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Fortunately, even though this kid was strange, he was a great partner and helped Gu Xijiu a lot.

Oddly enough, Gu Xijiu often saw the shadow of Di Fuyi attached to him which made her speechless. She decided to diagnose herself as "Miss Him Until I Have Gone Crazy Syndrome." As she had diagnosed herself with such a syndrome, it was unwise for her to make any judgment, so she did not bother much about her feelings anymore.

For him to be enrolled into Tianju Hall, he had to come from a family background which was prestigious. Ying Yannuo was the son of the Prime Minister of Zhaoyang Kingdom. He was recommended by Qian Yueran, Hua Wuyan, Celestial Master You and Long Siye. How would Di Fuyi cheat someone with such a prominent family background?

Moreover, she had asked the big mussel to sniff the smell of Ying Yannuo before secretly. The big mussel told her that there was no similarity between both of persons' scent.

Gu Xijiu felt that she had overthought!

She was cleaning her stuff in the room while Ying Yannuo was standing guard outside the house. He looked at his hand, and it was a teenager's hand, a lot smaller than the hand he used to have when he was an adult.

When was he able to transform back to normal? He flicked his finger to send a signal. After a moment, Mu Dian landed beside Ying Yannuo softly and bowed, "Master!"

"Mu Dian, I need to go and investigate about something. Please stay by her side and be careful!" Ying Yannuo ordered.

Mu Dian was stunned for a while before he answered, "Yes!"

Ying Yannuo nodded and then issued a few more orders before he disappeared from the place.

Mu Dian rubbed his face unwillingly and started to shrink his bones. After a while, he looked exactly like Ying Yannuo and stood beside the wall and stood on the lookout.

He secretly complained in his heart.

"My Lord, I fully support your idea to take on a new ident.i.ty when chasing after the girl, but can't you choose someone with a taller and stronger body?"

He was a tall guy, about 180cm in height, and now needed to shrink into someone who was pet.i.te. It was a severe phobia for him!

Besides, Gu Xijiu often came to test him and had even unexpectedly fallen into his arm that day…

Mu Dian got a headache whenever he recalled the scene. Although he was an average guy and was happy to have a pretty girl fall into his arms, this girl happened to be his master's girl, and he dared not have any physical contact with her!

Mu Dian was very good at disguising. His master liked to travel around the world with different faces, and he always needed to disguise himself on behalf of his master to perform some tasks. In the past, his master used to disguise himself as a tall and handsome bad guy. It was the first time he had to disguise himself as a young man. To make things worse, he was short...

Every time when Mu Dian came to help his master he felt very pressured. He thought that this was the most challenging character to act…

After some time, Gu Xijiu finally came out. She looked at 'Ying Yannuo' who stood beside the wall, "Wait for me here, I'll be right back."

'Ying Yannuo' could not help but ask, "Where are you going?"

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Don't ask too much." Then she teleported and left.

'Ying Yannuo' was speechless. He was anxious too because he wanted to chase after her but had no idea where she had gone…

At Fucang Hall.

Gu Xijiu was standing in front of the door. She looked at the closed door and hesitated for a moment.

When she returned to the Feixing Kingdom, she heard that Celestial Master Zuo had not returned to Fucang Hall for a long time.

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