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Gu Xijiu intended to sober him up by letting him enjoy the cold! She was mad at him for taking advantage of her. After putting him through a difficult time, Gu Xijiu finally raised her head to take a look at him. It was very late at night, and it was dark in the water. She could not see his face clearly, but she could see that he was struggling in the water by the movement of his limbs.

Gu Xijiu did not know that Di Fuyi was afraid of drowning! She continued to pull his leg from below and did not want to let go. Perhaps he was too drunk, and he did not have much strength to pull away. Hence, it was easy for her to get back at him. Of course, Gu Xijiu was afraid that he would drown because of his drunk state. She would give him a chance to breathe every 30 seconds.

Gu Xijiu continued with it until she was finally satisfied. She then got out from the water and glared at his pale face, "Are you awake now!!? Shall we go again?"

Di Fuyi did not say anything, but a geyser gushed out from his mouth! Gu Xijiu was standing quite close to him so everything was thrown on her face as she could not manage to escape in time. It goes without saying that Gu Xijiu was fuming mad! Di Fuyi had vomited on her face!

She wiped away the water from her face; surprisingly, the water smelled good as it contained the fragrance of quality wine. Usually, drunk people would vomit something with an awful smell, but Celestial Master Zuo seemed to have vomited perfume! d.a.m.n it!

Gu Xijiu was ready to drown him again. However, he started coughing.

The frequency at which he was coughing was very abnormal, and if he coughed any harder, his lungs might have come out from his mouth!

Gu Xijiu then decided against following up on her evil plan as she could differentiate a genuine and fake cough. He was covering his mouth with his hand, but a lot of blood was flowing out between the gaps of his fingers. Gu Xijiu was shocked!

How was that possible? She just pulled him into the water a few times. Was that bad enough to make him vomit blood? "Hey, you…" Gu Xijiu quickly tapped his back and hoped to be able to improve his breathing, "Did you vomit blood?"

His coughing finally stopped. He moved his hand away from his lips and realized it was full of blood. He looked pale. Di Fuyi must be very weak now. Gu Xijiu felt guilty. She did not expect that to happen. She cleared her throat and asked, "How... how did you become so weak? It was already weird for you to drown after drinking and it's even more ridiculous that you vomited blood after staying in the water for just a few minutes. Are you really Celestial Master Zuo? Or are you an imposter!?"

Gu Xijiu decided to examine him more carefully. Although the moonlight was very dim, she managed to see everything clearly from a close distance. His features could be considered as the best piece of art G.o.d had ever painted. Everyone was captivated by it. Individually, they looked just like ordinary eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. But it seemed perfectly matched when all of it was placed together. Gu Xijiu openly admitted that she has never seen any prettier human than Di Fuyi even though she has lived twice.

Long Siye was handsome and smart as well, but something was missing from him compared to Di Fuyi. Di Fuyi's beauty did not belong to the human realm. Perhaps he was an angel or a fairy. It was a shame that he was too evil.

Di Fuyi always wore a mask so that people would not be attracted by his appearance. However, Gu Xijiu was lucky enough to have the chance to see every single detail of his features under the moonlight. She could not believe he was such a beautiful human.

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