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Gu Xijiu could not really tell why she was especially drawn to the star. She could somehow feel the energy coming from the flickering star. There was a sense of warmth in her heart when she looked at it.

"The star is so dull and small," said Gu Xijiu in a sympathetic tone, "It is not even as bright as the stars around it."

Di Fuyi leaned his head on her and looked at the star together. He then said to her profoundly, "Every star has its time to shine."

"The intensity of the star's brightness is almost the same throughout the year, isn't it? It will shine brightly, occasionally. A small star, however, will never turn into a big star." Gu Xijiu continued to tell him what she knew about stars.

She turned to look at the biggest star, "The star is so dazzling! I wish the little star could be half as luminous as it."

If the little, inconspicuous star really represented her, she hoped that it could be alongside the big one so both of the stars could overlook the world together, guarding the common people. She did not want to serve as a foil behind it.

"Everything is possible. One day, the little star could be shining even brighter than the big star," said Di Fuyi, half seriously, half-jokingly. He planted a kiss on her cheek, "Keep on working on it!"

His warm breaths blew softly into her ears. Gu Xijiu could feel herself blushing. She then shifted her face a little upward.

Without hesitating, Di Fuyi shifted himself next to her, taking up half of the chair, "What are you hiding from? Are you afraid of me, or just shy?"

Was she afraid, or shy of him?

The corners of her mouth curved upwards. Abruptly, she moved her face close to him. Her face was only slightly away from his. She squinted her eyes at him, "Do you think I am afraid of you?"

Di Fuyi fixed his eyes on her face that was well within reach. At such a close proximity, he could clearly see the fine hairs on her face. Her eyes were lively and bright. The look on her face used to be rather cold, but right at this moment, she looked just like a proud and high-spirited little fox - a little fox that made him want to conquer and own.

He could feel the blood rushing in his chest, but still able to maintain his composure. He shook and answered her honestly, "No, you are never afraid of me."

Gu Xijiu was very pleased. His reply seemed more like it.

She wanted to lie down in her original position. Suddenly, there was a blackout before her eyes. Before she knew it, he was already leaning down to meet her lips with his lips, "But I really want to see you blushing…"

Her heart started to pound, no matter how she tried to suppress it. However, this time, she did not avoid him. She did not even close her eyes.

He wanted to see her blushing. She certainly would not let him.

She fixed her gaze on his eyes.

His brows were elegant and graceful. The corners of his eyes curved slightly upward. The curvature was of incomparable perfection. His nose was tall and elegant. His dark eyes were as though painted, deep enough to get her caught in it.

Their eyes met in the kiss.

Di Fuyi squinted his eyes in amus.e.m.e.nt. The girl was extraordinarily stubborn.

However, he liked the way she was.

He flickered his lashes and gently closed his eyes, as though defeated in their intense gaze.

Gu Xijiu was feeling very confident about it. She held his shoulder as she turned and tossed to be above him, pressing down on his body. Her heartbeat hastened, but she still managed to look at him playfully with a smirk, "You look not bad when you blush, too."

Like a completely flirtatious woman, she caressed his lips with her finger, "Your lips are so supple and attractive…"

Di Fuyi was half lying with his dark, black hair scattering on the ground. There was a sign of amorous advances in his eyes. He looked at her smilingly, as he obediently acknowledged all her flirtations as though a harmless rabbit would.

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