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Every minute was a tragedy for her, and she could not hold her breath anymore at the very end. She tried to take a breath but ended up being choked by the water.

Fortunately, her body was freed to move at the right time. She quickly swam up to the sh.o.r.e, but she was already exhausted from holding her breath and choking. She was coughing profusely, and that made her injuries worsened. When she finally climbed up to the sh.o.r.e, she was dead tired.

The sky was already dark when Gu Xijiu woke up on her soft bed.

Mu Feng knocked gently on the door, "My Lord?"

Gu Xijiu stretched realized that she was still in Di Fuyi's body. Sigh, she was hoping that they would return to their bodies after waking up. She was still the mighty Celestial Master Zuo.

Gu Xijiu tried to feel her body and realized that Di Fuyi's spiritual power was slowly moving around in his body. It was a good sign as it showed that his body was recovering at a quick rate.

She realized that since she possessed his body, she was always craving for sleep. Gu Xijiu wanted her own body back. Last night after the ceremony, she decided to browse through some books from Di Fuyi's storage bag to see whether there was any solution to their dilemma. However, she ended up falling asleep until now.

"My Lord? Are you awake?" Mu Feng continued knocking on the door.

"Come in." Gu Xijiu instructed as she sat down in front of a table.

Mu Feng was always direct with Celestial Master Zuo. Hence, he said, "My Lord, you're going to teach the Ziyun cla.s.s tomorrow. Do you need me to prepare anything?"

Gu Xijiu was stunned, "Cla.s.s? Celestial Master Zuo came here for a cla.s.s? What kind of cla.s.s?

"My Lord, you promised Headmaster Gu you would be here as a lecturer for three months, and you'll mainly focus on teaching the Flying Wind magic…" Mu Feng explained professionally.

Gu Xijiu stopped and asked, "Can you help me to prepare for the cla.s.s?"

Although she did not know the Flying Wind magic, she could teach the cla.s.s according to what he prepares. Mu Feng felt uncomfortable, "My Lord, this is the first time you're going to talk about this. Even I don't know what it is."

Gu Xijiu frowned. She paused for a second and then continued, "Then, what can you help me to do?"

Mu Feng immediately answered, "I can help to prepare tea. I can help you to recruit students, and I think you might need some containers for your lesson. I'll prepare that for you as well."

Gu Xijiu pinched the area between her eyebrows, "I need some time to think. Please leave me alone first."

When Mu Feng was ready to go, Gu Xijiu asked another question, "Miss... Where is Miss Gu?"

"Uhh, she should be resting in her house. She seems much better. She was out fishing earlier in the evening and only returned a while ago."

Gu Xijiu got up and walked outside, "I'm going to see her."

Gu Xijiu already smelled the grilled fish even before she stepped into the courtyard. She pushed the door ajar and entered. Di Fuyi was sitting on a mat in front of a campfire.

"Gu Xijiu was grilling fish above a fire, and the mussel was watching the fish from inside its sh.e.l.l. Lu Wu was squatting on the mussel's sh.e.l.l and continued watching the fish as well. Wind Caller was wagging its tail calmly.

It was such a lovely scene. Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth and sighed silently. Those beautiful experiences should belong to her. The mussel, Lu Wu, and Wind Caller were her majestic beings, but all of them gathered around Di Fuyi now which made her feel annoyed.

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