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She had no say at all?

"I wouldn't want to cancel the engagement." Di Fuyi patted her hand and continued, "It's not easy for me to fall in love… And it's not up to me to decide whether we can keep the bracelet as well. The bracelet would disappear when both of us no longer love each other…"

He smiled again, "Sweetheart, we've just gotten engaged and it doesn't sound right to talk about the cancellation of engagement now, right?"

Gu Xijiu did not really care much about the 'fate' he mentioned earlier as she knows everything in the world would be challenged by fate. Even a loving husband and wife could not beat the harshness of time as feelings would fade as time goes by. Everything was destined to happen; no one was able to a.s.sure love would last forever as many husbands and wives could not even remain together for more than seven years.

She just needed to grab the opportunity when love comes.

She just wanted them to love each other wholeheartedly will do.

Gu Xijiu used to experience multiple times of separation, hence, she was completely fine with it.

She took a look at the bracelet again, "Is there any special functions in the bracelet?"

"Yes." Di Fuyi continued, "The couples who had the bracelet could sense each other's danger and navigate the other instantly. If one is in a critical situation, the other would be able to sense it instantly and thus, conduct rescue work immediately."

She was indeed amazed by the functions! It was so practical!

Gu Xijiu smiled as she felt Di Fuyi would not be in danger as he was so powerful and mighty.

However, she was the one who might be in danger. Perhaps, he was trying to protect her?

Both of them continued chatting for while. Gu Xijiu finally felt better from her stomach ache, hence, she got up and tried to exercise her limbs, "I want to walk around the crystal palace."

Di Fuyi waved at her, "Of course, please help yourself."

"Is there any forbidden areas?"

"You're the boss of my territories; feel free to walk around."

It was rare to have such an opportunity to visit the crystal palace, hence, Gu Xijiu treasured the opportunity very much and walked around by herself.

Di Fuyi closed his eyes to meditate after watching her walk further away.

He had consumed a lot of spiritual power recently and he really needed to restore his energy.

However, he did not manage to do so as he wanted to accompany her during the reunion festivities. Therefore, he could only grab a little bit of time to meditate when she was busy.

The crystal palace was very big, Di Fuyi a.s.sumed it would take about four to six hours for her to finish wandering the place.

As a result, he meditated for six hours.

This place was rich in spiritual power and it was a great place for meditation as well, as the best place for him to practice and restore his energy.

Initially, he was the only one who would come to this palace, but now, she was here with him.

There was only an extra person walking around the palace, but it seemed to be so lively and merrier now.

A nice place would be likened to a grave if there was no one visiting, hence, he would not go to the crystal palace for energy restoration if he had other options available. Even if he did go, he would leave immediately after he finished mediation and never stayed longer than that.

However, he did not feel like leaving this place anymore as he suddenly noticed everything looked beautiful here.

Although he was meditating, he was thinking about her. His attention was on her movements even though his eyes were closing as he planned to stop the meditation once she returned.

He predicted it well as she had not returned even after he finished meditating and opened his eyes. He was still alone in the big garden.

Six hours had pa.s.sed - where was she? Did she get distracted by something else somewhere in the palace?

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