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Since "Gu Xijiu" cleverly articulated it that way, "Celestial Master Zuo" could not say he wanted to take it back. No one could know the truth. Hence, even Gu Xijiu had to play along with the plot, "Xijiu, I can't believe you remember everything we discussed. Since I've given the gift to you, I won't take it back…"

Of course, Long Siye could not say anything since it already happened. He did not need to speak. Everything was on his face. Fortunately, he also prepared an extraordinary gift for Gu Xijiu. It was a sharp Magic Iron Sword and a bottle of grade-eight pills. Both were undeniably expensive and exquisite. However, it was not as luxurious as the presents given to her by Di Fuyi.

In fact, Gu Xijiu wanted the sword and the pills very badly. She was worried Di Fuyi would reject it on her behalf, so she quickly delivered a directed audio message, "Di Fuyi, you must accept the two items!"

Di Fuyi took a glimpse of her but remained silent. He thanked Long Siye when he handed the gifts to "her" but then threw it on the tray which Qian Lingyu was holding. He treated Long Siye very coldly. It was no surprise that Long Siye felt hurt.

Gu Xijiu had been keeping an eye on Long Siye the entire night. She did not feel right as well as she saw him suffer. Gu Xijiu was getting frustrated! She had no idea what Di Fuyi told Long Siye on her behalf when "she" was still in her house.

Gu Xijiu needed to find a way to make things right. She sent another message to Di Fuyi, "Di Fuyi, I don't care what are you planning right now. Stop worsening our relationship using my ident.i.ty! Otherwise, I'll tell him everything including the fact that we've exchanged bodies with each other!"

Di Fuyi was about to turn around to raise a gla.s.s, but his hands were trembling when he heard her words. The tea in his teacup spilled a little. He replied her, "Xijiu if you really tell him, I would probably die! Are you sure you want to do so?"

Gu Xijiu frowned and answered bravely, "Then you should behave yourself and stop ruining our relationship!"

"You really like him so much?"

Gu Xijiu did not want to leave any room for doubt, "Yes!"

"You'd rather sacrifice me for him?"

Gu Xijiu was tongue-tied for a second, but then she answered, "Yes!"

Upon receiving this response, Di Fuyi stopped talking and continued to toast other people on her behalf. Luo Xinglan had also prepared a gift, and her gift was unique. It was a bangle made of black jade.

Gu Xijiu was stunned when she saw the gift. The black jade bangle was supposed to come in a pair. One was given to Celestial Master Zuo in the past by Luo Xinglan as evidence of their engagement, but it was returned to Gu Xijiu when they agreed to call it off.

Gu Xijiu had suspected that the engagement between her and Celestial Master Zuo was fake and that he got hold of the bangle from a dead person. However, when she saw Luo Xinglan in possession of another one, she knew that the bracelet Di Fuyi showed her earlier was real. Indeed, she really had a marriage arrangement with him in the past.

The black jade bangles have been paired together now, which gave Gu Xijiu a strange feeling. Fortunately, Di Fuyi did not dwell on it. He put the bracelet on the tray after he took it and then continued to receive more gifts.

The seniors did not get to drink all this tea for free. In fact, all of them needed to prepare a nice present for Gu Xijiu. There were various types presents, and it would take a long time to list them down. Qian Lingyu was helping to collect the gifts. However, there were too many presents. Luckily, he was smart enough to bring along a magnificent storage bag that could fit the presents in one after another.

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