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Di Fuyi smiled but his eyes did not, "Oh, really? Long Siye, I believe you didn't forget what you've promised me, did you?"You can't marry her for the rest of your life, she doesn't care, but how about you?"

Long Siye could not speak a word.

Celestial Master Zuo seemed to have dug a pit for himself to fall into!

Long Siye did not want to be bullied as well; he quickly smiled and said, "I'll keep my promise and won't marry her, but I also swore to her that I'll not marry anyone for the rest of my life if I can't marry her as my wife!"

"For the rest of your life? How long would your life be? Long Siye, if you die a month after being with her, she still needs to continue living. Her life is very long to go, do you still want to be with her? Don't you think you're tricking her?" The question Di Fuyi asked was getting stranger and harsher, one after another.

Long Siye was annoyed. He has practiced to a certain level, and he would have a few hundred years to go!

"Celestial Master Zuo, I feel what you said was not realistic, I'm so sorry that I can't answer your question." Long Siye refused to answer.

"I meant, if. " Di Fuyi looked at him, "What if you die earlier and left her alone?"

Long Siye was speechless.

He felt Di Fuyi's questions were unreasonable - who knew when he would die?

Gu Xijiu finally voiced out and answered Di Fuyi's crazy question on behalf of Long Siye, "As long as we love each other, I'll consider that as a profit even if we can only spend a day with each other!"

She pulled Long Siye away after she finished talking, "Let's go! I'm tired."

Both of their shadows were moving further away.

Di Fuyi was still sitting there, idling.

Was it his fault?

What should he do to express his love? Secretly protect her in the dark?

Or should he let go of everything and confess his love?

(I personally feel the first one is true love. But the readers feel the second one is better. My Lord, stop hesitating and confess your love! Otherwise, the readers will consider you a jerk! Haha!)

Gu Xijiu lied down on the bed again. Long Siye left right after he sent her back to her room without asking anything. He did not ask Gu Xijiu why she went to the pond in the middle of the night...

Gu Xijiu did not explain as well because she did not know the reason.

Di Fuyi's image flashed across her mind again when she lied on the bed. In fact, Di Fuyi has been leaning on the big rock since he got onto the sh.o.r.e. He did not get up too when Long Siye came...

Suddenly, she had a bad feeling. Perhaps, he was still very weak? Could he not move?

Then she was really bad, as she just left with Long Siye and Di Fuyi to stay alone beside the pond.

After all, that was a forest and many beasts were active at night...

Wait, since he could notice Long Siye's arrival, his power should still be there. What about the moments when he was weak and needed to lean on her? Did he try to take advantage of her again!?

How could such a mighty person lose his power when he was intoxicated?

She could not imagine how r.e.t.a.r.ded her brain was as she was working so hard like a bee to take care of him...

d.a.m.n it!

That was the first time Gu Xijiu felt she was insanely stupid! She felt annoyed for a while and decided to sleep it off!

Beside the pond, the campfire was slowly getting dimmer as no one added any wood. The surroundings returned to its original darkness again.

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