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Even with a layer of his thick robes, she could clearly tell that his body temperature was rising.

Gu Xijiu was desperate to see him being all shy and embarra.s.sed. She did not think twice and continued to carry out her effort seriously. When she was almost finished, she looked up and shifted her face closer to him, cheek to cheek. She was surprised to realize that his face was blushing even more than she was.

She raised her head up victoriously, "You are finally blushing…" However, as soon as she caught his eyes, she stopped.

There was an unusual calm in his eyes, as though the calm sea with roaring currents swirling underneath. "Baby, it is my turn now."

With his arms, he pulled her down and held on to her very closely.

Gu Xijiu had slipped perfectly into his embrace. His body was burning hot, surrounding her completely. He then made a turn and she could feel her body reeling. Her body ended up being entirely below him.

She seemed to have pushed the boundaries way too much.

Gu Xijiu's face was immediately colored with a faint pink blush. Intuitively, she wanted to free herself from his embrace, but he was already pressing his lips against her skin.

He did not lock his lips to her lips immediately. Instead, he turned to kiss her ears the way that she had kissed him. Gently, he bit her earlobe and played with it in his mouth.

It was her sensitive area. She felt as though she had been struck by a flow of electricity and her mind went completely blank. The areas where his lips were the closest had suddenly become even more sensitive. The hot and ticklish sensation sent waves of excitement down her spine.

"No…" She wanted to push him away, but could only murmur it softly. She kept biting her lips and her face had completely turned red.

He continued to kiss her cheeks, her chin, her neck and finally, her collarbones.

His kisses were very vigorous, unlike hers, which were only briefly and gently. He seemed to be gentle and graceful on the outside, but on the inside, he was actually very dominant and overpowering. Slowly, he shed her off from her last guard and left no s.p.a.ce for her to think any further.

The surrounding temperature kept rising. Gu Xijiu was thoroughly confused, but she could clearly sense his breath and his temperature. Both of them were equally breathless.

The place was a crystal palace that was built by him. There was no one else around except for them.

The brilliant moon was shining brightly in the sky. The stars were twinkling each in their own charm. The clouds were floating buoyantly at the edge of the sky, as though b.a.l.l.s of cotton.

The flowers around them blossomed in full bloom. The sweet scent escaped and lingered in the air as the wind swept through the flowers.

It was such a beautiful night in such a magnificent crystal palace. Under such circ.u.mstance, they could do as they please without getting any attention.

She was fond of him. She did not know when her affection for him started to grow. She was either unaware of it, or she instinctively avoided it because she was unsure of her feelings. When she finally realized his affection for her, it was already too late for her to avoid it anymore as she fell even deeper for him.

The more they spent their time together each day, the more she developed her feelings for him. She did not like the feeling that she encountered when she knew that she was falling for him, as her sentiments were completely out of her control. She was a little insecure, so she tried to escape and even let it go.

However, she could not do it. The more she wanted to escape from him, the more she fell for him. The more she wanted to run away from him, the more she thought about him -

It was right until this day.

She knew exactly what would possibly happen if both of them continued to do as they pleased. She could even tell the difference in his body, that something hard and steamy was pressing against her body. Deep down, she could feel her immense desire. Her body was burning hot, calling desperately for the union of their bodies.

Her mind was a total blank. She lost all her senses, all but her burning desire.

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