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It seemed like both of them shared the same height, but their silhouettes were slightly different. The master of venomous spells appeared to be marginally chubbier than Long Xi.

However, a person's body figure depended on his/her habits. Even the same person could not maintain the same body throughout a year. Furthermore, one's body frame would change with age. It was easier to get fatter since older people generally became less active.

Gu Xijiu continued throwing questions to Long Siye about the lunatic scientist's whereabouts when she was learning venomous spells in Miao Jiang. Long Siye had an impressive memory and told her that the insane scientist had fallen ill that year and spent his recovery at a secret location. He refused to see anyone, including Long Xi - his son.

Gu Xijiu was proficient at reasoning and making inferences from facts. She proceeded to process the information in her head and realized that there was a high possibility that the lunatic scientist and the master of the venomous spells was actually the same person.

Could it be that the lunatic scientist mastered the technique of cloning, as well as producing venomous spells? And did he do so out of curiosity, or other aims?

Gu Xijiu suddenly recalled the purple-robed puppet that resembled Di Fuyi that used to belong to Yun Qingluo. When the puppet traveled alongside Yun Qingluo on Valentine's Day, even the mussel could not tell from its scent that it was actually a puppet. Could that be because it was a clone of Di Fuyi?

The more she thought about it, the more sense it made. She began to cringe at the sudden revelation, so she turned around to find out more from Long Siye, "Do you think that the purple-robed puppet is actually a clone of Celestial Master Zuo?"

Long Siye did not know how her thoughts expanded to such an extent. He was frozen for a moment, then shook his head, "It couldn't be, right? I have heard from Yun Qingluo that it does not have proper facial features. Its face has only had a pair of eyes and a mouth. It would only resemble Di Fuyi when it wore its mask. Normally, a clone would be identical. Unless its features were wiped off when the clone was created. However, it is highly unlikely."

"Is it possible that it is a hybrid between a puppet and a clone? Could it be in a form that has yet to be identified by us?"

Long Siye was stunned, and his face turned a little pale. He had done some extensive research about clones, but he had not studied about puppets. He had no clue about venomous spells either. However, what Gu Xijiu suggested was not downright impossible.

He was a man of high intelligence, so he could always draw inferences by a.n.a.logy. After putting all the happenings in a bigger picture and briefly a.n.a.lyzing them in his head, he could feel the gooseb.u.mps on his skin.

He knew better than Gu Xijiu. He was aware that the intention behind the lunatic scientist's study about cloning was to achieve immortality. He wanted to build a clone that resembled himself, but much younger so he could switch into that younger body, like a rebirth. In this way, his soul would never vanish as long as he changed from body to body.

Certainly, it was all a figment of his imagination. Up to the moment when death came upon Long Xi, the man still had not succeeded in his plan yet. Could the master of the venomous spells be his father, the lunatic scientist?

He could hardly sit still, "Xijiu, you still remember how the master of venomous spells looks like, don't you? Pen it down for me to see."

Gu Xijiu proceeded to create a portrait.

She showed Long Siye when it was done, but he was not entirely sure about it.

The bearded man that Gu Xijiu had drawn was slightly different from the memory that he had of the lunatic scientist. Their looks, appearance, and silhouettes had changed vastly. However, there were some similarities between the two.

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