missed their master very much…

Then Gu Xijiu decided to check Di Fuyi's bedroom. Alas, it was a disappointment. Perhaps he had been gone for long, as she could not pick up his scent inside the bedroom. She touched the quilt on his bed and held it near to her nose to smell. She could not smell anything.

Gu Xijiu sighed, "Celestial Master Zuo, where are you...?"

She sat on the chair and thought for a while. Suddenly she remembered something. Was it possible that Di Fuyi had gone to the crystal palace inside the deep sea to practice?

It was bound to be a mystery as she was unable to get to the palace without his guidance even if she knew where it was located.

Di Fuyi, I hope you do not wait for three years to show up, or else I will kill you, and I would also marry some other guy! I will prove to you that I can still live without you!

She shook her head and cleared her mind. She turned around and teleported away.

A small carriage was flying in the air. It was being pulled by a lion with wings on its back. This kind of lion could fly very fast. It was as good as Gu Xijiu's Wind Caller. Besides, the Wind Caller was a land beast; it was too obvious to use it to travel by land. Therefore, Gu Xijiu hired the most expensive commercial flying carriage as her mode of transportation. This type of carriage often appeared in the sky, so no one would know she was headed.

What made Gu Xijiu wonder was the fact that Ying Yannuo usually came up with every possible excuse he could find which would allow him to sit in the carriage with her. For example, he claimed that his skin was delicate and could not be exposed to strong wind.

Another reason was that the flying lion was very intelligent. Thus, it did not need a driver to ride it. He just needed to go out occasionally to provide some guidance…

He had many different reasons. However, this time when they departed with the flying carriage, he had volunteered to sit outside and be the driver. The wind was blowing strongly that even the hair of the lion was fluttering fiercely in the wind.

Gu Xijiu lifted up the curtain and asked Ying Yannuo who sat in front of the cart, "Ying Yannuo…"

"Anything, Leader Gu?"

"Aren't you afraid that your delicate skin is going to be hurt by the strong wind?"

"Uh… No, I am not afraid. Either one of us has to be the driver, or we would not know where the lion is heading"

"I thought you said that flying lions are very intelligent and require minimal guidance?"

Ying Yannuo was stunned, but he answered calmly, "That is only the case if it is familiar with the route. The place we are headed is not a route that the flying lion is familiar with, so I have to guide its direction from time to time."

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