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Gu Xijiu would rather avoid having a relationship if love could make someone lose their mind, or become anxious and insecure. Did he love her? That sounded easy but did he really? She suspected he had been telling many girls that he loves them.

The feeling of falling in love with someone which he described earlier sounded like a story from some novel, it was not real! Even if the emotion was intense, that was just the chemical reaction in the human body and brain, it would eventually fade away.

As an a.s.sa.s.sin, she only needed a calm and harmonious love. A safe and long-lasting relationship. She would not be overly attached to the man, hence, she would not feel it was the end of the world even if she loses her lover. She would not even feel ecstatic when she got her dream man.

Gu Xijiu did not want to talk to Di Fuyi anymore. Hence, she turned around and teleported away. Di Fuyi stood at the same spot and watched her disappear into the distance. He suddenly said, "Just come out! Aren't you tired of watching this for so long?"

Someone emerged from a big tree. It was a man wearing a white robe. Indeed, Long Siye has been there since a while ago. He hopped off the tree and looked at Di Fuyi expressionlessly, "Di Fuyi, how long have you noticed me!?"

Di Fuyi curved his lips upward, "I was the one who taught you the Invisibility Technique, do you think you can hide it from me?"

"So, you did that for me to see? You purposely kissed her in front of me?" Long Siye subconsciously clenched his fists.

Di Fuyi sat on a huge rock, "I thought you would rush out when I kissed her, but your patience really amazed me! So, this is your love to her?"

Long Siye tightened his lips, "You don't understand our love."

Di Fuyi laughed, "You're right, I really don't understand both of you… Long Siye, are you really sure she loves you?"

Long Siye looked pale; he did not want to answer.

Di Fuyi was still staring at him, "Fine, whether she loves you or not, let's leave it aside first. Do you really love her?"

Long Siye frowned and answered decisively, "Why do you even bother to ask? I love her!"

"Can you give up everything for her?"

Long Siye paused and asked, "What do you mean?"

"What if you will be disqualified from being a heaven's gift disciple if you choose to be with her? Perhaps, you will need to give up all the honors and achievements you have now if you want to be with her."

Long Siye frowned but continued, "What does it have to do with being a heaven's gift disciple?"

"Perhaps, who knows…" Di Fuyi casually replied. "Long Siye, I've told you before that both of you are not meant to be together, and you'll definitely have to pay the price if you were to disobey the rules of nature! So, it depends on whether you're willing to pay the price for the prize you want. Are you willing to do that?"

Long Siye could not utter a word, "I don't believe you! There are no more obstacles between us; we can still be together even though you disagree for us to get married. I'd rather not marry anyone if she doesn't want to get married. I'll give her my best! Why do I need to pay the price? What you've just said doesn't make sense at all!"

Di Fuyi continued staring at him, "Are you trying to avoid the question?"

Long Siye waved his sleeve and left just after saying, "Because it doesn't make sense at all! I'm not obliged to answer!"

"Long Siye, I'll compete with you. I will not give up!" Di Fuyi said from behind.

Long Siye shouted, "You'll definitely be disappointed!" He hopped and disappeared in the dark.

Di Fuyi watched in disappointment as he disappeared; his eyes were narrowed as he tried to spot the direction Long Siye headed.

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