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The pot of tea was precious. Gu Xijiu found it slightly heartwarming.

Long Siye was kind to her, so good that it became a little beyond bearable for her.

She sighed, "Teacher Long, I think that you are too kind to me… There is no need for you to be so…"

After pouring a cup of tea for her, Long Siye then proceeded to give her a piece of cake, "Of all the kindness that I have to offer to you, it will never be enough. You are worth it."

The more he said so; the more uneasy Gu Xijiu found it to be. Determined, she continued to make herself clear, "Overlord Long, I only said I would try, I was not certain that I would eventually promise to be with you. With you being so, I…"

"I did not mean to put pressure on you. It is up to you to accept it or not, but it is up to me to decide if I should be good to you," said Long Siye with all sincerity.

Gu Xijiu kept quiet. She laid down on the blanket. Long Siye joined her. Together, they enjoyed the view of the blossoming flowers side by side. All of a sudden, he softly said, "Xijiu, I am sorry."

Gu Xijiu was perplexed, "Ah?"

Long Site sighed, "I should not have announced that what you both had been doing was merely a show without discussing it with you beforehand. It was my mistake. I am sorry."

She shook her head, "It is fine."

She could feel her heart sinking a little. Was she cold to Long Siye recently which made him think so? She knew that what Long Siye did that day was right, as it was the best time to resolve the misunderstandings that had been going on.

Why did she treat him coldly, then? Moreover, it was her intuition to turn her cold shoulder to him. It was as though she had made up some random excuses to treat him coldly.

She could feel the sudden guilt in her heart, so she shook her head again, "It is fine, I do not blame you. Don't overthink it."

Long Siye's eyes widened, "Xijiu, you do not blame me?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Absolutely not."

Long Siye heaved a sigh of relief. He drew himself slightly closer to her, "Xijiu, I am delighted, I really am."

Gu Xijiu smelled of a faint herbal hint, probably caused by his frequent preparation of different herbs. His scent differed from time to time, even the smell of herbs on him composed of different species. However, the smell was not poignant.

At this very moment, he smelled of a kind of herb known as Lengxiang Pill. The scent enshrouded her sense of smell. While she was trying to figure out his scent, she suddenly asked, "By the way Teacher Long, you have been in this world far longer than I have. You are knowledgeable, and you have even practiced the ritual to withdraw one's spirit. Do you think that spirits have their own scent?"

Long Siye was caught off guard, "Regarding this… Most of the spirits are colorless and invisible in gaseous form. They do not have any scent. Only humans have their unique scents, but the scents frequently change according to the environment that they grow up in…" He continued to offer her the knowledge of the study of the human body and scent.

Gu Xijiu lowered her eyes, as the knowledge was not new to her.

"Teacher Long, have you ever met a person who carried the same scent throughout a year? Even if it changes, it is only the intensity that changes, but the scent remains the same. Even when he attaches himself to another person, his scent remains."

Long Siye frowned, "It is impossible, isn't it? It is still reasonable if his scent remains throughout the year, probably due to his preference for a specific aroma. However, if he manages to attach himself to another person, he should smell like the person he attached himself to. Who are you talking about?"

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