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Di Fuyi continued, "You're underperforming today and I think it's because of your lack of sleep. I guess you're also exhausted from the training this morning, so your physical condition probably wasn't able to support you to initiate the Flying Wind magic."

He took out a red fruit from his sleeve like how a clown would take a pigeon out from a hat, "Here, this is for you."

That was a Zhuxian Fruit, which was so much bigger than anyone else he offered as a reward this morning.

Gu Xijiu did not accept it but shook her head, "This reward.. I didn't achieve anything, you shouldn't give it to me."

She then took a pill out from her storage bag and swallowed it. It was very helpful in restoring energy and Gu Xijiu took it to boost her energy every time she was exhausted.

Di Fuyi slowly retreated his hand and the fruit. He was an expert, he knew the pill was indeed great enough to restore her energy even though it was not as good as his fruit.

Di Fuyi looked at her pale face and sighed, "You don't look good today, go back and have a good rest! Come back tomorrow."

Gu Xijiu also felt she was not in a good condition. After all, she had not rested for a day and she had a very intense training. Since he was willing to compromise, she might as well take the opportunity to rest.

She agreed and thanked him, "Alright, thanks." And then left.

Di Fuyi stood there and watched her walked further away. He idled.

Initially, he wanted to explain something to her, but he gave up at the end.

He looked at his hands and realized Gu Xijiu was relatively weak to the extent beyond his expectation, what was wrong?

"My Lord, why are you home so early?" Mu Yun welcomed his return. "Did you leave her to practice alone? Sigh, My Lord. What a good chance to interact with her alone - you shouldn't miss it!"

Di Duyi took a glimpse of him, "Follow me!"

Thus, Mu Yun quickly followed Di Fuyi into the house.

Di Fuyi remained silent since he entered the house and began to judge Mu Yun from head to toe. Mu Yun bent down and asked, "How can I help you, My Lord?"

"Mu Yun, you better come clean to me, how many girls have you gotten by using this strategy? What kind of girls were they?"

"Hmmm… two, my Lord. One was cold, another was arrogant."

"Come on, tell me more about the two stories in detail, I'm bored."

As a result, Mu Yun began to tell his stories. In fact, he was kind of a flirtatious man. Before he was recruited to be Di Fuyi's messenger, he was already a charming and flirtatious man. He had woo-ed countless girls and he had a very strange habit. The easier the girl fell for him, the easier he would let go.

Once upon a time, he was drinking somewhere and fell for a female bartender. He tried very hard to get her but she never bothered to look at him.

Initially, he just wanted to tease her and would probably have a one-night-stand if she offered half of her bed. However, the bartender neglected him and that made him feel challenged and captivated.

The bartender was not even a pretty girl, but he found her even more charming as the days went by. He was suffering as he could not get her and eventually realized that she was the prettiest woman in the world to him. None of the pretty girls he knew could ever beat the bartender's allure.

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